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Adds a Non-lethal version of the Ruger MkV, allowing you to knockout NPCs rather than kill them.

Permissions and credits

This addon requires Both Knockout Framework by Seb263 and CROSS_RugerMkV to function as intended. The addon uses a scripted soft dependency, If you are not running Knockout Framework the gun will do nothing when shooting NPCs, but it will add the new skins and attachment options to the original gun.

Quick rundown bullet points:
-The addon uses a scripted soft dependency
---The addon will run without KnockoutFramework.esm, but it is required to do any damage with the MkV-NL
-Ammo can be switched any time in the world
---Equipping the gun in pipboy mode will pop up a context menu to switch ammo
---This menu does not appear if the gun is equipped though quick keys

-Ammo and the gun itself is crafted at a chemlab
---The gun is exclusive to the chemlab, it is not added to the world or leveled lists
-Headshots deal instant damage, while bodyshot damage is delayed
-Headshots deal 4x to 10x damage
-Enemies with headgear must be shot from the correct angle
---masks cover from the front, open faced helmets cover from the rear
-Powerarmored enemies are immune to all bodyshots
---Power armor helmets can be shot off/broken, then the wearer is vulnerable to headshots
-Enemies that have recently used stimpacks are immune to knockout damage for about 7 seconds
-All skins and attachments from this addon can be used with Lethal versions of the gun

The Ruger MkV-NL adds a new and challenging way to play the game. Each magazine is a single self contained dart and Co2 cartridge, meaning you'll have to reload after each shot. The dart delivers a poison that deals damage (health bar tracks how close to KO'd they are), but will never kill a target. If a target runs out of health they instead will fall over unconscious using the Knockout Framework, from there you can loot them, wake them up, move the body, carry the body, interrogate, or finish them off. Experience is granted on knockout rather than on kill. Knocked out enemies will awaken several hours later based on Knockout Framework's settings.

Knockout damage is instant on headshots, but damage is delayed with bodyshots. Even if you successfully knock someone out with a bodyshot they may still have a chance to shoot back at you.

The poison on its own isn't very potent, and since you'll be reloading after each shot you will have to hit headshots to take full advantage of this weapon. Headshots with the MkV-NL deal 4x damage and up to 10x damage with the strongest poison. Poisons are crafted at a chemlab with animal parts from bloatflys/bloodbugs/stingwings/mirelurk queens/radscorpions. Ammo can be switched any time in the world (not just at weapon bench) by equipping the MkV-NL through the inventory, equipping the gun with a quick key will skip the ammo switch dialogue.

Of course some wary wastelanders wear helmets and masks, on enemies wearing helmets/masks you will have to hit from the correct angle to deal any damage at all. Generally face masks (gasmask) cover the front 160, and helmets (combat helmet) cover the rear 270, and some helmets (flight helmet) cover everything. Power armored enemies are entirely immune to bodyshots from the MkV-NL, however if you shoot off their helmet with standard weapons they can then be headshot and rendered unconscious. This helmet mechanic can disabled with the Ammo Switch menu.

Finally, targets that have recently used stimpacks are immune to knockout poisons for the duration of the heal and for several seconds afterward. You can still use a bash to try and knock them out while healing, but darts will not work. Ideally you should be aiming to knock them out full to none with a headshot, rather than trying to wear them down with repeated bodyshots.

The MkV-NL shares most of the customization of the original lethal MkV, as well as adding 5 new skin sets and some new colored attachments. The original MkV can use all of the new skins and attachments as well.

There is an additional esp for DLC helmets. Without this addon helmets/masks from Nukaworld/FarHarbor/Automaton won't block headshots.

-The MkV-NL can only be crafted at a chemlab, it is not used by NPCs or added to any leveled lists.

New Iron Sights:
--Blue Glow sights

New Under Barrel Attachments:
--Laser (Blue)
--Taclight + Laser (Blue)

New Sight Attachments:
--Holo sight - 1.5x (Blue)
--Scope - 3x (Blue)

New Skins:
--Diamond Dogs (Black and blue)
--MSF (Yellow and Black)
--Nerf (Teal and Orange)
--White (White with black)


Manual Installation:
1. Download the Main Nexus archive
2. Unpack all files within the Nexus archive to *Steam*/Fallout4/Data
3. Download a skinpack off gumroad.
4. Place the " - Textures.ba2" file in *Steam*/Fallout4/Data
6. Activate the mod with your mod manager of choice, or use the in-game mod list

Screenshot auto-approve is turned on, feel free to add your own!
(Please keep screenshots SFW according to Nexus content guidelines)


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