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Automatic village & prisoner recruitment to garrisons.Train troops in your garrison and establish guard parties which defend your kingdom and follow you into war. With this mod your next war is under your control!

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  • Turkish
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  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • German

Improved Garrisons - The Guards Update is here

Im exited to announce that the new Guards Update for Improved Garrisons arrived. It brings a feature called
the Guards to each of your Garrisons. A guard is a party you establish with your garrisoned troops which
follows your orders. They are able to patrol around your region and defend your villages, castles and settlements
against raids and sieges, kill intruders such as bandits, looters, enemy armies and you can order them to
escort and support your clans parties to defend or help attack targets. With the help of guards
your next war is under your control! Tell them to defend key parts of your empire or order them to support you
on your sieges and epic field battles.

Improved Garrisons is a mod where game balance is a high priority. The player still has to balance his economy as
guard parties cost wages to keep them running! Choose which armies you want to train in your Improved Garrisons
and send them out to execute your orders. If you want your game less challenging you always have the option
of lowering your wages in the highly customizable config file of this mod.



This mod is an ongoing project which aims to improve garrisons provided by castles and settlements. I personally didn't like to manually raise a new garrison army to protect my newly gained fiefs. I created this mod to solve this problem and more! As this mod is still ongoing I intend to release more features related to garrisons in the future.
The mod aims to be as balanced as possible. Each upgrade and recruitment also costs money which can be seen in the overview on the bottom right corner. To make it a bit harder for yourself you are able to turn this mod on for all clans and factions across the map. But be aware! Their garrisons will get a lot stronger and it will be harder to claim new castles and settlements! The garrison will also recruit prisoners overtime. Each prisoner has his own conformity with you that has to be reached in order to be recruitable. You could run around with your prisoners and fight battles to gain conformity and with this mod you can also put your prisoners in beautiful cells so they gain conformity on a daily basis! 
As garrisons are hard to maintain at the current bannerlord patch, this mod also adds an option to give bonus food to your settlements.


  • Working for Castles and for settlements!
  • Recruit new troops automatically from nearby villages to your garrison
  • Recruit prisoners automatically overtime
  • Garrisoned troops are automatically trained
  • Trained troops are upgraded to the next tier
  • Set the desired tier you want to upgrade to 
  • Set the desired upgrade path you want your units to upgrade to
  • Set the mod values as you wish though an additional config file
  • Adjust many base game Garrison related settings in the config.xml file of this mod 
  • Turn this mod for AI on/off (turn it on if you want a challenge. Try it!)
  • Set a threshold to which the mod will recruit new units. If the threshold is reached (like 250 default) no more units will be recruited to the garrision
  • Gives bonus food to your garrisons. No more food problems whilst having your garrison filled up! (the food module has to be enabled in the config file) 
  • An ingame menu to adjust the settings for each Garrison 
  • Transfer Garrison units from one Garrison to another
  • Establish Guard parties out of your garrison troops
  • Guard parties can be given different orders
  • Guard parties defend your villages, castles and settlements
  • You can order Guard parties to follow you into war. They help you siege and in your field battles
  • Order Guard parties to defend clan parties like caravans or other companions parties
  • Freely disable and enable this mod without breaking your save file

Planned Features
  • A bunch more Garrison settings 
  • Better per Garrison management
  • Ingame menu 
  • AI Improvements
  • Let your Garrison defend your settlements 
  • Transfer units between garrisons
  • Enable Guard Parties for AI
  • Ingame settings menu for the config.xml file

How to install
  1. Download the mod manually from this website on the right hand corner
  2. Extract the file
  3. Copy the folder ImprovedGarrisons to your_steamAppsfolder/common/Mount & Blade II Bannerlord/Modules
  4. Start the the game from Steam
  5. In the Launcher find and press Mods
  6. Find Improved Garrisons and activate it
  7. Enjoy!
How to update
  1. Download the updated version from this website on the right hand corner
  2. GoTo your_steamAppsfolder/common/Mount & Blade II Bannerlord/Modules
  3. Find and Delete the old ImprovedGarrisons Folder
  4. Extract the new mod version to the Modules folder
  5. Start the the game from Steam
  6. In the Launcher find and press Mods
  7. Find Improved Garrisons and make sure its activated
  8. Enjoy!
How to Deinstall

You can safely enable and disable the mod. But make sure to call back all your garrison guard parties if you don't intend to use this mod on your save file anymore.

This mod uses a config.xml file to adjust its settings. Use this to adjust (almost) every mod value as you like. For example dailyExp, Enable the mod for NPCs, adjust garrison size, adjust garrison wage and much more.

This is how you find the config file: (Make sure you have at least once loaded your game so the config is generated!)
  1. Under \Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\ImprovedGarrisons
  2. Rightclick the config.xml file
  3. Press edit
  4. Change the values to your liking

Compatibility & Crashes



There are no requirements needed.
This mod is a standalone mod as it currently stands.

If you find a bug please report it under the BUGS tab at the beginning of this page. 
> Please use the template found in this mods forum 
> Open the the ErrorLog file found in Improved Garrisons/Moduledata/ErrorLog.xml and copy all the data to your report 


Where do I find the menu?
Each castle and settlement you own has a menu. The menu option is called "Garrison Options". For settlements you have to look under the Town Keep menu to find the option.Above I posted some images about the menu maybe this helps if you struggle to find them.

Do I have to have a own kingdom for this mod to work?
No! This mod works on every settlement or castle you own no matter if you own a kingdom or are part of one.

The mod doesn't seem to work. What should I do?
1. Check if the mod has been loaded. There should be a message in the chat window when starting the game. If there is now message please refer to the How to install section for possible solutions
2. The threshold of your Garrison has been reached. If the setting is set to 250 and your Garrison has more than 250 units, the auto recruitment
will stop. Please refer to the configuration segment to change the settings
3. Recruitment or training might be turned off. Please check your Garrison menu. 
4. A error has been reportet to your chat window. If so please report in the bug section

If my garrison is full will this stop the auto recruitment?

Does the upgrade and recruitment cost money?
Yes it does. It costs the usual amount of money as if you would to this by hand.

What units are recruited by the garrisons?
Units from the surrounding villages. You can see the units walking to your main settlement. 

How is the upgrade unit determined if there are multiple upgrades possible?
Its random if you haven't selected a specific upgrade target.

Does the mod affect the AI?
Only if you turn this on in the settings. Please refer to the Configuration section.

How is the daily exp this mods gives to garrison units calculated?

The mod gives each troop-roster a set amount of exp multiplied by the amount of units this troop-roster has. If you have 20 recruits and they need 250Exp to upgrade and in the mods config.xml file the daily exp gain is set to 50, they will get 50*20 = 1000 Exp. As a unit from this troop-roster needs 250Exp, the upgrade logic will upgrade 1000/250 = 4 Units.

How a new garrison troops recruited?
If you have recruit from villages enabled in the config.xml (default) the recruitment logic and enabled the recruitment in your garrisons menu (default), the recruitment logic of this mod will lookup each bound village and this settlements units that are able to be recruited by the player. Be aware that the amount of available troops to recruit is affected by the relation a player has with this villages. Once the recruitment logic has gathered a minimum amount of recruits (5 by default changeable in the config.xml) a party of the available villages recruits will be created and send on its way to the garrison. The recruits will be removed from the villages pool so it will take some time for the village to generate more troops.

How are prisoners recruited?

Each prisoner in mount and blade has his own conformity value that needs to be reached in order to be recruitable. You could run around with your prisoner and fight to build up this conformity. This mod allows you to put your prisoners into your castle (or settlement) to gain conformity on a daily basis. (They will have it so nice in their cells, that they will like you overtime. I promise there is no brainwashing happening! (maybe))

Help after installing this mod my economy has taken a big hit!
Please be aware that having big armies stocked up in your garrisons is bound to be expansiv! If you can't handle this with your current economy, please adjust your settings in your garrisons accordingly. Alternativly you can "cheat" a little and lower the costs in the config.xml file of this mod.

How does the training of troops work?
Each day your garrisoned units get a set (but customizable) amount of exp. Once they are able to be upgraded one of two things happen. If you did choose their upgrade path by selecting a specific upgrade target you want the unit to upgrade to, the Improved Garrison upgrade logic will upgrade to this target. If no target has been set, their path will be choosen randomly. But you can restrict their tier if you for instance only want to have tier 3 troops to lower costs

Is this mod compatible with XY mod?
Im aiming this mod to be as compatible as possible. But I can't promise that there won't be compatibility problems when installing mods with similiar features.

What does LoadCustomPartySizeModel and LoadCustomPartySpeedModel do?
Basically this models can only be used by one running mod. If another mod is running one of these models and you load it in Improved Garrisons
you will have a crash. Therefore I implemented the posibility to load or not load these models.
The PartySizeModel and PartySpeedModel for Improved Garrisons are used in such way, that they basically are used to allow the guard and transfer parties to have a "normal" movement speed. If the PartySizeModel is not loaded, the size for the guard parties can't be higher than 20 without having a massiv movement speed reduction (to about 1). If you say don't want to use the partySizeModel for compatiblity reasons (another mod you want to use is using the model) you could change it to use the PartySpeedModel. This allows to override the set movement speed of around 1 to a choosen value (default 4.8).

Always Backup your save files before using mods!