Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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A bunch of mods that updates had broke in the past but I was able to fix and have been using just fine. They all work on 1.5.5 and maybe 1.5.6. All were compiled on 1.5.5 or previous updates. Merry Xmas.

Permissions and credits
Diplomacy Fixes: Includes fix for alliances.
Dismemberment (Decapitations Only): Also added a null crash fix.
Fix Persuasion
Loot Everyone This one is bugged unfortunately so it has been removed.
Pregnancy Control: Also added settings for married females so you can set things up so you aren't able to screw everyone you meet and can play more realistically. Also fixed the bad English.
Tantan's Tournaments Thanks to kafka2208 for requesting this!
True Prisoners
True Villagers: Fixed crash when entering custom battle as well.
Xorberax Deadly Combat

If you want to support me then go here to my Patreon or use the donate button on my profile page. Also you can check all the mods I have made. I have made a bunch.

Anyone who supports me I can think of ways to do stuff for the community. Mod requests, fix broken mods, maybe show previews of stuff I am working on for Sword & Musket. Stuff like that. Maybe consider if any of my mods have made your game better. I can't do requests for people, too busy these days but if you show support I might feel obligated. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry if I did everyone's request I would be working nonstop. This is one reason I have stopped using comments. Too much distractions. I won't ignore people that actively support my work though. Uploading mods requires a lot of work especially for someone like me who has uploaded around 40-50 mods including these to nexus. And I need to make sure they work every update!! FML what have I done!?