Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This is a mod adds a magistrate to towns where you can turn in bandits for honor XP and a renown or influence gain.

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These keys can be configured in the kb/m settings uder the normal game options.


Town Magistrates Added To Towns:
They will accept bandit prisoners for renown gain, or if part of a kingdom you can choose to gain influence instead. You can access their services in the town menu. This will also give you Honor XP.

Imprison Scumbags: This will move any bandit type troops in your army roster to your prison roster. Good if playing an honorable character. Campaign Map: Equals/Plus Key

Execute Prisoners: This just frees up space in your prison roster by removing Tier 1 and 2 foot soldiers form your prison roster. This won't affect mounted troops or heroes since you most likely want to hold onto those. Campaign Map: Minus/Underscore Key

Requires BannerLib!