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Added: 23/01/2014 - 04:41PM
Updated: 21/06/2016 - 11:40PM

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Last updated at 23:40, 21 Jun 2016 Uploaded at 16:41, 23 Jan 2014

6/21/2016 - Still works with Requiem  If using Requiem Minor Arcana, place it after that file as I believe it makes a tweak to the Requiem blessings.  Highly recommended mod.

8/12/2014 - The main file is now hosted on azirok's Requiem - Patch Central page.

The optional file is still only on this page (the one for removing Talos civil war side condition)

Requiem changes to the blessings from the nine divines are very good but the crime gold, murder, and Thieves Guild/Dark Brotherhood membership would prevent you from receiving them. Many times it is difficult not to commit murder and not realize it until late into the game. What I did was remove these conditions from the blessings. Modified two conditions for advanced blessings:

Akatosh: Extra benefit condition was set equal to MQ305 stage 200. But the final quest stage is 300. So I changed the condition to greater than or equal to MQ305 stage 200.
Kynareth: Extra condition was for stage 100 but if you do the sapling instead it is 105. So I changed the condition to be greater than or equal to T03 stage 100.

An Example:
Blessing of Akatosh gives you 50 points to magica regeneration. But if you are Dragonslayer (killed Alduin) you get 100 points to health, magica, and stamina from the blessing.

Load this file AFTER Requiem.esp or any other mod below Requiem.esp that changes shrine blessings if you want these changes.

1/23/2014: Added optional file for Talos blessing where it no longer checks your side in the civil war. Left the conditions for not receiving blessing if you kill Paarthurnax or do the Markarth quest to find the Talos worshiper. Load this after the main patch or just this optional if you do not want the main patch changes.
Load order:
Requiem - Blessings Ignore Crime.esp
Requiem - Talos Ignores CW Side.esp

Credit to Xarrian and ogerboss for Requiem.

Requiem is REQUIRED for this patch.