Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This is a reupload of a mod that has not been updated since April 17, 2020. I updated it for 1.5.1 and fixed some of the code. I also made it now not just call your horse to your current position but now your horse will actually move to you even if you moved somewhere else since the time you called for the horse.

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Original Mod by babijonas

Not much to say that I didn't mention in the above description. In the original mod when you whistled for your horse he just told the horse to go to the position you were at when you whistled. If your horse was far away and you moved around in the meantime then your horse would not make it to you as it would just go to the position you were at when you whistled. This mod will give your horse a brain and the horse will find you regardless if you have moved after calling for the horse. Once your horse makes it to you he/she will wait. The mod still uses a config file, any info you need just go to his page. He also never implemented the whistling stuff. Maybe I will figure that out in a future update.

The default key to call your horse is the F key but a config file will be generated when the script loads for the first time and then you can go into the bannerlord\configs folder in your windows user documents folder and edit the key to whatever you like. IIRC if you edit the key while the game is running you will have to restart the game for the script to load the new key... just fyi.