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Adds the Forsaken Vaulters as a faction for the Sim Settlements expansion Conqueror. Better served cold!

Permissions and credits

Requires Version 4.0.5.a or Greater of Sim Settlements: Conqueror

The Forsaken Vaulters

Assault Support: Yes
Defender Support: Yes
Decorations: Yes (in the Workshop)
Soundscape: Yes
Custom Lore-friendly Radio: Yes
Another themed Radio: Yes
Custom Faction Flags: Yes
Snowballs: Yes!

The Forsaken Gazette - Episode 2: Attack of the KILLER CHILLER!
When renowned Bavarian film director Klaus von Frumpenstadt released his 2037 B-movie "Attack of the Killer Refrigerator", he thought big and dreamt of much - from the rise of a sentient mass murder maniac fridge to the coolant-induced extermination of humanity - but he certainly did not expect for his wicked creation to ever be manufactured. Two hundred years later and the Forsaken Vaulters are running out of survivors to defrost; desperate and forlorn, they turn to the only massively available manufactured good in the Commonwealth: the Pre-war refrigerator. Slip a chip in it and you get... the Frumpenstadt-inspired Killer Chiller. He chills, he kills, and most importantly, he'll soon scream "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" at your bewildered enemies.

Whose idea was that, you ask? Ross Aldrin's, of course! The sestercentenarian cryonics pioneer, CIT researcher and Pre-war inventor of the cryopod has been hard at work in his subterranea
n Cambridge lab
(or rather what is left of it) for two centuries. He's now your very best friend and says he's been looking for a way to get mankind back on track but truly he's been snorting the anti-aging cryogenic compound he devised soon after the bombs fell and conveniently stored in repurposed jet cases. Just like Barbie and her dollhouse, Action man and his Jeep, Ken and his beach-ready swimming-trunks, Dr. Aldrin comes in a kit including his loyal lab assist-o-tron, his cat and his child-friendly science set. Find him now in a dark forsaken corner of the CIT to embark on the wonderful adventure you've forever been wishing to have with your best (unvoiced - stage 1 - basic - dialogues and backstory to come) pal. And if he's not enough for you, you can also befriend Raider Cryoslaves, Forsaken Commodores and mighty Marine Commandos to conquer the Commowealth blut-und-eisen style.

Note 1:
the fifth special unit requires the Far Harbour DLC to equip its gear (marine commando). I also advise you to download Niero's 2k/4k ruger skins for Aldrin's cryoruger to be displayed in full resolution.
Note 2: the radios' frequencies have been changed to avoid radio-mod conflicts (New Vegas Radio in particular). The FCR receivers need to be rebuilt in order to work correctly.
Note 3: if Aldrin ever causes troubles being dismissed as a companion (if the dialogue option doesn't show), you can dismiss him by recruiting another follower.

o you enjoy snowball fights
Do you order your Coke with extra ice? Do you think Mr Freeze is the greatest Supervillain in the history of mankind?
Do you have a beef with the Enclave, Vault-Tec or the Institute? Do you tend to linger at your supermarket’s chiller aisle? Do you feel as excited as a kid at Christmas whenever Niero releases a new mod? If so, then look no further, the Forsaken Vaulters are made for you.

About the Forsaken Vaulters:

Wronged by the Enclave, defiled by the Institute and abandoned by Vault-Tec to their icy slumber, the Forsaken Vaulters are a formidable detachment of highly organised bicentenarians freshly released from their crypods by a malfunctioning command module. Due to decades spent under the influence of liquid nitrogen, the group has developed an obsession with cryonics and is now dedicated to the cryogenic preservation of the Commonwealth.

Now that
the sleepover has ended in Vault 111, everything and anything worth salvaging shall be frozen to the core.

Now that their resurrection is complete,
everyone and anyone preventing them from doing so shall be reduced to a bloody pile of snowflakes.

Think about it, isn’t it time for Boston to be finally shaped in their image: forever young, forever beautiful…?

Being first and foremost a heartfelt declaration of love for Niero’s armour and weapons mods, this faction pack quite obviously requires the following mods in order to function:  LINKS AVAILABLE IN THE REQUIREMENTS SECTION

CROSS_Courser Strigidae
CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics
CROSS Institute Tech Mask (Optional / the faction pack doesn't use its data yet)
CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul
(Optional / the faction pack doesn't use its data yet)
(Not essential but highly recommended since some of Niero's mods are not adapted to Vanilla female models, expect non game breaking glitches without)

IMPORTANT: do download Niero's additional skin packs on Gumroad (all free, all gorgeous; available in 2K or 4K) for
CROSS_MojaveManhunter, CROSS_BrotherhoodRecon and CROSS_Courser Strigidae to ensure high-resolution textures : https://gumroad.com/niero#

How to get Started:
Build the War Planner’s Desk from the Sim Settlements Expansion Conqueror and select “the Forsaken Vaulters” when creating your outpost. The Forsaken being a Conqueror type faction, the outpost needs to be empty of NPCs and enemies to be established. You shall then be able to manage your recruitments and settlement assaults from there.

Faction Recruitment:
Major Items → Antifreeze, Supathraw Antifreeze, Coolant, Liquid Nitrogen Guns, Extinguishers, Mr Handy Fuel
Minor Items → Packaged Food, Empty Coolant bottles, Coolant Caps, Desk Fans, Vault-Tec Lunchboxes

Faction Radio:
A 45min+ radio station of lore-friendly Antebellum Christmas music interspersed with the dramatic retelling of Victor and Nora Fries’ tragic tale.

Faction Decorations:
For now, SS Conqueror's decorations grid tends to spawn decor everywhere and anywhere. I've consequently decided to make my decorations available in the workshop under Decorations/Miscellaneous for the time being so as not to impose decorations all over the place. Decorations currently include vanilla items previously unavailable in the workshop (cryopipes, fully working Vault-Tec containers, a Pre-war Vault-Tec van in addition to the only cryopod model not missing the lever). Increasingly custom decorations are to come.

Faction Faces:
The current list of enc faces implemented in this pack includes 11 male models (including two cryoghouls badly burnt by liquid nitrogen during their cryosleep) and five female faces (each with two different hairstyles) to ensure variety (to be expanded upon). Most of them are based on Fallout's face presets since those were the people meant to end up in Vault 111. 

Forsaken Vaulters Hierarchy:
Sim Settlements Conqueror has recently infringed copyright from Nintendo to allow you to evolve your recruits just like you evolved your Pokémons back in the '90s. The Forsaken Vaulters capitalise on this infringement by offering five ranks for your soldiers, each associated with better gear and additional weapons (some of which fire deadly snowballs and lethal ice shards). A myriad of Leveled Lists have been created to ensure a wild variety of gear combinations for your goons. Start with a small posse of Forsaken Cryolings and end up dominating the Commonwealth with an army of whatever this pack contains…!

Note: a) Contrary to
other faction packs, this add-on already contains a rank of power armour wearing cryopathic vaulters thanks to Niero’s Cybernetics Mod (they will be implemented for all faction packs in a coming Conqueror update; in the meantime... enjoy these ones!).
b) Niero's equipment as been nerfed for the sake of balance with the other factions. E.g. Forsaken power armours are deliberately flimsy on the legs and face to ensure the presence of weak points when fighting them (until SS Conqueror power armours for all are implemented).
c) Fresh recruits all spawn with Cryoling stats (first rank) but have a slight chance of being equipped with higher ranking gear (excluding the highest gear ranks).

The Future:
This mod will be expanded to include coming Conqueror updates in addition to the ideas and features I have yet to implement (depending on the success of the current version). The coming versions of this faction pack follow SS Conqueror's versions IDs to help you identify which Conqueror features are already included (the current Conqueror version being 4.0.5, I've named my first Forsaken Vaulters version 4.0.5-A). New decorations, new faces, new item combinations, new songs for the radio... 

The Present:

- I have temporarily withheld the automated equipment of cryolances on high-ranking soldiers due to an NPC bug I'm currently trying to fix
- I still have to modify the logo appearing on the Forsaken Heavy Helmet to better match the faction DONE
- The Forsaken Vaulters are conquerors only (e.g. they take captives by numbing down enemy brains into submission with cryogenic helmets), and have no allies
- I still have to add the cryo particle effect to said cryogenic helmets but assigning such effects to armour pieces is a real pain (if anyone can enlighten me in this quest, please do!)

The Gazette Archives:
[Issue 1 | 4.0.6-A] Update 4.0.6-A introduces new lore for me to potentially expand upon. Via a complete rework of the Forsaken hierarchy, it implements the Fractal Combine, a subgroup of the most elite personnel among vaulter forces. Itmakes up the last two Forsaken ranks, has its own flag and issues the heaviest and most sophisticated equipment
to its members. Continually handling punishing cryogenic weaponry, Fractal Combine übersoldaten bear scars that are emblematic of their station: they've lost hands to liquid nitrogen. What used to be unfortunate and sad is now widely regarded as a full-fledged rite of passage for those commonly rechristened the "Frostbitten Ones" by their peers. Their cybernetic hands stand out as the mechanical token of theirmartial prowess and prestige.

The provisional flag has been replaced by 3 new HD versions (made of canvas, NOT NYLON - one of which includes 3 variants). They can be built in workshop mode along with receivers for the Forsaken Radio and the brand new Formidably Cold Radio. The FCR is a station of Classic Deluxe Vintage Gourmet Frantically Exclusive '70s Hard Rock to be enjoyed while crushing puny raiders with the concealed-carry Cryoruger from Niero or the not-so-concealed-carry Broadsider Avalanche (video attached - I have yetto modify the reload animation on the latter - both weapons randomly spawn on soldiers through leveled lists - the broadsider can't be fabricated and is only obtainable through rank 5 soldiers so that you can experience the sweet pleasure of obtaining the rarest of treats the hard way). Clothing variety has been increased on ranks 3/4/5.

New Forsaken hierarchy: Cryoling < Cryolad < Cryoleader (50% former
Cryoleaders and 50% previous Cryolords) < Frostbitten One (New rank)
< Frostridden One (former Cryolegend)

the CROSS Institute Tech Mask Mod from Niero is now essential for Rank 4 soldiers to equip all their gear.