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Some changes to Alteration's Absorb spells, such as removing anti-cheat

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Updated for Requiem 2.0.2, looks like it should work with 3.1.0

What This Does:
- Absorbing Touch: Reverted to the way it was in (Charge it, optionally hold it, then blast)

- Absorb Health: Is now a channelled spell that starts working almost immediately, no anti-cheat or 'force-casting'. It can't be cheesed by hitting multiple targets, or by tapping. Also, it now only feeds you 50% of the health drained.

- Absorb Stamina: Is tweaked in the same way as absorb health (100% stamina returned). It's strength is buffed a bit.

- Absorb Magicka: Is now a charge & shoot spell (similar to frightening orb). It's Magicka cost is only worthwhile with skillpoints/perks. Draining a target's Magicka can be done more quickly, but missing or hitting an already-drained target can be quite detrimental.

- Absorb Essence: I left this unchanged, as I haven't properly tested with it yet

- Spell decriptions were broken after changes, so the numbers were removed
- The changes meant I had to come up with new numbers for the spell magnitures, which I've only roughly balanced. You might want to further tweak with xEdit. I've aimed for "less destructive than Destruction, less healing than Alchemy/Restoration, still quite useful".

A user of r/skyrimrequiem, kiskoller, had the idea first. I started this by following their instructions, then tweaked from there.

Load after Requiem.esp