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Patch for Requiem and Revenge Of the Enemies

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I like the abilities that are distributed to the enemies of ROTE.
But the existing patch for requiem did not suit me.
So I decided to make my own.

Feature of this patch

  • You will not find opponents with Auto Levels (All enemies, including those that ROTE adds, will have a static level).
  • Maximum combined abilities and perks of ROTE with abilities and perks of Requiem.
  • The stats of the enemiesfrom ROTE are adjusted to the stats of the enemies from Requiem. (You will not find a Dwemer mechanism with the amount of HP as a bandit).
  • Integrated changes from popular mods – Minor Arcana and Breaking Bad (For example: Minor Arcana changes forsworn and ROTE changes forsworn. Previously, you would have to choose whose changes you would like to see in the game. But with this patch you must not do it!)

Nota Bene: Although the mods themselves are not required, you still need to use them to see all the changes introduced by these add-ons. In the patch only conflicting records are combined.

About versions
(Choose only one version)

Light – Just a patch for ROTE, nothing superfluous.

Classic – The patch for ROTE with integrated a patch for SIC. (Now some enemies from SIC can use the abilities of ROTE!)



Skyrim immersive Creatures (only for Classic version)
Revenge Of the Enemies
Fozar Dragonborn Patch



Skyrim Immersive Creatures.esp (NOT required for Light Version )
Rebirth Monster.esp

Requiem.esp (Only for 1.9.X)

Requiem - Immersive Creatures.esp (NOT required for Light Version )

Requiem_Minor_Arcana.esp ( at will )
Requiem - Breaking Bad.esp ( at will )

Requiem - RoteExperimental Patch.esp

P.S. Since the patch turned out to be quite voluminous, there is a small probability that I have missed something
somewhere. Therefore I will be grateful to the detailed bug reports and constructive criticism.