Requiem Patch For RS Children Overhaul by Ball11
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Added: 05/07/2014 - 06:04PM
Updated: 16/07/2014 - 01:19AM

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Last updated at 1:19, 16 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 18:04, 5 Jul 2014

Hey, I made this because I like both these mods but using both cause skin errors as records overwrite others.

This is needed for requiem if you don't use it you will get this

RS Children Overhaul
Unofficial Skyrim Patch
DragonBorn and Hearthfire DLC if you use DLC version or HF for HF version and DB for DB version

If I ever make any other version they will always be USP Dependant as well as it may only fix a few things in Children in this, overhaul it is a great patch to have.

Download ONLY ONE of the main files they are self explanatory on what one you need
Downloading Manually - download and move the you esp need to Skyrim/data and open NMM or what ever manager you use and tick the esp and move it under Requiem.esp

---More INFO---
More patches for RS Children can be found here
More Requiem Patches can be found here (If you use Dragonborn and Hearthfire get his patches for Requiem for them, I would also suggest looking at Requiem Hard Times it includes USKP fixes and Requiems Magic and other good changes, or just get USKP patch for Requiem in optional files)

Thanks to Xarrian and Ogerboss for Requiem my favorite overhaul to Skyrim
Thanks to Ranaline for RS Children Overhaul, makes them look to good to be in Skyrim :P
Thanks to Makers of Tes5edit without that tool I doubt I could have done this