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Allows Nobles within Kingdoms to marry each other, allowing their dynasties to subsist throughout a campaign.

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As a campaign progresses, Clans across Calradia would die out as their members grew older and died, leaving no heirs behind. This mod remedies this by pairing eligible clan members within a given kingdom and having them marry based a configurable set of criteria. If no eligible spouse is found for a given lord, one is generated using an existing lord as a template. This also applies to minor clans who will instead marry members of other existing minor clans. Player clan is exempt.

Requires Mod Configuration Menu, which the mod uses to provide a number of settings to configure various aspects of its functionality. Please do take the time to read through the setting descriptions and configure the mod to your liking. Settings can be changed at anytime and will apply at the next weekly tick.

Make sure you load ALL MCM modules aswell as its requirements above Native, as instructed on the MCM's mod page.

Should look something like this:



Download through Vortex in or extract archive contents to:
Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules


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