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Requiem Manual (pdf)


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Requiem started as a personal project to turn Skyrim into more of a(n) (oldschool) semi-realistic roleplaying experience and has grown greatly ever since, with more than 2000 hours of developement time and a small, very dedicated team behind it. Its changes affect about everything there is in the game - from overall gameplay changes, like a completely deleveled game world, to remade and rebalanced items, interface tweaks, aesthetic adjusments and much, much more. A list of the important changes can be found in the Requiem Manual in the chapter "What is Requiem about". If you are not in the mood for reading, lean back instead and let Brodual and his awesome videos explain Requiem to you.

Please note that the video's are not 100% accurate on every detail, as an example the derived attributes have changed since the release of the videos. In case of doubt, refer to the manual. :)

Requiem is not intended as a modification that makes the game an absolute hardcore experience (which seems to be a common misconception), though increasing the difficulty to a much higher degree (in comparison to the original game) is part of it's goal to make the world feel more believable and immersive. Likewise, the project is not intended to be a modification that's suited for the average player - it's a personal project that's mainly meant to be shared with like-minded individuals who enjoy an immersive roleplaying experience. We are trying to create something unique - something we do not do for the sake of popularity, fame or whatever, but for the joy that we find in working and altering an existing piece of art and constantly improving what we made (so far) with the help of the great community that has formed around the project and helped us in so many ways to make progresses we did not even consider possible (kudos to all of you for your constant feedback, criticism, suggestions, bugreports, resources and comments! We really appreciate the effort! :)
While a lot of our inspiration comes from older titles like previous Elder Scrolls Titles (mainly Morrowind, Daggerfall and Arena), Gothic, Deus Ex, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment and similar ones, we do try to find a compromiss between traditional roleplaying elements and more modern approaches, though the focus clearly lies on the former.

Another thing we want to mention, as many people wonder about it: The lack of modular .esps is intended - the whole mod consists of a single .esp for multiple reasons, among which is the intention of making everything in the game intertwine, that everything fits almost perfectly together. While the mod is not truly modular, it still features a lot of options which have been mainly made by request. You can learn more about them in the readme. If you only want some secluded aspects of what Requiem does, it's likely that you'd rather want to use smaller modifications with a less encompassing scale!

Now, it was already mentioned that this modification is not suited for everybody. To further depict this, we have collected comments related to how people react to it, and listed them in the following section. Maybe it helps in determining if this modification is for you, or not! Of course, you should also read through the manual linked above! ;)

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"Nexus desperately needs a "disendorse" button so that people won't have to spend time in crap like this."

"Thank you [...] for this wonderful and immersive mod. I really believe it's on par with (and some parts even better than) Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul for Oblivion."

"Clearly no need for this."

"Thanks a ton for all the effort you have put into making Skyrim a game that mature RPGers don't have to feel ashamed to play!"

"This mod is terrible, next time you want to add more realism to a VIDEO GAME learn to balance it"

"This is the mod I've always wanted for just about every game I've ever played. It introduces actual, refined difficulty instead of just quadrupling everything's health. In past games, I've probably spent more time hunting for and attempting my own damage and health tweaks than actually playing the game. This accomplishes all of that and more in one neat, surprisingly polished package. If one good thing came of Bethesda watering down everything that made TES great, it's mods like Requiem. Thanks for making this game worth picking back up."

"Pretty disappointing."

"We play this drinking game with Requiem. We're both no magic melee/bow characters. We'll go through a dungeon at the same time and every time you need to consume a potion, you take a shot. It gets much harder by the end...."

"Again, thanks for this awesome freakin' mod. I've never been so immersed in the gameplay before. "

"I didn't keep the mod because I still wanna experience vanilla Skyrim completely.
Anyways, to the haters, and that guy who said that nexus needs a de-endorse button or something, look, you hate it that much, you don't use it. If you think it has room for improvement, feedback is there. However, why people, in general, go around hating because they took an arrow in the knee and died is beyond me. It is okay to express your opinion, and show proper reasons. Kudos to the author of this mod solely because I respect him for showing that comment on the first page."

"At no point ever has this mod ever caused crashes for me, and I have used it a few hours a day for more then a month and I would like to make that clear to anyone reading."

"Didn't really like it."

"I am someone who used lots of overhaul mods (oblivion, fallout, new vegas and other skyim mods ). This one is the greatest I ever experienced..."

"Hi, I just wanted to say, with all due respect, I found this mod to be pretty disappointing. In fact, I didn't really like it, and I felt that there was clearly no need for this.


I've been a Nexus member for 8 years, and I've been a fan of TES since Daggerfall. What you've done here is absolutely amazing. Thank you, sir."

"20 hours in and I have come to the conclusion that this is the best overhaul mod available. Excellent spells, great difficulty curve, awesome reworks of items."

"To all the people saying Requiem is too hard. You Need to adapt! Multiple Archers at once require forward-planning, guess work and good judgement. All of which can only be obtained by either "pure luck" or "trial & error". I got owned before I understood that this mode in a sense creates a new game. "

"Could also be named "Great overhaul which causes you to hate Frostbite Spiders for all eternity". Thanks for taking time to make Skyrim even better!"

"After many hours of playing I just got to level 10 and this mod keeps amazing me at every turn. It even brought my girlfriend (who is an avid old-school RPG player) back to Skyrim after she was terribly disappointed by the over-simplified gameplay of vanilla."

"Just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful mod. This is seriously the most fun I've ever had in Skyrim, I actually have to plan each battle before it happens. I die a lot, but it's incredibly satisfying when I finally manage to defeat a tricky enemy. I really love the little touches like the notes in Helgen, and I hope you continue to work on that content-based stuff as well as the mechanics."

"Posting up the negative and positive reviews at the same time doesn't absolve you of worrying about proper game balance. [...] Calling this a roleplaying mod is pretty arrogant!"

"This is THE best mod I have ever witnessed for any game in my days. My lord this is like a diamond wrapped in platinum sprinkled with gold dust. You sir have done a great service to likeminded individuals out there."

"First of all, I am ASTOUNDED with this mod. It's awesome, and I've been ranting about it for the past couple months before I even downloaded it. It is the #1 reason why I decided to go back to Skyrim (it was too damn easy before). So thank you for devoting such a massive amount of time and effort into this!"

Last but not least, you might want to check this! If you fall into the latter category, this modification is likely for you!
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A few brave souls have taken up the challenge to translate the vast amount of text this mod features! And here are the outstanding results - make sure to endorse and kudos the authors - they truly deserve it!

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