Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Collection of mods that authors had abandoned for more than a few months and weren't working on the current Bannerlord version.

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I wrote none of these mods and all credits go to the authors in the following links. (This is how you credit Carioceco, trash thief, I didn't even need to message them) If they ever want me to remove a mod from this page they only need to tell me.

Just because I compile something on 1.1.4 does not mean it won't work on older versions, it all depends if TaleWorlds moved code around or renamed things which they may or may not do each update. The only way to know is to test it yourself. Do not ask in the comments, instead, test it and report to everyone the result in the comments!! :D If a mod download says 1.1.3, it probably still works on 1.1.4 and I did not need to update. I only update when I have to! :D

Mods Revived (1.1.4) They may or may not work on older versions:

AI Marriage
Army Compositions
Dismemberment (Decapitations Only)
Fighting Together Relationship
Fire Lord
Fluid Combat Overhaul
zenDzee Heritage
Kaszniam's Make The Lord Naked
Moloch's Duels
Merc Fix
Powerful Heroes
Responsive Soldiers
Xorberax Deadly Combat
Xorberax Deadly Horse Charges
Xorberax Shoulder Cam

Refer to the pages above for installation instructions or file requirements. Mods marked with a previous version still require an update. Some mods have been removed and I do not plan to update those. Check old files for previous versions and some mods I have removed from this pack.

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Party Speed Tweakable
Player Execution Patch
Player Switcher
Realistic Prisoner
Realistic Scouting
Real Spacetime Continuum Mod
Save Battle Formation
Supply Lines
Town Magistrates
Workshop Manager