Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Added a MCM and settings so the player can tweak the speed modifier calculations. I also simplified some calculations and now have them make more sense in terms of realism.

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This is an update for Party Speed Tweak by heu3becteh. I decided to add a MCM with settings to allow players to tweak the modifiers used when herding animals, or traveling with wounded and prisoners. When editing speed modifier settings, just remember they are percentages of a base speed which for the player party is 4.0.

The below penalties will only apply if the number of animals or men in the following categories exceed a certain limit. The limit is the total men in your party multiplied by a multiplier you set in the MCM. By default it is set at 0.25. So that means about 25% of your party is required to watch over the wounded, herd and prisoners to not get the penalty. For realism I would set this to 0. It means if you have 1 herd animal, 1 prisoner, 1 wounded, you will slow down. This is how I am playing.

Edit the bonuses you get for having cavalry troops and for having all foot soldiers mounted, meaning you have extra mounts in inventory (Sumpter horses and mules don't count, those are pack animals). The original mod I though gave you too many bonuses and no AI party is every going to catch you. Made the game too easy.

Several men can herd a large group of cattle so I just made it so if you have any herd animals you get one flat speed penalty. The one caveat is TW includes extra mounts into herd animals which I don't like. I believe extra mounts would travel faster than herding livestock but that would require another patch. I may add it in the future to separate extra mounts from being considered herd animals.

Set a penalty per prisoner with a maximum penalty that can be applied.

Wounded make the party slow down, whether it is one man or 100. Just a flat penalty applied.

That's it. This should change up the flow of your game. See the previous mod page for any other info.