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Collection of random Tweaks for Ultimate Skyrim and/or Requiem.

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[Toggleable Night Vision for Aetherium Helmet.]

Simply changes the constant night eye effect into a toggleable Night Vision power. Added on equip, removed on unequip.

Ultimate Skyrim:

- Load ToggleableAetheriumHelmetNightVision - Ultimate Skyrim.esp after Ultimate Skyrim.esp, re-run reqtificator.

Requiem (tested with v3.0.2 and v3.4)

- Load ToggleableAetheriumHelmetNightVision.esp after Requiem.esp, re-run reqtificator.

Known Issues:

- If using iEquip, I've come across an issue where it breaks the DLC2defaultAddSpellOnEquipScript script and this change will not work (also affects Ancano's Gloves in my testing).


- Incompatible with any mod that changes the Aetherium Helmet armor record or its Object Effect record as my mod would overwrite (or be overwritten) by those changes. (Let me know what mod and I can probably make a patch for it.)


[Wet And Cold - Non-Enchantable Cloaks]

The Complete Crafting Reqtified mod changes Cloaks of Skyrim and Winter Is Coming Cloaks cloaks to be non-enchantable. This makes Wet and Cold cloaks in line with that. Simply adds MagicDisallowEnchanting [KYWD:000C27BD] keyword to the cloaks.

Known Issues:

- None.


- Incompatible with any other mod that affects the Cloaks records from Wet & Cold as it would overwrite (or be overwritten) by that.


More tweaks coming soon...