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Player death and select a heir to play on as (you can disable in MCM). Get better death notifications for heroes with vanilla death enabled. Instead of the small text, you will get the banner that shows their image (if enabled in MCM). If you want more control over who dies you can use the mod's probability settings.

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  • Korean
-Player death and continuing play as your selected heir.
-Better death notifications for vanilla death. Now you can enable in the MCM a banner that will show up with the character image. Vanilla just shows some small text in the bottom left of the screen that is easy to miss.
-Set Death Probabilities: you can set the probabilities different types of heroes die in battle and override the game probabilities. All settings are in the MCM.

Don't forget to use my other mods...
Player Execution Patch - Gives you honor bonus for executing dishonorable lords and small honor penalty for executing anyone else. Relationship modifiers that make sense.
Defend Yourself - Makes AI fleeing in battle act realistic.
Horses Die - When your horse or companion horses die, say bye bye
AI Values Life - AI armies will now consider surrender when the odds are against them and death can occur in AI battles going on around the map. Surrender can now actually save their life.
Executioner Edit - Let's the AI execute anyone and creates relation penalties between the killer and victim's kin.

Use only one of the following mods:
Real Spacetime Continuum Mod - Makes time pass after battles and when entering settlements to simulate the time these activities take. Fully configurable.
I'm Tired - Includes a camping resting mechanic similar to Viking Conquest and also includes all the spacetime continuum features already fully integrated into this mod for compatibility. Resting and/or spacetime stuff can be enable and disabled in the options menu.

The relationship modifiers found in the mod options menu will apply to the leader of the army that ATTACKED the other army. If attackers die the defending leader will not get relation penalties. They are kinda bugged so I recommend lowering the values because they seem to have a mind of their own. I have thoroughly review the code to apply relations penalties and it acts in ways I can not predict. This is a known issue and low priority for me now... just use lower relations penalties than default for now until TW or I figure it out. These relationship modifiers only apply with vanilla death mode disabled and using the probability mode instead.

If your game crashes and you believe it is from my mod then you can report it in the bugs tab but your bug report will be deleted unless you provide ONE of the following...

-Screenshot of the error message that popped up when it crashed. It will describe the type of exception and have a bunch of text called the stack trace, you need to provide it or the bug report will be deleted.

-If for whatever reason you were not given any kind of error message whatsoever and you even checked for crash reports in the bannerlord install folder or documents folder and could find nothing and you still believe this mod caused the crash. then you need to walk me through your exact steps you took that led to the crash and you need to describe everything in detail.

Bug reports that just say... "Crash, please fix" will just be deleted. I was responding to these at first but they happen too often and I can't keep taking time to explain this stuff to people. I am not customer service or tech support. You need to do your part to help me fix any bugs you encounter. THANKS!!

Testing Player Death v1.6.6