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A bunch of useful features I have put together to fix all the stupid sh!t going on in my game. It was just a personal mod I was using but I felt like other people probably have the same problems and decided to release this.

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Make Idle Vassal In Home Settlement Form A Party: I had situations where a vassal of mine was off being a governor and going to dinner parties while I was in a desperate war of survival and I needed all the men I could get. I had a pathetic infantry mostly army and was facing a bunch of Vlandian cavalry so I was extremely annoyed to find out a vassal was off doing governor shit during these hard times. So this will force them to create a party with men from their garrison. If they have less than 50 men then they will refuse to form a party. I noticed the party spawns with some troops based on your culture so I also added a charge to this action. 2000 gold cause you get like 10-15 troops and some are elite. NumPad0 (Campaign Map)

Ultimate Banner Editor: With this tool you will be able to design any clan or kingdom banner almost any way you want. I included a bunch of different styles and plan to make more updates to allow for more customization. NumPad1/Nupad4 (Campaign Map)

Equip Items or Trade With Heroes: In my game I have one of my vassals' wives leading a party and she is still wearing her civilian outfit, and while she is brave and I have the utmost respect for her... she is a FOOL. Use this to get heroes like this ready for battle or if you just want to customize a heroes equipped gear. NumPad2 (Campaign Map)

Change Hero's Clan: 
Change any hero's clan. NumPad3 (Campaign Map)

Show Kingdoms at War: This function will display kingdoms that are at war. NumPad5 (Campaign Map)

Change Hero's Clan Leader: Change any clan's leader to a hero you select. NumPad6 (CampaignMap)

Heroes Marry: Use this to marry anyone to anyone. Marry a companion, marry a notable, marry whoever. They have to be a hero in the encyclopedia. Just type in their names. I used it to marry a bunch of my companions to each other. We are going to all be a big happy family someday. NumPad7 (Campaign Map)

Have A Married Couple Get Pregnant: Just type in the name of a married man and his spouse will become pregnant. In my game I married my companion with a mod and I noticed my wife was never getting pregnant. I married a bunch of companions to each other and they were getting pregnant but my wife wasn't. This function will help fix the player's you know what ;). NumPad8 (Campaign Map)

Show Clan Parties: This function will display the status of parties in your clan. NumPad9 (Campaign Map)

Set Player Money: Brings up a dialog to set the amount of money you want. Save scummers will need this unless you don't mind being charged every time you load your game lol. I try to be fair, sometimes I eat the cost but sometimes i loaded multiple times in the same day and I need a refund. Or if you just like to cheat give yourself a bzillion gold. NumPad Plus (CampaignMap)

Fix Stuck Mercenaries Kingdom Parties: Actually this function enables AI for all parties in the kingdom not just mercenary parties. Totally forgot I had updated the code for all parties. In my game I had hired mercenaries and every time they helped me in a siege where I was attacking a castle or city, after the siege was over they would never leave the city. I finally realized their AI was disabled. The game must disable their AI when they join a siege event and I am thinking TaleWorld's forgot to enable it afterwards. So this will enable the AI for any hired mercenaries in your faction. They will start making decisions again. I basically press this key after every siege where my mercenary parties helped. NumPad Divide (Campaign Map)

Hero Party Transfer: Transfer heroes between parties. Useful for people using Party AI Overhaul which is incompatible with Transfer Companions. NumPad Decimal (Campaign Map)

Prisoners Stuck Or Missing After Capture Fix: In my game I keep randomly capturing heroes who will not have a transfer prisoner arrow button next to their name in the prisoner roster on the party screen. So if you try to put them in your dungeon you won't be able to. Or sometimes I fight a battle with a companion and then my companion is the one who ends up capturing the enemy leader. Then when I try to transfer them over to my prisoners, they will have gone missing. So I constantly have issues with heroes I capture. Either they go missing after battle even though I just captured them and it is not because they escaped, it is a bug, or I captured them and I can't transfer them. This feature will allow you to transfer any stuck prisoner to any fief's prisoner roster and vice versa. It also will allow you to recapture prisoners your companions are supposed to have in their prisoner roster but the game bugged and they are nowhere to be found. I actually did a little debugging and these heroes would not be in any settlement, they were not in any parties and their position in the world was 0,0,0 meaning they were nowhere pretty much. I assume this happens to you all as well. Insert (Campaign Map)

Upgrade Mercs To Nobility: This feature will turn any merc clan you have hired and given a fief into a proper vassal. They will update to lords and their clan will no longer be a mercenary clan. Also I will daily check your relations with the leader and if your relations are above 0 I update the last time they changed their faction so they will not leave your faction unless you have bad relations. Their vanilla behavior would result in them leaving your faction after about a week. You can't really vassalize a mercenary clan even though you have the option to give them a fief. And let's be honest, when you are a small kingdom just starting off, these mercenaries save your ass and they deserve a fief. So now they leave when they hate you so that makes more sense. I was constantly having to use the console and the csx mod to update their faction change times in order to keep them around. Now you can vassalize any mercenary company no problem. And they are great vassals because they start out with all their parties. ;) NumPad Multiply (Campaign Map)

Shatter World: This will make any clan holding a fief into their own kingdom and ever clan will declare war on each other. If your game gets boring that should help. Delete (Campaign Map)

Archer/Cavalry Auto Transfer (Battles): During battles you can toggle a function for cavalry and horse archers to automatically join infantry and archer formations, respectively, when they get separated from their horse. This function will also move archers over to infantry when they runout of ammo. NumPad Multiply (Action)

Increase Speed During Missions (Battles): This isn't fixing anything but just adding a function to speed up time during battles. Sometimes I am moving around behind an enemy or to the side of them and it takes a long time for your troops to move. When they aren't in danger it's nice to speed time up sometimes to get things going. Or if you want to auto resolve a battle but actually have your troops fight... then just have your character stay back and order them all to charge and then speed time up. It's another way to send troops xD. NumPad Plus (Action)

All these features above, when you press the key, it bring up dialogs you can cancel if you had accidently pressed the key so don't worry about them too much if you are worried about all your keys being taken. All keys can be changed in the game options where you change any other key. This feature is provided by BannerLib so you need to install that too and load it above my mod in the launcher.

Features listed below do not require input form the player.

Select Multiple Formations w/ Ctrl Key: Fixed whatever TW did. TALEWORLDS FIXED THIS

Lifting Enemy Sieges: Now when lifting enemy sieges, meaning you engaged an enemy party besieging a settlement, you will no longer teleport inside the castle and fight a siege defense. Instead the siege will be lifted, the garrison will sally out and you will be able to instead join a field battle between the garrison and attackers. Toggle w/ MCM.

Clan Encyclopedia Page Fix: Whenever you open up a clan in the encyclopedia, TaleWorlds first loops through all heroes in the player's faction heroes (IFaction.Heroes) and adds them to the list of clan members. This will of course include any companions you have. Then after that they, for some reason, loop through your clan companions (IFaction.Companions) and adds them again. I think in the vanilla game your companions are not added to IFaction.Heroes or something and why they added a 2nd loop. That or it is just a mistake, not sure. This script patches the function that sets up the clan page and prevents duplicate entries being added to the list of clan members.

Vassal Fix For Heroes Who Were Formerly Your Companions: This feature will go through each clan in your faction hourly to check if any of your former companion vassals or nobles have changed back into a wanderer. This usually happens in my game when a companion I had granted a fief through a mod is captured and then released. I will usually find them sitting in a a tavern somewhere and they don't belong to a party anymore and when you talk to them you get the wanderer dialog that says "I could use someone like you in my company." This will turn them back into your vassal by correcting their occupation and adding them back to their clan's list of heroes. his will correct them in the encyclopedia and show them as members on their clan page or when checking clans in the Kingdoms tab. Toggle w/ MCM.

Declare War Fix: When any kingdom declares war on another kingdom, all heroes from both kingdoms that would end up being in an enemy settlement will go home before war is declared to avoid being put in prison. I assume their family gave them warning weeks in advance that there was talk of war. It just was dumb for me to have to decide on a war all my vassals want and then when i agree, the same vassals that wanted to go to war, then their families get put in prison. It made no sense. No one in their right mind would demand war and at the same time not warn their family in those enemy settlements. Toggle w/ MCM.

Game Loads Paused During Siege: Game will start paused when loading your game in the middle of a siege. Normally the game will just have time running which starts while the load screen is still on screen (bastards). If you always save in situations like right before an enemy completes a siege weapon or right exactly when you were going to lead an assault, then this vanilla behavior will definitely annoy you. While the game is loading, you have to press spacebar at the exact right time (when you hear audio), or spam the 1 key, to make sure the siege gets paused on load and you can click lead assault right away. This has to annoy more people than just me.

Arena Fix: Player can lose health from participating in practice fights or tournaments. Toggle w/ MCM.