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This lets time pass when performing various activities in settlements, like working in the smithy, visiting the tavern, fighting in the arena, etc. It also simulates time for player battles. This gives a more immersive feel while playing! This will balance the player with NPC parties (or try). Why should the player get to travel faster than light??

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This mod is compatible with the resting mechanic in my camping and resting mod, 
I'm Tired!

So have you noticed how your party when entering a settlement can wait in line to get through the city gates, get searched speak to the guards, go through customs, check into the local inn, eat some food and drink some ale at the tavern all as those looters you were chasing are frozen outside waiting for you to be ready to start the chase again? This stuff you do in the settlement takes time. Recruiting, training in the arena, trading in the market, etc. Moving through space requires time to pass. ;D

Download this mod and get rid of all that spooky action from a distance nonsense. ;) (google it) You don't get to chase down looters anymore, stop in a city, kick back relax, recruit some troops all while moving at the speed of light while the looters are outside frozen with no time passing. This is all broken so if you want to add more realism and difficulty to the game then you have come to the right place... download with vortex. If you manually install stuff then put in the modules folder and enable in launcher.


When you enter a settlement, time will start passing (in a city by default for 1.5 hours). Time will pass to account for all the activity required to get through the city gates, etc. Each settlement type has it's own setting and all configurable in the 'mod options' menu in the start screen or title screen.

Now if you try to stop into a city to recruit some units... you will give those looters time to slip away so this mod is to add realism and difficulty. Now you better be prepared before leaving the city because it is a hassle to get back in. ;)

Time will now pass after a battle depending on the number of troops on the losing side (or player party if you retreat). Configurable in setting. The formula for it is x = time; y = troops per x amount of time; z = number of troops defeated; so x * z / y and you can set x and y in the settings. Hope that makes sense. :3 Example: 20 vs 50 battle. The side with 20 loses. So the script tries to figure out how long it took to defeat 20 soldiers. The default settings use 1 hour to defeat 50 troops. So the time calculated is... 1 hour * 20 defeated / 50 troops per hour = 24 minutes. So after the battle is over 24 minutes in game will pass then pause. Watch out for nearby enemy armies when fighting large battles ;). This algorithm might need improving because it will also need to consider how many men on the winning side. I will mess with it later. The algorithm is now improved in 3.4.7. Now it considers the matchup of the two sides when considering how fast casualties occur. Essentially the number of casualties on the losing side informs the length of the battle. And the rate those casualties are inflicted are now determined by how the two sides matchup. If the winning side outnumbers the losers, the kills will occur quicker and if the winning side is outnumbered, the kill rate is slower. A couple MCM settings to tweak it. After the battle is over, all winning parties will be forced to stay at the position of the battle while spacetime syncs. This would allow any nearby parties to engage. I feel this gives the NPC lords some balance against the player, who is allowed to jump into the middle of NPC battles and move around.

Time will pass for the various activities in a settlement:
-Practice Fights
-Tournament (this makes time pass to end of day... settings in MCM to tweak)
-Visiting Tavern (Counted as Rest if you have my camping mod installed, I'm Tired -RSCM Compatible Version)
-Walking around town
-Visiting lord's hall
-Working in the smithy
-Slaughtering animals

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