Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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The vanilla game goes too easy on horses. This mod will handle horse injuries and deaths in battle in a realistic way. Only with the veterinary perk can you possibly save a horse from death. Horses can also go lame if they take too much damage. For realism enthusiasts.

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This is a realism mod for people who want a harder experience and to use more strategy while playing.

If you are in battle and your horse dies or one of your companions' horses then when the battle is over, that's right you guessed it... it will be gone. There is a key to have one of your scribes tell you how many horses you have gotten killed. I do this to remind you to be careful in battle from now on. ;)


1.5.2 Changes:

The veterinary perk is now a viable choice while using this mod! It will save your horse from going lame on low health and on death it has a chance of saving your horse from death although it will be lame if it survives.

  • Heroes' horses go lame now when going below 20% health. If the hero who owns the horse has the Veterinary perk then the horse is immune to going lame from low health.
  • When a heroes horse dies in battle, then it is dead UNLESS you have the veterinary perk, then there is a 10% chance it only goes lame.

NumPad Enter = Show Horses Killed In Action
Key can be set in the game option key binding under the 'Campaign Map' section.

If your game crashes and you believe it is from my mod then you can report it in the bugs tab but your bug report will be deleted unless you provide ONE of the following...

-Screenshot of the error message that popped up when it crashed. It will describe the type of exception and have a bunch of text called the stack trace, you need to provide it or the bug report will be deleted.

-If for whatever reason you were not given any kind of error message whatsoever and you even checked for crash reports in the bannerlord install folder or documents folder and could find nothing and you still believe this mod caused the crash. then you need to walk me through your exact steps you took that led to the crash and you need to describe everything in detail.

Bug reports that just say... "Crash, please fix" will just be deleted. I was responding to these at first but they happen too often and I can't keep taking time to explain this stuff to people. I am not customer service or tech support. You need to do your part to help me fix any bugs you encounter. THANKS!!