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Adds portable tents, campfires, cooking and chemistry stations, sleeping bags that can be built anywhere in game. Make a 'Camping Gear' workbench and start camping.

Permissions and credits
  • The mod  adds a number of portable items that you can  carry in your inventory and use anywhere  you want. This is not a workshop mod,  so you can build all the  listed objects in the wild  and can go camping anywhere in the Commonwealth and DLC area.  If you want a workshop version  and to build the tents for settlers,  please check my  Simplistic Tent  mod.
  •  You can now live a completely independent life in a place of your choice. You can concentrate on exploring new areas instead of wandering around the same places  searching for a shelter.  While the  camping gear adds some weight to your inventory, it  is balanced by  a number of  benefits and  saves  you some time  that you normally waste on boring repetitive actions. 
  • The gear is very simple to use and only takes a few seconds to assemble. Watch the video, if you  don't believe me.  Though you can just skip all the useful information below  and  try figure it out on your own. The 'Camping Gear Manual' gives  enough hints  to  put the puzzle pieces together without guides.
  • The mod can be also used  to create some rest/storage points around the Commonwealth in some key areas that you frequently visit. The max number of active(assembled) tents is set to 25 to prevent overloading the game.
  • Ever  felt  annoyed by some limitations such as no good sleep in a sleeping bag? I assure you that you can sleep well  not only in a sleeping bag or on a dirty mattress, but  even just on a usual towel.  I believe that having a roof over your head  and some minimal walls is more beneficial to your  good sleep   than  the cleanlinesses of your mattress, especially assuming that you are trying to survive.

The  items can be crafted in the  Camping Gear Workbench and will be added  to  the Misc section of your inventory. Use alphabetical sorting to  keep all the camping gear on the top of Misc section.
The list of items:
* Base tents(tent frames) -  bottom(B) and no bottom(NB) version
* Campfire wood item
* A number of storage objects like bags or baskets (you need to have any of them in your inventory to assemble a tent)
* A few sleeping bags
* A few paint works for tents (can be applied to an assembled tent)
* Portable lantern (a nice item for decorating your tents)
* Cooking Pot
* Mini Chem Lab
* 'Camping Gear Manual' magazine

All the portable items  have  # or /\ sign before their name. This was made so for both  keeping them on the top of  your inventory  list and helping to remember their purpose.  Items that are marked with the # sign require some another item to work. Items that are marked with the /\ (tent) sign can be  either used on their own or  should be carried  in your inventory in order to get some additional  options.  For example, to get an option to  build a cooking station, you need to have a cooking pot in your inventory. Hope this is intuitive.

Update 1.2  Added a portable Mini Chem Lab. I'm playing  with the Survival mode  for the first time and  finding some things  a little frustrating...especially looking for a Chem Lab with my bad spatial memory. It inspired me on adding this little object, so I don't need to  return  to the settlements every time I  need to use a chem lab.  It works similar to the campfire. You  just drop it out and activate.  It's  free when playing  usual mode and costs 1 flamer fuel to assemble on survival. This is also likely to be the last update for the .esl version.  If I add more files to the  mod,  I won't be able to convert it to light master.

How to make and use the items.
Thanks to KottabosGames, we now have a video that shows all the mod features. 

To create camping gear build a '/\ Camping Gear Workbench".  You can find it in your workshop among  other  usual workbenches.

There is a magazine in the Misc section of the workbench that is necessary to craft and read to get all the existing  options show up.

*To build a tent
Craft any of the 2  base tents and any of the storage items you  can find in the workbench. Drop the created tent out from your inventory anywhere where you want to build a tent. It will look like a bare tent frame until you assemble it. Make sure  the place is flat enough, the tent will be assembled exactly in the same position as the frame object  you dropped out from your inventory.

If you have read the magazine,  you'll get an activate option to assemble the tent, otherwise you can hit the tent frame with your hand or melee weapon. When your tent is assembled,  you'll  find your storage item inside the tent. You  can  activate it to get  more options.

*To build a campfire
Don't forget to read the magazine.

Create a campfire wood item. Drop the campfire wood item out of your inventory anywhere where you want to have a campfire. Make sure the place is flat enough, otherwise you won't get the option. You can then grab and move the item to  adjust its position.
To set it on fire you need to have some wood component in your inventory (fire costs 1 wood).  If your  current difficulty  is  Hardcore, the campfire will  last a limited number of hours and  you'll need to add wood to  keep it burning.

If you  don't play HC  but still want  your campfire to work in the more realistic way,  type in console:
CQF Cozy_Tent_Quest RunHCMode 1
Then pick and  re-build the campfire to update it.  To go back to the usual mode type the same thing but  replace number 1 with 0.

Activate the campfire to get more options.

*To turn a campfire into a cooking station

Craft the cooking pot item and  activate the campfire while having the pot  in your inventory. You'll get an option to cook.

*To change your tent colour

Make a paint and activate the storage item inside the tent while having any paints in your inventory.

*To disassemble the tent

Activate the storage item inside the tent

*To find your tents

Check the tent tracking quest in your Pip-Boy.

*To use sleeping bags

Don't forget to read the magazine. Drop a sleeping bag out from  your inventory anywhere you want. You can grab, carry and rotate it like any usual carry-able items such as weapons or food.  If you  read the Camping Gear Manual, you'll get an additional activation choice to sleep. 
Since 1.1 version  sleeping bags  add well rested effect.  They can also work as beds in Survival mode,  but only when you use them  inside the tents. Outside of tents they work as usual sleeping bags. 

*To use  the Mini Chem Lab
Drop it out from your inventory and activate.


*   Please, note that my custom models are not  perfect and not very detailed. I'm  quite new to working with 3D and  these models is my only experience.  When I learn  how to make them look better, I might  update the mod and replace them with  something more complex.
*   All  tents are navmeshed, but as you build them outside of the workshop mode,  NPC might  not  register the navmesh immediately, which  can sometimes result in them  trying to walk through the tents. Restarting the game can possibly fix this. But  these  tents are not meant for settlers,  the "Simplistic Tent" mod has all the same tents,  but made specifically for settlements.
*   It's better to  choose enough flat surface for placing  tents and campfires. It doesn't have to be perfectly flat,   but if the angle is higher than allowed,  you won't get an option to assemble or set fire. The restriction was set to prevent some bugs associated with  the game limitations. Max allowed angle for campfires is 8  and  circa 20 for tents.  It means that generally you can build a tent on a side of a  hill, but a campfire requires a flat  place to be activated,   mainly  because of the cooking station.

Great thanks to
Chris Spooner and his digital artist blog  for his free urban camo texture.
Alex Vestin for his free  multicam on DeviantArt.
Enchantedgal-Stock for the basket radial texture on DeviantArt

My other mods
Settlement Markers
Portable Cloning Device
Magic Syringes
Simplistic Tent

There is no  file altering in the mod so there should not be any major conflicts. The mod adds some perk activation  choices  that are conditioned to only show up for some specified mod items. If you have a mod that adds an additional  perk activation choice for  non specified items ( like all items with some vanilla keyword), there might be a conflict  and some options might not work for you. However it won't cause anything game breaking and can  be  fixed.
The mod is compatible with 'See you sleep',  but the sleeping  animation won't play when using sleeping bags from the mod. 


You can write in the bug section or  PM me  to get my assistance. 

Install with any mod manager or manually. To update the mod replace the old files with new files.