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Replaces the Goo/AshPile/fire crit effects with something much more gruesome.

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One of the hallmarks of the Fallout series is its over-the-top comedic violence. Fallout 4 has its fair share of violence, but I wanted to to see if I could take it a bit further. This mod adds several new special effects by default, and allows you to enable excessive use of crit special effects with a holotape.

Out of the box:
This mod overrides the default Fire, Laser, AlienLaser, and Plasma critical effects. Whenever a Human, Ghoul, Super Mutant, feral dogs or deathclaw dies to a crit from those elements instead of leaving behind a goo/ash pile or a lightly burnt corpse they will be reduced to skeletal remains. Other actors/creatures will use the default effects. Elemental Legendary weapons will not always crit with their element unless...

In-game Holotape:
Included with the mod is a simple settings Holotape ("[Settings] CROSS Crits Holotape") that allows you to turn on a "always crit Fx Mode". While enabled, enemies will always play critFx when they die as long as you are using a compatible weapon. This means, for example, if you have a legendary Incendiary gun your enemies will always burst into flames on death, or if you have a Plasma weapon they will be 'skeletonized' or turned to Goo 100% of the time (Adjustments are made to nuclear material drop rate). You'll get the holotape as soon as you start up the mod, or if you lose the tape you can re-make it at a chemlab.

This mod overwrites 4 of the crit spells, none of these records change how crits work and are purely visual. The mod doesn't change how crits work or how often they occur it just alters the visual effects. The new Fx possibly can work with mod-added weapons WITHOUT a patch, depending on the keywords used by the mod-added weapon.

The scripts for this mod were written similar to the vanilla ashpile script, they are lightweight and don't use any taxing auras/cloaks, scripts only run when stuff dies. You may notice a hiccup when you first crit something (vanilla ash/goo piles do this as well) because the crit Fx meshes/textures aren't pre-cached, the textures of this mod are intentionally low res to make this less unnoticeable.

Special thanks to Mr.Casual for parting together the Deathclaw Bones.


Notes on keyword recognition:

The Always Crit Fx Mode uses weapon keywords to apply its effects, some examples are below, and modded weapons that have similar keywords to these will work without any patches.

Fire Crits : Weapon must meet the following conditions:
-Must have the following keywords:
--WeaponTypeFlamer [KYWD:00225760] OR
--WeaponTypeMolotov [KYWD:0021A29F] OR
--WeaponTypeShishkebab [KYWD:00225768] OR
--HasLegendary_Weapon_IncendiaryBullets [KYWD:001E7175] OR
-Special condition for Lasers with burning mods:
-Must have the following keywords:
--WeaponTypeLaser [KYWD:00092A84] AND
--dn_HasReceiver_ArmorPiercing2 [KYWD:002377D2] OR
--dn_HasReceiver_ArmorPiercing1 [KYWD:0016303F]

Red Laser Crits : Weapon must meet the following conditions:
-Must have the following keywords:
--WeaponTypeLaser [KYWD:00092A84] OR
--WeaponTypeGatlingLaser [KYWD:0022575E]
-Must NOT have the following keywords:
--ma_InstituteLaserGun [KYWD:001289BB]
--dn_HasReceiver_ArmorPiercing2 [KYWD:002377D2] AND
--dn_HasReceiver_ArmorPiercing1 [KYWD:0016303F] AND

Blue Laser Crits : Weapon must meet the following conditions:
-Must have the following keywords:
--ma_InstituteLaserGun [KYWD:001289BB] OR
--WeaponTypeAlienBlaster [KYWD:0016968B]

Plasma Crits : Weapon must meet the following conditions:
-Must have the following keywords:
--WeaponTypePlasma [KYWD:00092A85] OR
--WeaponTypePlasmaGrenade [KYWD:0021968D] OR
--WeaponTypePlasmaMine [KYWD:00219689] OR
--HasLegendary_Weapon_PlasmaBullets [KYWD:001F9B4C]
-Special condition for Plasrail without needing a patch:
-Must have the following keywords:
--AnimsGaussRifle [KYWD:000D1EB1] AND
--AnimsGripRifleAssault [KYWD:0001F947]
-Must NOT have the following keywords:
--WeaponTypeBallistic [KYWD:00092A86]



Version notes:

-Fixed FarHarbor wolfs not turning to skeletons or goo.
--requires a DLC dependent patch, which is included in the main download.
-Fixed Tesla rifle using the red laser effects.
-Fixed Harpoon Gun using red laser effects.
-Fixed Holotape using scrap component instead of the generic one

-Fixed some logic that didnt know what to do with Gatorclaws.
--Gatorclaws should drop puddles now.

-Fixed an issue with ghoul NPCs not always playing the correct effects.
-Switched around some logic so that the AlwaysCritFx mode should be more consistant
-Known issue: when some actors, that aren't setup for bones, are dismembered on death they do not ash/goo pile.
---This seems to be hardcoded so that characters who have been dismembered cant magically collect all their parts in one place.
---Probably won't try to fix this, since graphically there isn't any errors. Should have named it ProbablyCritFx mode.

-Fixed an issue with normal crits on enemies without skeletons causing the old FX but not dropping an ashpile
-Removed the overwritten magic effect records, this mod now only overwrites the 4 crit spells, and 1 enchant (alien blaster)

-Added full Power Armor functionality. Power armored enemies will now properly display the skin-burn and skeleton effect.
-Fixed an issue causing effects to apply well after element types had hit the target.
-Known issue: Bash killing with the Always Crit mode active will cause whatever CritFX the gun is capable of.
---Fixing this would require many deep edits/overwrites that would cause mod conflicts, so it probably won't be fixed.

-Added an optional file "CROSS_ReducedLaserSmoke"
---This tiny mod alters the smoke effect from laser impacts.
---Helps you actually see the new critFX instead of getting everything blocked out by the laser smoke.

-Fixed an issue with plasma legendaries not procing their crit effect correctly.
-Fixed corpses reverting back to skinned state after a significant time had passed.
-Added a naming tag to the holotape so it should now sort properly with UI mods.
---New name without UI mods is "[Settings] CROSS Crits Holotape".

-Added Dog skeletons.
-Fixed more dev OMODs still showing up.
-Fixed a UV issue with humanoid fleshy bits.
-Skeletons should have the correct unique textures based on what they were killed by (ash/char/Plasma).
-Glowing Deathclaws and Ghouls should always leave glowing skeletons.

-Fixed an issue with Alien Blaster always causing ashpiles on actors that should get skeletonized.

-Holotape can now be crafted at a chemlab.
-Fixed some bad math on Nuclear Material drop rate.
-Fixed the Holotape not adding on startup.

-Removed some dev OMODs that were used for testers.

-Removed some leftover debug messages.




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