Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Allows you to give orders to parties in your faction. You can order parties to reinforce a garrison, to form an army and besiege a settlement, follow you or to escort other parties in the faction.

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  • Russian
Too many times in war I needed certain garrisons reinforced or I needed a situation comes up I need to handle but I was just planning to besiege a settlement and delaying the siege could have ruined my plans. That sitauation won't be a problem anymore. Now you will actually be the ruler of your kingdom. You will be able to strategically manage wars with this. I recommend to use Party AI Overhaul and Commands as well with this since that mod has other useful functionality to make up for what this mod does not have. You can also provide support for slower moving caravans by having a party accompany them.

This will add dialog to your faction members who are party leaders. You will have the ability to order these parties to reinforce a garrison by staying at a settlement or you can order them to form an army and besiege an enemy settlement. They will follow your instructions until you relieve them or something terrible happens to them.