Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This mod is "PARTY AI OVERHAUL AND COMMANDS" for the game version e1.6.2.

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This mod is "PARTY AI OVERHAUL AND COMMANDS" for the game version e1.6.2.

I revised this original source code.

Thank you to the author.


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+ Harmony

Order of the mods

Q. I have disabled this mod and my save data crashes in vanilla. What should I do?
A. You will need to reset the elements that utilize the functionality of this mod.
If you join the kingdom as a mercenary and use the features of this mod to create an army, you must disband the army before disabling this mod.
Because in vanilla mercenaries cannot be army leaders.

* e1.6.0 only - Leave the number of troops limit at 1 (it will crash if you increase it)
* v2.4.13 only - The troop recruitment screen will start working properly after you hit the reset button.

Changes in version e1.6.1d
* Fixed a crash when a player becomes a prisoner.

Changes in version e1.6.1c
* Fixed a crash when disbanding an army while the player does not belong to a kingdom.
* Fixed an issue where the army reunion option was not working.

Changes in version e1.6.1b
* Fixed an issue where the army would be forcibly disbanded when peace or war was declared.
* Fixed a bug that caused the lord to go missing.
* Added an item to the conversation screen with the companion that allows you to set options for the mod.
* If a player's army is disbanded due to lack of cohesion or party members, it will now automatically reunite.(Only if the kingdom you belong to is at war.)
+* The option has an interval to remember the members of the army.(I just noticed that it was still fixed to 3 days internally. I will fix it in the next update.)
* You can now manually upgrade your companion's troops in the troop transfer screen.(The automatic upgrade is also working.)
* Fixed an issue where troops were receiving experience when opening the item exchange screen after a battle with an enemy.
* Added the ability to reset all templates for troop composition.
* Optionally, you can add a mark at the end of the string used by this mod.
* Optionally, you can now disable the vanilla muster rules in the army composition screen and call a companion party.
* Fixed an issue where the cheat command "campaign.take_hero_prisoner" was not recognized even if the spaces in the hero name were connected with "_".