Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Fire arrows and fire enchanted sword/axe/polearm.
Done purely with scripts and no xml editing.
Light target on fire and deliver burning damages.
Fire arrows sticked to object or ground will gradually burn out instead of disapering or remain burning forever.
Fires produce orange lights instead of white lights.

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  • Turkish
  • Russian
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  • Korean
Solution for crashes
1.Use Fixed Launcher to order your mods correctly.
2.Unblock files from this mod. Either by right cliking every file and unblock it in Properties, or just use Module Unblocker.

Important to Know
Bannerlord seems to have problem managing VRAM, so when there are too many particles, your screen might turn partially black.
It's not so severe with fire arrows, but it will occur much more often when there are too many fire swords, so please limit fire sword instances to less than 100.


1.Fire arrows. 
When they are sticked to ground they will gradually burn out instead of disapering or remain burning forever.

2.Fire swords.
Using hot key to light your sword/axe/polearm on fire and burn your enemies on hit.

3.Enemies ignition.
It works like this, everyone's got a ignition bar of max 100 points, and when hit by a fire arrow it will rise by 75 points. It will drop 10 points per second. When the bar is filled, they burn.
Hit by fire sword will rise the bar by 100 points, meaning instant burning, but if blocked, reduced by half, which is 50 points, meaning it takes 3 or 4 hits on shields to ignite someone.

4.Parameters customization.
All values are customizable by editing FireLordConfig.ini or through in-game menu with help of ModLib.
Including at what time of day should fire arrows be allowed, ignition enabled  or not and whether to enable ignition damages, and so on.
If you think the extra burning damage is unbalanced, you can just simply turn the damages off and still get the visuals of burning.

Since it's all done purely with scripts and does not tamper with xml files, I'd say it's compatible with most mods.
And it will not hurt your saves.

  • Added the option choose what type of units are allowed to use fire arrows, 0=None, 1=Player, 2=Heroes, 3=Companions, 4=Allies, 5=Enemies, 6=All.
  • Added the option to set percent probability of shooting a fire arrow, does not affect the player.
  • Added the option to ignite player's body when fire sword activated, only visuals and no damages.

  • Removed ModLib dependency and now using MBOptionScreen, which doesn't require you to install it as a standalone mod. 
  • Now with dropdown option to select enums and keys.
  • Most importantly, now changing options doesn't force you to restart the game.
  • Removed UseFireArrowsAtDay/Night, introduced FireArrowAllowedTimeStart and FireArrowAllowedTimeEnd, you can now specify the exact hours of day during which you want fire arrows be enabled.
  • Added the ability to light multiple swords on the battlefield.
  • Added whitelists for both fire arrows and fire swords.
  • There are 3 options.

    Disabled=no whitelist.
    Troops=A list of troops who is allowed to use fire arrow / fire sword.
    Items=A list of items which is recognized as fire arrow / fire sword.

    It works as an extra list to allowed units.E.g. setting FireArrowAllowedUnitType to only allowed Player, and add ids of high tier archers in the whitelist will enable both the archers and player to use fire arrows.

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