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A bunch of useful features I have put together to fix all the stupid sh!t going on in my game. I also included a bunch of stuff I think TW did wrong or completely forgot to do. Also included are a bunch of trainer options in a menu that let you take control of many functions in Bannerlord.

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Don't let the mod presentation fool you, but this is the best mod for bannerlord. No it isn't the settings menu or a bunch of boring warband features!! YAWN!!

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v2.1.48 Once two empire factions get elimated and only one exists, the remaining empire faction will rename themselves to the Calradian Empire and the ruler will forever be remembered as the great uniter and songs and stories will be told about them for the next millennia. Influence and Renown reward too! (You can disable in the MCM if playing an overhaul).

FYI, in the image I am debugging and forced the event to occur as it would be pretty hard to achieve this on day 2 ;)

v2.1.37 You called for backup? Call me with Delete key! (edit in keybindings) I am very dangerous so I am disabled by default. Enable me in MCM first!

v2.1.37 Get down!

More Dancing: 骑砍晚明悲歌MOD-入关西迎击闯军,尸横遍野,惨胜如败

v2.1.18 Set your clan's home settlement.

v2.1.16 Added dialogue to gang members that confront you in your town.

v2.1.15 Children of heroes in your keep now spawn in there too! No longer will children be lost in some void waiting to become an adult.

v2.1.11 Teach peasants respect ... affects Calculating XP and Mercy XP, could make you closefisted and impulsive :D (also added dialogue to increase xp in these traits)

v2.1.8 Remove ridiculous wanderer names.

v2.1.4 Added dialogue for investigating the last known location of the target when doing the quest to capture the rival lord. Normally you just look in the encyclopedia for this information, but this gives you a reason to explore the awesome scenes TaleWorlds made. Sadly they gave you nothing to do in them. :/

v2.1.3 Added Dialogue to towns people to show what wars are active.

v2.1.2 Order companions that are following you to sit on chairs you are looking at by pressing G. It will select the first companion that is standing and < 3.5 distance form the chair. Pressing G any other time will order any seated companions to stand, if seated.

v2.0.8 New Feature Immersive Taverns (Toggle in MCM)

(this was an early version and not how it will be in the mod)

Use the E key while sitting down to call for the Tavern Maid... make sure to not piss her off ;)

v2.0.17 Added dialogue to beggars which can result in a gain or loss in Generosity XP. Also, a neutral option available.

I did not like having to tell both characters I would side with them. I am not a liar. I had no sympathy for Arzagos and wanting him to bring back the past by plunging the world into war.

So I added new dialogue so you can trigger the third banner piece quest with your preferred ally.

CAMPAIGN MAP MENU (Default Key: F10)

Set Player Gold: Brings up a dialog to set the amount of gold you want.

Superman: Gives the player and companions, if you choose, maxed out stats and ALL perks!

Equip Anything Cheat: Equip a hero you select with any item in the game! You can save and load your equipment profiles.

Inventory Cheat: Add any item in the game to your inventory.

Siege Gear Auto Equip: Select equipment form your inventory for the mod to auto equip for sieges. Never have to unequip your horse manually again. You can optionally set in the MCM to apply your siege loadout during hideout missions.

Spawn Clan Members: My Spawn Clan Member mod is now integrated into this mod. It is part of the menu instead of taking up a key in the standalone mod.

Add Troops to Party: Add any troop in the game to your party.

Show Kingdoms at War: This function will display kingdoms that are at war.

Set Stance: This function will let you set stances between any faction (excluding bandit factions).

Show Clan Parties: This function will display the status of parties in your clan.

Send Clan Members Home: This function will send all clan members including children to the clan's home settlement.

Rename Clan: Give any clan a new name and adjective.

Rename Kingdom: Give any kingdom a new name and adjective.

Ultimate Banner Editor: With this tool you will be able to design any clan or kingdom banner almost any way you want. I included a bunch of different styles and plan to make more updates to allow for more customization.

Set Hero Trait Level: Set the the level for any trait, including hidden traits for any hero. Traits include stuff like Valor, Mercy, Calculating, etc.

Set Hero Relationships: Set the relationship between any two heroes. Make friends and enemies between anyone.

Heroes Marry: Use this to marry anyone to anyone. Marry a companion, marry a notable, marry whoever. They have to be a hero in the encyclopedia. Just type in their names. I used it to marry a bunch of my companions to each other. We are going to all be a big happy family someday.

Have A Married Couple Get Pregnant: Just type in the name of a married man and his spouse will become pregnant.

Equip Items or Trade With Heroes: You can use this to move items from your inventory to any other hero that is leading a party. Or you can use it to equip items for the NPC from their inventory. The AI in this game is pretty dumb and they don't try to equip stuff in their inventory. Hold the shift key while selecting this option to reset any hero's equipment. Good if a mod changed their behavior and somehow, they lost their gear. If you hold CTRL while selecting this option in the menu, then it will rest the equipment for any hero in the game that is naked. Good to correct stupid AI combined with mods that caused them to lose their equipment.

Hero Party Transfer: Transfer heroes between parties.

Imprison Hero:
 Imprison any hero in a party or settlement you choose.

Change Hero's Clan: Change any hero's clan.

Change Clan Leader: Change any clan's leader to another member of the clan.

Set Building Levels: This function will allow you to set the building level for any town or castle.

Make Idle Vassal in Home Settlement Form a Party: I had situations where a vassal of mine was off being a governor and going to dinner parties while I was in a desperate war of survival, and I needed all the men I could get! This will force them to create a party with men from their garrison as long as they have at least 50 troops in their garrison. There is a small charge of 2000 gold for this.

Fix Non-Companion Wanderers in your Clan: If you ever have wanderers in your clan tha are not companions. You should have them converted to lords so they function properly. Find this option in the menu and select it to fix your clan or clans in your kingdom. If you use a mod to award fiefs to a companion then they might be a wanderer still if that mod didn't set that up properly. You might never need this but there it is just in case.

Upgrade Mercs To Nobility: This feature will turn any merc clan you have hired and given a fief into a proper vassal. They will update to lords and their clan will no longer be a mercenary clan. Also I will daily check your relations with the leader and if your relations are above 0 I update the last time they changed their faction so they will not leave your faction unless you have bad relations. Their vanilla behavior would result in them leaving your faction after about a week. You can't really vassalize a mercenary clan even though you have the option to give them a fief. And let's be honest, when you are a small kingdom just starting off, these mercenaries save your ass and they deserve a fief. So now they leave when they hate you so that makes more sense. Now you can vassalize any mercenary company no problem.

Shatter World: This will make any clan holding a fief into their own kingdom and ever clan will declare war on each other. If your game gets boring that should help.

Enable Party AI: If a mod disabled a prty's AI and now they are not doing anything when you know they should be moving around, then use this to enable their AI. Should fix most situations (unless some code is constantly disabling their AI).


Archer/Cavalry Auto Transfer (Battles): During battles you can toggle a function for cavalry and horse archers to automatically join infantry and archer formations, respectively, when they get separated from their horse. This function will also move archers over to infantry when they runout of ammo. NumPad Multiply

Increase Speed During Missions: This isn't fixing anything but just adding a function to speed up time during battles. Sometimes I am moving around behind an enemy or to the side of them and it takes a long time for your troops to move. When they aren't in danger it's nice to speed time up sometimes to get things going. Or if you want to auto resolve a battle but actually have your troops fight... then just have your character stay back and order them all to charge and then speed time up. It's another way to send troops. ;D Up Arrow

Selected Formations Advance X Paces (Battles): You can move selected formations forward a little at a time with this key. Set the amount in the MCM settings. This was a feature from ArmyFormationsMadeEasy but I am no longer maintaining that mod and moved this feature to here. PageUp

Selected Formations Fall Back X Paces (Battles): You can move selected formations back a little at a time with this key. Set the amount in the MCM settings. This was a feature from ArmyFormationsMadeEasy but I am no longer maintaining that mod and moved this feature to here. PageDown

Features listed below do not require input from the player and can be toggled on or off in the MCM.

Lifting Enemy Sieges: When assaulting a besieger camp, the allied garrison will now sally out and join you in the battle. Also there is a limit imposed on the number of men you can sneak into a besieged settlement with. It counts prisoners as well and wounded troops or prisoners count as double. The limit is 50 by default and can be set in the MCM.

Declare War Fix: When any kingdom declares war on another kingdom, all heroes from both kingdoms that would end up being in an enemy settlement will go home before war is declared to avoid being put in prison. I assume their family gave them warning weeks in advance that there was talk of war. It just was dumb for me to have to decide on a war all my vassals want and then when i agree, the same vassals that wanted to go to war, then their families get put in prison. It made no sense. No one in their right mind would demand war and at the same time not warn their family in those enemy settlements.

Arena Fix: Player can lose health from participating in practice fights or tournaments.

Wages Fix:
Income and expenses for the player are now calculated once per day at 5pm regardless of when you loaded your game. No more paying gold to save your game.

Prevent Clan Extinction:
You will receive a notification when a clan has no adult heirs and be asked to spawn a hero. It can also remember your response and do the same thing going forward or you can have it ask you each time.

Mercs Leaving Player Kingdom: This function will only let a mercenary clans leave your kingdom if their relations are negative. If you gave them fiefs (possibly with a mod) then it will require even lower relations. (Relationship < -15 * fiefCount)

Enter Keeps If You Have Friends Staying There: You won't need to pay bribes to enter keeps if you have a friend in there.

Added Wait Menu to town keeps: Why not? 🙃

Also included are patches to avoid crashes in the following TaleWorld's code:

-GetDailyHealingForRegulars (null party settlement fix)
-RomanceCampaignBehavior.conversation_finalize_courtship_for_hero_on_condition (null clan or conversation manager)
-CanAIExit (null string _aiCanExit)
-GetLocationOfCharacter (try/catch to avoid crash with dictionary)
-PartyCharacterVM.set_Character (crash when troop has no upgrade targets)
-DefaultPartyTroopUpgradeModel.CanTroopGainXp (crash when troop has no upgrade targets)
-MobilePartyHelper.DesertTroopsFromParty (crash when stackNo is out of range)
-Army.DisperseArmy (crash when no tick attached to an army)

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