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More Requiem Patches is a collection of some Requiem patches made by various authors.

Currently Patched

The patches provided by hunterrock are made with Requiem 1.8.1 and possibly outdated.
The patches provided by thetrader are ports from the Requiem Patch Central that he doesn't want to support actively.

Hearthfire, Dragonborn, Unofficial PatchesWeapons and Armor Fixes and Clothing and Clutter Fixes by Hunterrock

Beasts of Tamriel by xiu12
Bob's Armory by hunterrock
Bonemold Expanded by hunterrock
Coins of Tamriel by Force70 -  the coine weight slider in Requiems MCM menu will affect only the copper coins now so I would change it to a very low setting, silver coins have a weight of 0.005 and gold 0.01 (requiem default value)
Copper coins worth 1 gold, silver coins worth 25 gold and gold coins worth 100
Dawnguard Arsenal by supergothmailboxstalker
Dwarven Sorcery Armor* and Dwarven Gear Sword* by hunterrock
Elven Weaponry by hunterrock
Expanded Skyrim Weaponry by hunterrock
Fire and Ice Overhaul (no longer available for download) by thetrader
Ghosu Compilation Patch by hunterrock
Height Adjusted Races* by thetrader
Hybrids Vicious Weapon Pack for Skyrim by hunterrock
Immersive Spells and Light by xackoff
Insanity Sorrow Compilation Patch by hunterrock
JaySus Swords* by hunterrock
Lrsamways by hunterrock
Morrowloot 4E by hunterrock
Omegared99 Armor Compilation by hunterrock
Revenge of the Enemies by thetrader and hunterrock
Skyrim Immersive Creatures by thetrader, meltyc and azirok
Staves of Skyrim by hunterrock
The Gilded Ebony Set by hunterrock
Tribunal Robes and Masks by hunterrock
Unique Bows Collection by hunterrock

*replacer esp. Disable/Delete the original esp.


All patches require Requiem. Some also require all DLC, Unofficial Patches and their respective parent mods (linked above), unless stated below. All files that require the unofficial patches patch require the following files:
  • All DLC
  • All unofficial patches
  • Weapon and Armor Fixes Redone with no addons 
  • Clothing and Clutter Fixes
  • The Unofficial Patches and Dragonborn file on this page

Specific Patch Requirements
Insanity Sorrow Compilation Patch Requires the textures and meshes from the mods below but you can deactivate the esps. (Requires All)
Insanity's Ebony Sword Standalone
Insanitys Celtic Katana
Insanitys Chrysamere
Insanitys Dragon Katana
Insanitys Dragonbane + Craftable Optional
Insanitys Dwemer Weapons
Insanitys Empire Longswords
Insanitys Goldbrand
Insanitys Ice Blade of the Monarch
Insanitys Red Eagles Bane
Insanitys Shields
Insanitys Umbra Sword
Insanitys Zatoichi
The Bastard
The Stamford
The Thegn
The unofficial patches and dragonborn file on this page