Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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-1000 Honor?!?! Dislike how the entire continent hates you for executing someone? Then use this. If you are familiar with my other mods then you will find settings for relations penalties in the mod option menu, now you can tweak how executions affect the player.

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Don't forget to use my other mods...
AI Values Life - AI armies will now consider surrender when the odds are against them and death can occur in AI battles going on around the map. Surrender can now actually save their life.
Defend Yourself - Makes AI fleeing in battle act realistic.
Horses Die - When your horse or companion horses die, say bye bye
Heroes Must Die - Allows any hero in the player battle to die. Makes things much more exciting when you know any wrong move can be the end of your player... unless of course you save scumm. :3
Executioner Edit - Let's the AI execute anyone and creates relation penalties between the killer and victim's kin. Battle is not the only way to die in war! ;D

Were you like me the first time you executed someone and spit your coffee out onto your computer screen??? (lol ok I lie) But damn are the vanilla penalties harsh and even when you execute so called criminals like members of those criminal factions that are always at war with the kingdoms. You should be rewarded for disposing of this trash!!! Relations penalties should only apply to those it makes sense for! Do not start your campaign without this mod installed!!! Well you can but make sure you install this before you start executing people and go and ruin your reputation! xD

This is a Harmony patch to change the behavior of the game function used to execute heroes. This will do the same thing the game used to do but I modified who gets applied execution relations. This is basically the same code from my Evilnobleman's Executioner Edit but now it is applying to the player vanilla executions.

Use Vortex to install.

-You will gain 50 honor if you execute heroes with honor < 0, otherwise you will lose 50 honor. You also lose 50 mercy anytime you execute someone.
-Executing someone will cause penalties with their faction and they will declare war on you if not already.

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