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Perfect for your 2288 Halloween costume.

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This mod was an idea I had floating around in my head since doing the chest lamp for Trainwiz's TRAIN POWER ARMOR. I used some of that idea on the fancy sights for my Break Action Laser, and now here it is realized properly as a fun Halloween costume mod.

The mod adds a gem that when equipped creates an animated Halo on your character. The gem can be modded at an armor bench to be swapped to a set of pulsing ethereal demon horns.

One gem is added at startup so you can use it right away, it uses the [eyes] slot so it works with power armor. You can craft more at a chemlab. The gem has an alt version that uses the [headband] slot. (you can wear both at the same time)

Both Halo and Horns can override your pipboy light, making the Halo wider and brighter and add a orange light to the Horns. The pipboy light override/sparks can be turned off at an armor bench.

Each good/evil version adds a small buff to make them slightly more than cosmetic, nothing super game changing.

Both can be worn by settlers/companions, though they tend to only use the flashlight effects in the dark if at all.

note: If you switch the style while wearing the gem, you'll need to flip between first/third person perspective for the particle effects to start.


-One gem for the [eyes] slot is added when you first start the mod
-You can craft more at a chemlab.
-Console search "pulsing gem" to get the loadorder unique ID.

Style: White/White(dull)/Red/Red(dull)
-White, standard halo. Replaces the pipboy light by glowing extra bright and growing wider.
-White (dull). No pipboy override, just a floating halo with a slight pulse animation.
-Red, Demon Horns. Replaces the pipboy light with an orange light.
-Red (Dull). No pipboy override, horns will still play their slight pulsing animation.


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