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Adds the classic American plinker, the Ruger Mk pistol, with some Fallout twists and loads of customization.

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Adds the Ruger Mk V pistol to the game via scripted leveled lists. The gun itself is highly customizable with new and improved semi-properly-ordered™ crafting bench menus.

For the sake of simplicity, by default the MkV fires .38spc, however if you don't mind tedious ammo conversions you can craft .22lr rounds at a chemlab and use ammo conversion mags within the weapon bench. Keep in mind that while .22lr is cheap (10 .38spc converts to 15 .22lr) and has greater magazine capacity, it also deals reduced damage.

If ballistics are a bore to you then there are further options still: Elemental Infusers! Using the power of Science! a capable Craftsperson/Nuclear physicist can add Cryo/Fire/plasma effects to the weapon. There is even a full Plasma Cell ammo conversion option while using the Plasma Infuser. Elemental infusers offer an alternate upgrade path from the usual Gun Nut progression. If guns AND science are your thing you can combine the final tier of both progressions into a truly terrifying wasteland weapon.

Bullets and Science both put you to sleep? You can also try the Ruger MkV Non-Lethal Addon for an additional challenge!

Fire/Plasma Infuser effects work with CROSS_Crits.

XBOX link: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4056347

Check out my Artstation Project page for a full 3D preview:

Thanks to Fallout4.Blog.jp for the great video.

-The gun is added to leveled lists via a script.
---The MkV is about as rare as a .44 revolver in terms of showing up in chests and vendors.
---Same level range as the .44 revolver in legendary lists.
-You can craft the Ruger MkV at the chemlab.
-Console search "Ruger" to get the loadorder unique IDs.

Lore friendly Static Location:
A special USMC version of the gun with a unique integrated suppressor barrel can be found in the admin office of Fort Strong, right next to the Covert Operations Manuel. The USMC version can be fully customized like any other MkV, but the integrated suppressor barrel is exclusive to it. Check the next spoiler for an screenshot of the location.


-Standard receiver's follow generic ballistic guns progression, they cannot equip infusers and get an upper rail with the first upgrade.
-Science! receiver has no ballistic progression, instead it enables infuser attachments on the upper rail that provide increasing scaling damage.

-Civilian barrels have unique bonuses like cheaper VATS costs and bonus damage to specific enemy types.
--Classic - low range, but cheapest AP cost and extra accuracy from the hip.
--Competition - Long range, deals 10% more damage to robots and mechs.
--Hunter - Long range, deals 10% more damage to animals and bugs.
--Target - Long range, deals 10% more damage to ghouls and super mutants.
-Military barrels enable lower rail attachments and muzzles.
--LITE A - Lightweight.
--LITE B - Lightweight.
--Tactical - Heavy with slightly improved aimed stability.
--USMC - Unique barrel for the special USMC variation of the MkV, has an integrated suppressor.

-Pistol grips use the Gunslinger perk and are lighter with better hip fire accuracy.
-Rifle grips use Rifleman perk and are heavy and have better sighted accuracy and stability
---Standard - lighter, but with less stability and melee damage
---Shaped - Heavy, better melee damage

Iron Sights:
- Standard: No glow
- Green Glow sights
- Purple Glow sights
- Red Glow sights

--Standard mag 8 rounds
--Extended mag 16 rounds
--Quick mag 8 rounds
--Standard mag 10 rounds
--Extended mag 18 rounds
--Quick mag 10 rounds
-Plasma Cell Requires Plasma Infuser to craft, see below.
--Plasma conversion 8 rounds
--Plasma conversion Ext 14 rounds

-Only available on military barrels
-Muzzle Cap - This is a free option that has no stats.
-Compensator - high recoil control.
-Suppressor - silenced shots and better recoil control.

-Only the most basic standard receiver cannot have an upper rail.
-Both rails are separate attachment slots that then enable more attachments.
-Removing a rail by removing its parent (IE going from Military barrel to Civilian will return any attachments to loose mods in your inventory.
-Rails are free to craft and add no weight.

Under Barrel Attachments:
-Only available on military barrels
-Taclight's override pipboy light, even when holstered. This isn't fixable.
-Laser dot is accurate to the center of the screen, not to bullet spread.
---Laser (Green/Purple/Red)
---TacLight + TacLaser (Green/Purple/Red)

Sight Attachments:
-Sight attachments fit on the upper rail, they don't replace the iron/glow sights.
---Holo sight - 1.5x (Green/Purple/Red)
---Scope - 3x (Green/Purple/Red)
-----See-thru style of scope
---Scope - 6x
-----Traditional scope transistion

---Adds Cryo damage that scales with weapon perk.
---Cryo damage bypasses most resistances.
---Has a slight slow effect on hit.
---Freezes enemies on VATS crits.
---Sets enemies on fire for 3 seconds.
---Damage per tick scales with weapon perk.
---Doesn't stack, each shot renews the debuff.
---Adds energy damage that scales with weapon perk.
---Can turn enemies to goo.
---Enables Plasma conversion magazine.
---Plasma Conversion Adds another 15/20/25/30 energy damage when using Plasma Infuser, scaling with Nuclear Physicist Perk.
---Extra damage from conversion does NOT work without plasma infuser.
-----Using a Plasma mag without the plasma infuser still works, but it's a waste of plasma cells because it does no extra damage.
---Plasma Conversion also adds a special hit effect.

--Barrel, Receiver, and Grip have separate skin options, meaning you can mix and match parts from different skins.
--Skins provide no functionality or bonuses, they are purely cosmetic.
--The first 3 skins in each skin list are 2k resolution with the Nexus download.
--Default/Black/Steel are the three included skins
--The free Skin pack from Gumroad enables full resolution for all the skins.


This mod is feature complete from the Nexus download, it's mechanics are fully functional. However I have also made available a 'skin pack' through Gumroad for free at gumroad.com/niero

-Every part of the mod is completely free
-The Nexus download is fully functional with 2k resolution for the two lore friendly skins (Standard Issue and Residential).
-The extra cosmetic skins in the Nexus download have low-res placeholders to keep the pink default texture from showing up.
-The Gumroad download is "pay what you want", with a minimum of 0.00 USD.
-Meaning that every part of this mod is still free. No charges are required anywhere, and if you do choose to pay it is still considered a donation.
-There is a second 4k texture download that ups the resolution all of the skins including the two base skins.
-You do not need to give gumroad a real email address to access the download.


Q: Is this paid mods?
A: No, every part of the mod is still free. The fully functional mod is free right here on the Nexus, just like mods have always been. Gumroad considers anything with a zero minimum price a donation, which means even if you choose to pay for the pack you are still just donating.

Q: What is in the download at Gumroad?
A: Texture files pre-packed into a BA2. Installing the 2k or 4k pack is as simple as dropping the " - textures.ba2" in your fallout4/data folder.

Q: Do I need a Gumroad account?
A: Nope, Gumroad remembers what you've downloaded based on the email you give it. If you want to download something again later but don't remember the link you can make an account with the same email and it will show up at gumroad.com/library. Because the content is free you do not need to give Gumroad a real email address, the download link is provided on-site.

Q: Why do this if everything to do with the mod is free anyway?
A: Several reasons: This helps me build a following outside of the Nexus. This keeps the filesize down so people can get the mod quickly. People who don't care about the extra skins don't have to download an extra Gig of content, and Gumroad also offers an uncapped bandwidth limit for all users (Nexus caps at 1024 kb/s for non-premium accounts), which is ideal for large files like the multi gigabyte 4k texture pack. This also streamlines donations for the folks that don't want to deal with paypal.

Screenshot auto-approve is turned on, feel free to add your own!


Version notes:

New Content:
Added new holo sight options
---Crosshair (Red)
---Clover (Green)
---Heart (Purple)
---DoubleArrow (Red)
---Chevron (Red/Green)
Added a new laser attachment that extends outward instead of being just a dot.
---This is intended for Fallout 4 VR.
---The long laser is NOT accurate in 3rd person.
Added an alternate short suppressor.
---Same stats as original, just a different mesh.

Fixed an issue causing Fire/Plasma shots to not set off oil traps and flammable objects.
---Cryo projectiles still do not set off oil traps, and are intended not to.
Fixed weight issues with Infusers.
Fixed 22 Mags sharing loose mod with Standard mag.
Fixed most Legendary naming issues on Infuser equipped MkV's.
---You'll have to switch between pistol/rifle and back again for this fix to apply.
---Freezing/PlasmaInfused still won't have accurate names, but these are the only two.
---This is an odd compatibility issue with CROSS_Crits, since that mod relies on legendary keywords.



Manual Installation:
1. Download the Main Nexus archive
2. Unpack all files within the Nexus archive to *Steam*/Fallout4/Data
3. Download a skinpack off gumroad.
4. Place the " - Textures.ba2" file in *Steam*/Fallout4/Data
6. Activate the mod with your mod manager of choice, or use the in-game mod list

Screenshot auto-approve is turned on, feel free to add your own!
(Please keep screenshots SFW according to Nexus content guidelines)


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