Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Allows you to control almost any hero from any clan in the world! Press the End key on campaign map.

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v1.4.0: This mod now has an auto switch feature. It will notify you when one of your clan members is in battle and ask if you wat to switch to them.

“Don’t fight in the North or the South. Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events is happening all at once. Live that way and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before.”

-Abraham Lincoln

Press the End key on campaign map. You can edit this key in the normal game options for Keyboard and Mouse Settings. The key is listed under the Campaign group.

BannerLib is now a required dependency! Make sure you install this and it needs to be loaded above this mod in the launcher. A good way to handle mods that are dependencies are to stick them at the top of your load order after the native modules. Unless specifically instructed to place them above the native modules. Mods like Harmony (dev tools) or MCM would go above the native modules, for example.