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A DLL which fixes bugs in Skyrim's game engine.

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Cobb Bug Fixes

This SKSE DLL fixes bugs in Skyrim's core game engine.

Bugs fixed
Ability condition bug (active effect time imprecision bug)
Ability effects can stop re-checking their conditions once they've been applied to an actor for about 72 hours or more (double that if you play at 30FPS instead of 60FPS). (more info)

Archery downward aiming

If you're crouched on a ridge and try to shoot an arrow downward off that ridge, your arrow may teleport backward and impact the ground beneath your feet. (more info)

Merchant restock exploit fix
If you want to force a merchant to restock their wares and gold, you can do so by bartering with them, saving the game, punching them, and reloading the game. This occurs because the game either does not save, or does not properly load, the data indicating the last time that the merchant restocked.

This fix can be disabled using Cobb Bug Fixes's included INI file.

NPC torch/landscape bug
Often, but not consistently, torches held by guards wouldn't cast light on the landscape. This was due to a minor mistake that caused the game to misinterpret some of the guard's character data as the torch's "doesn't light landscape" setting.

Underwater ambience / cell boundaries
Sometimes, when swimming underwater, you'll hear the sounds that play when the camera exits and enters water, even though the camera never left the water. This occurs every time the camera crosses a cell boundary while underwater. (more info)

If you experience issues with this fix, you can disable it using Cobb Bug Fixes's included INI file.

Steed Stone bugs
The Steed Stone is supposed to make the armor that you're wearing weightless, but instead, it makes the kind of armor that you're wearing weightless: carry ten Glass Armors, put one on, and all ten become weightless. Moreover, the Steed Stone also has a bug that prevents it from applying to Iron Shields. (more info)

These fixes can be enabled and disabled individually using Cobb Bug Fixes's included INI file.

Trainer cost UI bug
When you're asking an NPC to train one of your skills, the cost that gets displayed may be inconsistent. If you have an active effect that fortifies that skill (e.g. Armor of the Squire fortifies Light Armor), then the cost that gets displayed is higher than the cost that you actually pay, because Bethesda forgot to exclude buffs when displaying the cost but remembered to exclude them when you try to pay.

Vampire feeding softlock
When playing as a vampire, you may be left unable to move after feeding on an NPC. Without the right console command, it's permanent. (more info)

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