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Want to be the legendary Ragnar Lodbrok and raid Calradia? Want all your favorite cast members from season 1 to be in your clan? Then download this.

This is a very lightweight mod to convert your clan to the Kattegat clan! This mod does not edit any xmls or add assets and items to the game. This is purely a script mod.

Permissions and credits
Character Appearances will be wrong unless you install Character Reload for 1.1.4!!!

For users who select the Nord culture when spawning as Ragnar, this is a WIP and may cause crashes. The Nord culture is not loaded like one of the main cultures and is missing stuff. I still have to patch some things to make it work with the game properly. Just report crashes in the comments and describe what you were doing in game when the crash occurred. Thanks! Also, I intend to one day create a custom Norse culture. If anyone knows how to do it with the XMLs and wants to help improve this mod, then message me.


You are Ragnar Lodbrok. You are with your crew and you have just landed on the newly discovered continent of Calradia to raid!

This mod is best used on a new Sandbox game although it would work on an existing save. It will change the player character to Ragnar and spawn all your clan members!


1. Install mod with vortex

2. Enable in launcher

3. Start a sandbox campaign

4. Make your character selections, do not worry about editing your character's appearance, setting the age or setting their name. This mod will change them. Just click next. If you are not loading Ragnar's stats from the config file, then also select your life choices which setup your stats. Other than that make your campaign option selections in the last screen and start the new game.

5. Don't worry about setting your clan name or banner when the game starts, just click ok. The mod will over write them.

6. Now once your game is ready to start just press the Enter key and make your choices in the dialog windows.

7. Now you are Ragnar, your clan is "av Kattegat." You can now save your game and start your campaign!

Advanced Users:

-Check the ModuleData folder to edit your clan's initial equipment, stats and appearance.

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