Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Allows you to control almost any hero from any clan in the world! Press the End key on campaign map.

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Please endorse the actual author of this mod and not the babysitter! I work on countless mods all at once so it took me time to fix stuff. My PlayerSwitcher was uploaded in 2020 and the Butr in 2022 and look at the numbers...

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Press the End key on campaign map. You can edit this key in the normal game options for Keyboard and Mouse Settings. The key is listed under the Campaign group.

  • Play as any hero in the game! Play as Rhagaea and defend her claim, or Lucon, Garios, Caladog, etc!
  • Clan Battles Auto Switch. When other heroes in your clan get into a battle, you can switch to them and fight their battles as them, then switch back to the player after.

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