Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Added some immersive yelling and cheering features. Good for making videos or the battle speeches mod.

Permissions and credits
L = Player Yell.
Shift+L = Team Intimidate Toggle
SemiColon = Player Cheer
Shift+SemiColon = Select Player Cheer
Apostrophe = Team Cheer
Shift+Apostrophe = Proximity Cheer Toggle

Player Yell = Player just yells.

Team Intimidate Toggle = Entire team yells, good for roleplaying that you are intimidating the enemy. Has no morale effect but I might add that later.

Player Cheer = Player cheers alone :(

Select Player Cheer = Select from 4 cheers. Disclaimer: they all are similar. Eventually I will try to figure out how to add the celebration cheers.

Team Cheer = Your entire team will cheer with you.

Proximity Cheer Toggle = This will make anyone around you cheer. Great for going down your troop line and your men cheer you as you ride by. Kinda like the scene in Braveheart if you are old enough to remember that movie. ;)

All keys except the Shift key modifier can be changed in the game options menu under keybinds action section.

More features and mod options coming... use Vortex to check for updates or track the mod.

This mod requires you to install BannerLib and you load it before my mod, so move it above my mod in the launcher.

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