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A collection of tweaks I've made to my own game with Requiem. Thought I'd share.

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Tweaks by Paulicus


This is simply a small collection of minor tweaks I made to my own game of Requiem. Some are done for reasons of lore-friendliness or consistency in the game world, others are just to satisfy my own sense of game balance or fill empty niches. I hope you find something you like.

All of my tweaks are available in separate files. Most don't overlap at all, so they are likely fine to merge. If nothing else, they are very simple to combine in TES5Edit by copying some of the overrides. I've combined my most popular tweaks into a single file for easier maintenance, and left a few others separate. I left the latest versions of my 'standalone' files in the "Old Files" section in case anyone wants them.

All tweaks are made with Requiem and USLEEP in mind. Requiem 2.0/3.0 versions available where required.

Note: As of version 1.3 of this mod I'm no longer supporting Requiem 2.X. It seems like most people are playing 1.9 or the newest version anyway, and I need to cut down on the number of files to maintain.


Updated for Requiem 3.0 (versions available for Requiem 1.9)

Changes in New Combined Files

Sneak Attack Resistances Redone

This is probably my most involved tweak. I've gone through a few iterations, and I'm pretty happy with the version I've arrived on. As a player of Pathfinder/D&D, I used to just disable sneak attack immunity, as it didn't make much sense to me for most enemies. This is my attempt at a more nuanced version.

  • Perks in the sneak tree are required to perform sneak attacks on creatures with unusual anatomies. The Anatomical Lore perk will unlock basic sneak attacks on creatures that were previously immune. The Advanced Anatomical Lore perk will allow you to gain the larger sneak attack multiplier on such enemies, but the below restrictions will still apply. Vampires are included in this category.
  • All enemies that were previously immune will take half damage from sneak attacks (undead, constructs, spriggans, wraiths, etc.).
  • Undead and ghosts are only susceptible to sneak attacks with silver or daedric weapons - and still take half damage with these weapons.
  • Elemental daedra (atronachs) are not vulnerable to sneaks attacks at all, having no anatomy or natural weakness to weapons.
  • Undead and other 'sneak immune' creatures take no extra damage while sleeping (made it a bit too easy to clear some draugr dungeons).
  • Daedric bows will be able to perform sneak attacks on undead with any ammunition, but normal damage reductions still apply if not using silver arrows.
  • Enables dual-wield sneak attacks at half normal sneak attack multiplier (for Requiem 1.9, emulates Requiem 2.0 behavior)

More Armor Piercing

Adds a bit more variety in AP options for melee weapons, especially for characters that reject the Daedric Princes.

  • Ebony and Dragonbone melee weapons have 10% armor piercing.
  • Glass melee weapons have 5% armor piercing.
  • (For Requiem 1.9 version) Daedric weapon AP is reduced to 30%, as in Requiem 2.0.

This is not present in the version for Requiem 3.0, as all material-based AP has been removed.

Alchemy Tweaks

I made some quality-of-life changes to a few alchemy effects. Some durations have been increased for convenience. Some magnitudes have been increased to make high-tier pre-made items actually useful beyond early levels. Some ingredients have been tweaked to make rare ingredients truly stand out, and some common ingredients that were too strong were nerfed. To be clear, this is a far cry from other in-depth alchemy overhauls (such as Requiem Alchemy Rebalance). All I've done is tweaked a few things I that didn't like. If you have an overhaul you'd like to use, just load it after my mod and let it overwrite my edits. Speaking of, here's a list of what I've done (Includes ingredients and pre-made potions):

  • Featherweight (Carry weight): durations increased to 600-1800 seconds.
  • Fortify Lockpicking/Pickpocketing/Smithing/Enchanting: most durations increased to 300 seconds. Useful if you're using SkyrimSouls or another mod to unpause menus.
  • Soul Trap: durations set between the massive values in Requiem 1.9 and the much shorter ones in 2.0. Will scale with alchemy perks to reach approximately 300-600 seconds at higher levels (instead of multiple thousands like it would in 1.9). Duration varies with rarity of ingredients.
  • Some rare ingredients buffed slightly to make them stand out. A few common ingredients there were too strong were nerfed.
  • Poisons of Fury and Fear (Pre-Made): increased magnitudes so that the most valuable poisons are still useful beyond the early game. Maximum effect is Level 40 for "Remarkable" poisons. I didn't alter ingredient magnitudes in this case, I may do so in the future after testing.
  • It's not alchemy, but I also similarly increased the magnitudes for a few types of Raise Dead scrolls, so that they can actually raise "powerful dead bodies."

I also included my tweak to the second rank of the Alchemical Lore perk, making the effect scale with alchemy skill. Instead of instantly unlocking the ability to determine all four effects of ingested ingredients, you will instead learn one more effect at skill levels 25, 40, and 65.

In addition, I included my tweak to make Powdered Mammoth Tusk craftable. First, you'll need to piece together the recipe by reading a "note" that some enterprising giant tried to write (can occasionally be found on dead giants or in their chests). The recipe requires some rare ingredients at a smelter, and starts out quite inefficient, but you will improve with the Alchemical Lore (Rank 2) and Catalysis perks, as well as alchemy skill.

Finally, I gave soul gem fragments a purpose by creating some recipes at the smelter that allow you to grind them into dust, which has some use in making potions (mostly useful for Soulreaping effects). Requires the first rank of the Alchemical Lore perk.

New in 1.3: Invisibility effects now provide a 50% to ignore all damage, similar to the miss chance provided in D&D. Invisibility still breaks as normal, so it won't be a strong option, but it might give you an edge at the start of a fight or when running away.

Azura's Star

Inspired by a tweak I once downloaded from the Requiem reddit (unfortunately I copied it into my personal patch and couldn't find the original author to give credit), I added an effect to Azura's Star that boosts the player's enchanting abilities by 20% when you're carrying Azura's artifact. Unlike the original tweak, I didn't apply this ability to the Black Star, which I think gives some extra utility to the "unblackened" Star, and creates in interesting choice for the player. You can take the Black Star and have easy access to black souls for repeated enchanting, or leave Azura's artifact intact and increase your overall enchanting power.

Thunder's Heart

Thunder (the storm atronach guarding the Atronach stone) drops a curious but ultimately useless item: his heart. I decided to give it a use, making his heart into a potent alchemical catalyst that increases the potency of any potions you brew by 15%, as long as you have it in your inventory. I also increased the weight, so there's a cost to simply carrying it around at all times.

Between this tweak, the enchanting bonus from Azura's Star (above), and the tempering bonus that can be acquired from the Ancient Knowledge buff, I think this creates a nice trio of crafting bonuses for players to discover.

Note: I'm thinking about how I could change this now that I know about the reward from the crimson nirnroot quest.

More Head Enchantments

Inspired by Noxcrab's tweak, I made my own with a different set of enchantments. I didn't want to add another slot for the powerful "Resist Magic" enchantment, or another slot for Health Regeneration (for balance reasons with my Regeneration tweak, below). Instead, I added elemental resistances (Fire, Frost, Shock), Poison and Disease resistance as options for head-slot enchantments.

Distinct Weapon Types

Requiem adds a number of 'new' weapon types - Longswords, sabres, clubs, katanas, etc. - however, the difference between weapons is often so small as to be almost unnoticeable. I made small edits to each type of weapon to give them each a distinct feel, as listed below.


  • Longswords now have a reach approaching that of two-handed weapons, but swings even slower and does only does slightly more damage than a regular one-handed sword.
  • Sabres are slightly shorter and less damaging than normal swords, but they also swing slightly faster.
  • Scimitars have a wide section near the end of the blade, and many beginners mistakenly compare them to axes. However, experienced swordsmen can still wield the scimitar with blinding speed (damage and speed of a war ax, though they still benefit from sword perks).
  • Katanas require the advanced smithing perk, so they are faster, lighter, and do slightly more damage than a normal sword.
  • Tantos are similar to daggers, but have slightly better reach and damage.
  • Clubs are lighter than maces, and can thus be swung slightly faster and deal slightly less damage compared to maces.
  • Shortswords (only one I believe) are lighter and have less reach than normal-length swords.

Other Minor Tweaks

  • The player now recovers health when sleeping. I also added effects for magicka recovery (for users of the Atronach stone), and Stamina (in case you're using some kind of mod or item that restricts stamina regeneration, like Build-Defining Artifacts).
  • Stamina drain from jumping is now tied to the amount of heavy armor you wear. Wearing no heavy armor will reduce the penalty to one-half. Wearing one or two pieces of heavy armor will reduce the penalty to 3/4 of the original. Wearing 3+ pieces of heavy armor will give the full penalty for jumping.
  • Stamina drain for wearing heavy armor without training now only applies during combat. I made this tweak because I was once playing a character that used 'disguises' for roleplay purposes, and trying to disguise myself as an imperial soldier was a challenge. The extra stamina drain from sprinting is unaffected, so you'll still have trouble moving quickly in plate.
  • Spellflux potions will disable magicka drain from running or swimming while they're in effect, similar to stamina regeneration potions and exhaustion from running.
  • Scroll magnitudes for some "Raise Dead" scrolls were increased, so that higher-levels scrolls truly can raise "powerful dead bodies."
  • Dwemer automatons have reduced resistance to frost - slightly lower than their resistance to electricity, making both elements a viable option for dealing with them.
  • Couriers are now equipped with minor rings of stamina regeneration. I just thought it made sense for a messenger that runs long distances to be given an item that helps them do so.
  • V1.2 Stamina drain from the Dodge perk no longer triggers when standing still and pressing sprint.
  • V1.2 Wuuthrad now has an enchantment (aside from hurting elves) inspired by its creation story (unlimited charges in V1.3.3).

Requiem 1.9 'Updates'

As you may have noticed in my mentions above, the Requiem 1.9 version of my mod includes a number of edits that incorporate some of the updates added in Requiem 2.0. Originally I made these tweaks for myself when 2.0 was released, since I wasn't planning to migrate from 1.9.4 for some time. Specifically:

  • Stamina drain from running or swimming is disabled when under the effect of Spiritedness potions or enchantments.
  • Dwemer automatons no longer have arbitrary damage reduction that can only be bypassed by daedric weapons, and instead just have very high armor values.
  • Daedric weapon armor piercing reduced to 30%.
  • Dual-wield sneak attacks are now allowed, but at half damage (this reduction stacks with the reductions under "Sneak Attack Resistances Redone").
  • Equipped armor weighs less.
  • Incorporates changes to daedra hearts (less magnitude, longer durations).
  • Player-made stoneskin potions are stronger (removes stoneskin effects from a list of effects that are specifically weakened when crafted by the player).
  • Enchanting: weapons can be recharged with just the first enchanting perk, or by races with enchanting affinity. Members of those races can no longer enchant items without perk investment.
  • Changes to weapon damage and blocking efficiency when stamina is low.

Compatibility/Load Order
Load your chose main file after Requiem, and anything else that edits similar records unless you want my changes overwritten. Some specifics:
  • Load my tweaks after Enchanting Awakened and my own 'fixes' mod.
  • Load after Minor Arcana (most of my records include changes from MA).
  • Load before Classic Alchemy Overhaul, most of my alchemy changes are similar to those already present in R-CAO.
  • However, if using CAO with my Health Regeneration Tweak (below), be sure to load that tweak after R-CAO.
Example Load order:

Enchanting Awakened
Enchanting Awakened Requiem patch
Enchanting Awakened Fixes
Paulicus Requiem Tweaks
Requiem - Classic Alchemy Overhaul

Most other files can be loaded anywhere after Requiem, though it's best to load them as late as possible.


Optional Files

These are a few options tweaks that are a bit more far-reaching than the others, so I didn't want to include them in the All-in-One. They can be used with the main file or independently.

Spell Pack

I've added a few new spells that allow the player to enchant their weapons. I wanted to give destruction a bit more synergy with spellsword builds, and fill this niche without needing to install a large spell pack. I've also added one or two Magic Weapon spells to other magic schools. (Fire/Frost/Shock spells moved from skill 50 to 25 in v1.3)

  • Magic Weapon: Fire (Apprentice Destruction, Skill level 25)
  • Magic Weapon: Frost (Apprentice Destruction, Skill level 25)
  • Magic Weapon: Lightning (Apprentice Destruction, Skill level 25)
  • Magic Weapon: Arcane (Expert Destruction, Skill level 75)

New in v1.3:
  • Magic Weapon: Venom (Apprentice Destruction, Skill level 25)
  • Magic Weapon: Silver (Apprentice Alteration, Skill level 25)*
  • Magic Weapon: Keen (Adept Alteration, Skill level 50)
  • Magic Weapon: Holy (Apprentice Restoration, Skill level 25)
  • Magic Weapon: Curse (Adept Conjuration, Skill level 50)

All spells can be purchased from the usual spell tome vendors. For more detail, click the spoiler:

Elemental Weapon spells 
  • Description: Imbues the caster's weapons with flames/frost/lightning for 60 seconds, dealing 10 fire damage to enemies struck. Only one magic weapon spell may be active at any time.
  • Magicka cost is 200, halved with Apprentice Destruction perk.
  • Each spell starts out dealing ~10 damage per hit. Because of the way these spells are implemented (see below) it is impossible to make them scale with user skill in the way Requiem does so with other spells. However, in version 1.3 I have set up spell effect conditions to simulate scaling based on player skill/perks, though it won't scale with any other effects that increase spell magnitudes. Instead, they improve as you take perks specializing in a particular element (example "Pyromancy" and subsequent perks will increase the damage dealt). Maximum damage is ~35 per hit with 100-level perks.
  • Duration scales with skill as normal.
  • Additionally, each elemental weapon spell can benefit from the destruction perks that add special effects to the appropriate spells (Cremation, Deep Freeze, and Electrostatic Discharge), though most are set to only activate a certain percentage of the time for balance reasons (in addition to the usual limitations on elemental/magic resistance and creature types).

Arcane Weapon
  • Description: The caster's weapons are imbued with pure arcane force for 60 seconds, dealing 15 points of unresistable damage to enemies when struck. Empowering the spell gives your blows enhanced impact, bypassing 10% of enemy armor. Only one Magic Weapon spell can be active at a time.
  • Magicka cost is 350, halved with Superior Destruction perk
  • Damage does not scale, but empowering will allow all weapon damage to bypass some armor.
  • Requiem 3.1: Spell adjusted to give 40 weapon expertise when empowered instead of AP.

New in 1.3:
Venemous Weapon
  • Description: Imbues the caster's weapons with venom for 60 seconds, dealing 10 poison damage over time to enemies struck. Increases the doses of applied poisons by <1> while active. Only one magic weapon spell may be active at any time.
  • Similar cost/damage to elemental weapon spells, but it deals poison damage over a 10-second duration.
  • Also increases the number of doses of any applied poisons by 1 while active.

Silver Weapon (Alteration 25)
  • Description: Alters the caster's weapons to mimic the effects of silver for 60 seconds. Can be combined with other magic weapon spells.
  • Magicka cost 200
  • Allows your weapons to count as silver for the duration of the spell, including the 50% damage bonus against undead and werewolves.
  • This is the only magic weapon spell that can stack with the others, because the spell itself doesn't technically do anything, I just edited the conditions on the effects that control silver weapons to include this spell too.

Keen Weapon (Alteration 50) - Requiem 3.X only
  • Description: Hones the caster's weapons for <dur> seconds, allowing the wielder a chance to land devestating strikes. Slashing and piercing weapons cause massive bleeding, while blunt weapons can send opponents flying. Only one magic weapon spell may be active at any time.
  • Magicka cost 250
  • Slashing and piercing weapons have a 10% chance to cause living targets to bleed profusely for 20 seconds (5 damage/second for one-handed weapons, 10/sec for two-handed).
  • Bludgeoning weapons have a 10% chance to do 25 extra damage and send the opponent flying.

Holy Weapon (Restoration 25)
  • Description: Imbues the caster's weapons with holy energy for 60 seconds, bypassing the resistances of and dealing 20 damage to undead, daedra, and practitioners of the dark arts. With the Mysticism perk, strikes have a chance to turn undead and banish daedra. Only one magic weapon spell may be active at any time.
  • Magicka cost 200
  • Deals damage to undead, daedra, and targets who have the 'Necromancy' perk (double the damage of the elemental weapon spells at comparable skill levels).
  • Allows you to bypass enemy resistances that require silver weapons (such as undead resistance to non-silver bludgeoning weapons), but you don't get the 50% bonus damage for having a silver weapon.
  • Players with the 'Mysticism' perk have a 50% chance to turn undead up to level 80, and a 20% chance to banish summoned creatures up to level 80.

Cursed Weapon (Conjuration 50)
  • Description: Imbues the caster's weapons with unholy energy for 60 seconds, afflicting targets with a single, random curse for 30 seconds. Only one magic weapon spell may be active at any time.
  • Magicka cost 300
  • 60 second duration scales with skill as normal, but the curses are always 30 seconds.
  • Curse effects will scale with skill level (ranges listed below).
  • Targets can only be affected by one curse at a time, and another cannot be applied until the previous effect has worn off.
  • Targets are afflicted by one of the following four curses, chosen randomly:
  • Withering: Health and stamina drained by 2-10 per second for 30 seconds.
  • Weakness: Target takes 10-50% more damage from all sources for 30 seconds.
  • Fear: Targets of level 20-99 are randomly afflicted by bouts of fear for 30 seconds.
  • Slowness: Speed reduced by 30-70% for 30 seconds.

In addition to these spells, I also restored the Rank 2 Soul Trap spell that was hidden in Requiem. It is a silent, area-of-effect soul trap spell that does not register as hostile (NPCs will not attack you just for casting it on them). It can be learned when selecting the Level 50 conjuration perk or bought from vendors.

Acquiring Spells

All of the spells I added can be purchased from the usual spell tome vendors. Some can be learned upon taking the relevant casting perk. However, because Requiem's scripts are limited to only showing a list of 9 spells on level up, some cannot be learned when choosing their perk. If you want more information, keep reading.

Most of the spell lists I was adding these new spells to were already full, so in some instances I had to 'replace' a spell (meaning that I moved it to the bottom of the list, Requiem will only show the first 9 entries when choosing a spell from a perk).

For Destruction spells, I added the Fire/Frost/Shock spell to the Apprentice spell list, displacing Lightning Jolt. You will have to get it and the Magic Weapon: Venom spell from vendors or chests. For Magic Weapon: Arcane, I replaced Lighting Ray.

For Alteration, the Silver Weapon spell fit into the list without removing anything. The Keen Weapon spell (Requiem 3.1 only) replaced Mage Armor on Target (Rank 1).

The Holy Weapon spell replaced Dispel Soul Gems.

For Conjuration, I replaced Spectral Archer and Summon Ghostly Bear

If you want to change these, either to add a spell to the list, or undo the replacement I've done, this is what you must do: Open TES5Edit and load my Spell Pack mod. Open the Formlist section and you'll see lists for each perk that allows you to learn spells (currently there are three). Pick the relevant list and you will see the spells in the right-hand pane. I've added all of my spells to the lists and haven't removed any that are there by default, but Requiem will only show you the first nine listed. So, if you want to change which ones are shown to you upon selecting the perk, you must simply rearrange the list to exclude the spells you aren't interested in. Right clicking on a spell and selecting "Move up" or "Move down" is probably the easiest way.

One more note about Magic Weapon spells: These spells use the "Apply Combat Hit Spell" perk entry effect. The game engine only allows one perk of this type to take effect at once. I added keywords to the Magic Weapon spells so they will cancel each other if you try to cast more than one, but there are a few other instances where this type of perk is used - usually only applied under specific conditions, such as high-level weapon perks that can paralyze enemies with certain types of power attacks. I have set the perk effect priorities such that my spells should take precedence over most effects, except for those that are conditional or need to take priority. I included the magic effects that govern bow-breaking and killing essential characters from Requiem into my spells, so those effects should work in-tandem without conflict. And obviously if you have other mods that add similar spells they probably won't stack.

* Future Plans
  • Add a few more spells. I have ideas for a few extra utility/buff spells for Alteration (an out-of-combat speed-boosting spell for alternative means of travel, a higher-level "Haste" spell for combat, some kind of 'Combat Transformation' spell that lets mages trade away their spellcasting ability for combat prowess).

V1.3.3: Updated Fire/Frost/Shock spells to use vanilla enchantment effects for better compatibility with mods editing those effects. No upgrade needed unless you have a mod that does so (few do).

Health Regeneration Tweak

I was always disappointed in Regeneration effects in Requiem. Because the player's natural healing rate is severely reduced, they do very little. In my personal patch I used to simply increase the magnitude of all potions/ingredients 5x, but that led to large numbers in descriptions that were hard to interpret as actual healing numbers. Increasing the base healing rate would've caused all sorts of compatibility issues with healing poultices and related mods. There's no good solution that doesn't require patching, but I've at least developed a tweak that is easier to balance across characters by removing the percentage-based aspect of regeneration effects.

With this tweak, the Regeneration alchemy effects have been essentially turned into long-duration healing potions, while enchantments provide a constant rate of healing at all times. In order to balance this, the magnitudes will start off very small - you may see magnitudes of 1 even with powerful ingredients/soul gems at low levels, and fractional amounts (0.4 for example) may be displayed as 0 due to the limitations of Skyrim's engine. But with experience you will see those values grow to more useful, but still balanced amounts.

This change does require editing alchemy ingredient magnitudes (the default magnitudes are way too high), and will require patches for any mods that add new alchemy ingredients with Regeneration effects to avoided insanely-overpowered potions. I've included optional patches for Spell Research and Hunterborn (I can confirm that Scrimshaw Expanded does not require a patch). If you know of another mod that you'd like a patch for, let me know and I may create one. If you'd like to know how to balance ingredients for your own patch, or want more detailed information on the mod, check the spoiler below.

This tweak should be loaded after anything the edits alchemy ingredients, potions, object enchantments, or the relevant magic effect (MGEF) records - pretty close to the bottom of your load order. When in doubt, check with TES5Edit. This includes Requiem - Classic Alchemy Overhaul (I've incorporated the few conflicts with R-CAO into this tweak for compatibility).

HP Regen Patches:

Patch Included:
  • Hunterborn
  • Spell Research

Patch not required:
  • Scrimshaw Expanded
  • Falskaar?


First off, Enchanting. Luckily, enchanting is pretty easy to balance and shouldn't require any patches, unless a mod creates entirely new enchantments with Regeneration effects, which isn't usually done. As far as magnitudes go, enchanting seems to automatically round to the nearest number (unlike alchemy), so at the beginning you'll likely only be able to create items that heal 1/s, even with larger soul gems. But with high skill, perks, and quality souls, you'll be able to make items that heal ~8/s, maybe a bit more with gear or other outside buffs (such as Azura's star). You can stack enchantments in a few different slots as well, but you'll be giving up access to some other very useful enchantments to do so.

Next, Alchemy. Pre-made potions are simple to balance, as you can simply set the magnitudes to the appropriate values. Ingredients are a little less straightforward, and need to be set in the 0.1 - 0.7 range. In addition, I've balanced the alchemy side of this tweak with two "maximum" effect magnitudes. There is a maximum effect that can be achieved with long-term potions (about 7.5 HP/s), and there are a few rare ingredients that have even higher magnitudes (up to 11 HP/s), but with significantly shorter durations (still much longer than typical healing potions though). They might carry you through a battle or two, but they won't last all day like the lower-strength potions.

I've typed out some lists of magnitudes/durations to show how I've balanced alchemy potions & ingredients. Use this to inform any patching you do yourself. I recommend sticking to the listed options if you're unsure of how to balance something.

Pre-Made Potions of Regeneration:
  • Deficient - 1 HP/s - 600 seconds duration
  • Faint - 2 HP/s - 600 seconds
  • Fair - 3 HP/s - 900 seconds
  • Good - 4 HP/s - 1200 seconds
  • Remarkable - 8 HP/s - 300 seconds

Alchemy ingredient magnitudes & durations:
  • 0.1 magnitude - 600 seconds duration
  • 0.2 magnitude - 600 seconds duration
  • 0.3 magnitude - 900 seconds duration
  • 0.4 magnitude - 1200 seconds duration (this is probably the highest value that should be given to any common or uncommon ingredient, and any higher magnitudes should be given significantly shorter durations than this)
  • 0.6 magnitude - 300 seconds duration
  • 0.7 magnitude - 300 seconds duration (only for the most rare and valuable ingredients. I don't recommend magnitudes higher than 0.7 for ingredients)

If you'd like help, with any of this, feel free to ask in the comments.

One last extra-spoilery thing that you may not want to see, so stop reading this paragraph if you don't want to know. Okay? Good. Because Skyrim alchemy prioritizes duration over magnitude when deciding which effects will end up in the final potion, trying to mix a high-magnitude/low-duration ingredient with a low-magnitude/high-duration ingredient will result in a potion with low magnitude and long duration. In order to avoid forcing you to acquire two different high-quality ingredients for making the strongest regeneration potions (there are only a few and they're not common) or potentially wasting strong ingredients without knowing, I added a single mid-grade ingredient with a 300s duration like the high-tier ones. You won't notice it during normal potion-mixing because it will always be overwritten by the longer duration of the other ingredient(s), and there's only one so you won't ever end up with a low-magnitude low-duration potion. BUT, if you mix this ingredient with one of the high-tier ingredients, you'll be able to make one of the high-tier potions with only a single high-tier ingredient. Spoiler ahead, if you want to know what that ingredient is, keep reading. Okay? It's troll fat. Now you know, and if you mix it with the high-quality regeneration ingredients (the ones with 300s duration) you'll get an extra-strong regeneration potions that'll last you five minutes instead of up to 20. Won't last as long, but it'll help out in a pinch. Nifty, huh?

v1.2.2: Adjusted prices of vendor regeneration potions to more closely match crafted potions.

Atronach Stone Redone

There are two version for this tweak, both included in the zip file - PICK ONE! They'll overwrite each other anyway.

When I think of a Atronach character in a fight, I picture something like this: A warrior, while in the midst of battle, spots an enemy wizard off to one side. Flames are rolling down his arms into a nearly-finished spell held in his hands. A raging ball of fire flies from his fingertips towards the hero, leaving a faint trail of smoke as it passes. The hero turns his attention to the oncoming flames, taking one hand from his sword and holding it outstretched, almost as if to catch the spell before it lands. The rest is quick and subtle, but complex. The Atronach-user concentrates and pulls magicka away from the air in front of him, trying to deaden the spell as it approaches. Right before impact, he releases a stream of his own stored magicka, attempting to entwine it with the energy of the mage's fireball. If he's quick and perceptive enough (and a little bit lucky), he manages to 'catch' the spell before it detonates, capturing the magicka and drawing it into himself harmlessly... That's what I'm trying to emulate with this mod.

This tweak replaces the Atronach stone passive spell absorption effect with a lesser power (Ward of the Atronach) that gives you 100% spell absorption, but with only a 1 second duration. You will still be governed by the 3 second global cooldown on lesser powers, so you can't just spam this new ability, you have to time it right! This change makes the Atronach stone a much more active ability. It's not easy, but with practice you can reliably absorb most spells directed at you. I recommend spawning a mage and using the 'tgm' console command to get a bit of practice before relying on it, but that's up to you!

I've moved the original version to old files. Info kept here for those who may be interested.

  • Original (Depreciated, moved to Old Files):

This is an optional, first-attempt tweak to try and make the spell absorption aspect of the Atronach stone more interesting, active, and engaging. My goal is to make it feel like less of a coin-flip, and more something that you can control - to a degree - with awareness and tactics.

With this tweak, the other aspects of the Atronach stone are unchanged, but you can control the absorption chance through your actions. By default, the absorption chance sits at a meager 25%. This represent your passive/reactive protection if you're caught off-guard. You can raise this chance a number of ways. If you are aware of the spell, you can prepare to absorb it by either blocking, or leaving at least one hand empty of spells or weapons. You can protect yourself further by not moving and focusing on catching the incoming spell. Finally, if you truly focus (by standing still, and leaving both hands empty) you can absorb almost any spell coming your way, though you will leave yourself wide open to other forms of attack.

For a bit more clarity, here's a chart:

Absorb Chance - Conditions
25% - Not blocking, hands full.
50% - Blocking, or at least one hand empty. Moving (walking/running/sprinting).
75% - Blocking, or at least one hand empty. Standing still.
95% - Standing still, both hands empty.

I haven't had a chance to test this extensively, and I welcome feedback! I may end up changing this over time based on my own experience and that of others. But I think this could make for a much more interesting playstyle, especially in situations where mages and melee enemies are both present.

Tempering Tweaks

As many have noted over the years, the way that "tempering" works in Skyrim is rather strange (how do you add material to the blade while sharpening?). I created this tweak to make weapon tempering a bit more similar to our world.

Instead of using ingots of a weapon's crafting material, melee weapons are now sharpened and maintained with "Weapon Oil." The oil can be purchased from blacksmiths, or crafted by beginning smiths at either the forge or smelter by crushing a diamond and adding a binding agent (either Dwarven Oil or Troll Fat). Bows and crossbows are maintained with Beeswax, created from honeycomb at a cooking pot, or purchased from fletchers or smiths.

I've left recipes for tempering armor unchanged. In those cases, it makes sense to me that using some metal/leather to patch worn armor would work for improving it.

Includes options patches for the following mods (safe to merge)
  • Immersive Weapons 1.5
  • aMidianborn Skyforge Weapons 1.9
  • More Silver Weapons & Skyforge Silver Weapons
  • Fozar's Dragonborn Patch for 1.9.4 (likely works with 2.0 as well, not tested)
  • Requiem - Missing Katanas from Weapons of the Third Era
  • Spellsword (1.2 and 2.0)

Works with Requiem 1.9 up to 3.1 (and possibly later versions).

I put this together in an evening and haven't tested it thoroughly, so let me know what you think and how it could be improved!

Thanks to Mator for his TES5Edit Automation Tool scripts. I probably wouldn't have done this without them!

Unique Materials

My newest tweak, this file uses perk and spell effects to apply small bonuses to players and NPCs when they're using certain types of weapons and armor. I did this by editing one of the Reqtificator-distributed perks, so it affects both the player and NPCs and is compatible with pretty much everything. I used keyword-based conditions so it will also work with mod-added weapons/armor as long as they have the appropriate material keywords (most authors add these keywords).

I tried to keep the effects minimal and grounded in reality, to avoid unbalancing the game or breaking immersion (for example, elven and glass weapons provide a minor boost to swing speed when equipped). I only added effects where it seemed appropriate, so not all types of weapons/armors are affected, just those that I could find a logical addition for, mostly focused on the items that aren't already top-tier. Hopefully this will provide a bit of distinction between material types and give you a reason to use weapons or armor other than those with just the best raw numbers.

Unique Materials:

  • Elven weapons are light and easy to use (+5% speed)
  • Glass weapons are even lighter (+10% speed)
  • Dwarven metal is known for its weight and ability to absorb impacts (+10% blocking efficiency)
  • Orcish weapons have sharp, jagged edges (even their warhammers are spiked!), causing opponents to bleed when hit with power attacks (if not blocked).
  • Stalhrim - a blade of living ice. Deals ~12 frost damage to targets struck (if not blocked)
  • Daedric weapons have an unnaturally sharp edge, but in Requiem 3.0 their innate armor-piercing ability was removed. I wanted to add an effect that would make deadric weapons powerful and unique, without conflicting with the Expertise system in 3.X and the AP of earlier Requiem versions. To that end, daedric weapons have two attributes: the daedric soul trapped inside absorb some of the soul of slain enemies to recharge the weapon's enchantment, and the wicked barbs on daedric weapons increase power attack damage by 25%.

  • Elven armor is made with moonstone, capable of channeling magicka and thus decreasing spell costs by 1/2/3/4/5% based on the number of pieces worn.
  • Glass armor, similar to Elven, decreases spell costs by 2/3/4/6/8% based on the number of pieces worn.
  • Dwarven armor is able to absorb impacts, decreasing incoming stagger by 10/20/30/40/50%.
  • Orcish armor is made with strategically-placed angles and plates, giving a 10/14/18/22/25% chance of reducing incoming power attack damage by half.
  • Fur and Hide armors insulate well, reducing incoming frost damage by 4/8/12/16/20%.
  • Steel armor is particularly conductive, reducing incoming shock damage by 4/8/12/16/20% (includes steel plate, Imperial heavy, and nordic carved armor).
  • Stalhrim armor is made of living ice, reducing incoming fire damage by 4/8/12/16/20%.

V1.1: Fixed conditions on daedric weapon absorption effect.

Skooma Addiction

Adds a few debuffs and visual effects to skooma usage to simulate withdrawal. I haven't changed any of skooma's base effects aside from the instant-death overdose effect, which I replaced with a longer-duration health drain similar to other mods that I've seen. The real magic comes from the new effects that I added.

Skooma is highly addictive. Even a single dose is highly likely to lead to dependence (though it's not quite 100%). Within 12-24 hours after ingesting you may begin to feel the effects. Taking another dose will stave off the withdrawal, but if you resist, things will get worse. The first stage of withdrawal lasts for ~9-10 in-game days, and comes with noticeable debuffs that are somewhat opposite of the boons granted by skooma (your stamina and damage output will suffer, along with your magical abilities). You'll also have some blurred vision, but nothing too extreme.

If you continue to resist the urge for skooma, you reach the second stage of withdrawal. This stage comes with much higher penalties and significantly blurred vision and almost a complete loss of color vision. It's designed to be a debilitating debuff and an annoying visual effect to really push you back towards the drug. However, if you can tough it out for another 5 days or so, you'll finally be in the clear. Just don't fall off the wagon again...

I wanted to restrict your ability to wait through the withdrawal effects, but I couldn't find a way to do so that wouldn't take effect before the withdrawal kicked in. I'm sure it would be possible with scripts, but I'm not familiar with papyrus so I haven't included any scripts in this tweak. Ultimately, it's a roleplaying tool so it's up to you not to abuse it. At least the time left on each withdrawal stage won't be shown in your effects menu. Alternatively, you can use a needs mod to discourage waiting without cost.

Addiction can be removed with blessings and vitality potions (1.9.4), though the newer cure poison/disease potions from Requiem 3.X will not work. Unfortunately I'm not sure how to block the former ones from removing it as well.

Compatibility: I only edited a few records (skooma itself, one of the skooma-specific magic effects, and one of the Reqtificator-distributed perks to apply withdrawal effects in the background), so it should be compatible with almost everything. Compatible with all versions of Requiem as far back as 1.9.4, and probably earlier.

V1.1: Added conditions to the 'Cure Disease' effect of blessings. The Divines will no longer dispel any effects if you are addicted to skooma. I didn't edit any other parts of the blessings in order to maintain compatibility.

Slow Time Shout Rebalance

Rebalances the Slow Time shout so that it hopefully isn't quite so overpowered. The slow time effect is greatly increased for all three words of the shout (99% slowdown), enough that I thought it was worth renaming the shout to Stop Time. However, the duration is also massively reduced (2/5/10 seconds). Because the shorter effects of the first two words give the shout less impact, I set the cooldowns to start short like older Requiem versions, but quickly increase with more words (cooldowns of 30/90/180 seconds, not including Requiem's 1.5x default shout cooldown multiplier). The player also moves at full speed while under the shout's effects. Other abilities, such as such as the Combat Reflexes perk, are unaffected.

The increased magnitude increases the utility of the shout, while the new duration prevents Slow Time from being a universally-good "I win" button, especially later in the game. The first two words of the shout give you enough time for a few free weapon strikes/spells, or to get out of a dangerous situation. It's only with all 3 words that the shout lasts long enough to recapture it's original feeling of strength, and with such a long cooldown you'll need to make it count.

I've kept the descriptions of my old, individual tweaks (found under "Old Files), in case anyone needs them:

Exhaustion Tweaks

Inspired by the announced changes coming in Requiem 2.0, I added a few conditions to the Exhaustion effects from running and swimming. Now, being under the effect of Spiritedness Potions or Fortify Stamina Regen enchantments will prevent stamina drain due to running or swimming.

I also took the idea step further and added a few ideas of my own:
  • Spellflux potions will allow mages to keep their concentration when running, similar to Rank 1 Fortify Magicka enchantments.
  • Regeneration potions will give temporary immunity to many drain effects, similar to Rank 2 Fortify Health enchantments. I felt this gave an interesting function to potions that are otherwise lackluster in Requiem.

Should work with user-created potions and enchanted items as well.

More Armor Piercing

I once played a Vigilant of Stendarr character that used one-handed weapons - purposefully avoiding daedric items of all kinds. The Marked for Death shout also felt somewhat out of character, which meant I had to make maces a primary weapon to deal with armor in any reasonable capacity. Using swords or axes against armored foes would have been even more difficult. I made this tweak to provide a little more option for late-game armor piercing weapons for those who avoid daedric weapons, for whatever reasons.

  • Ebony and Dragonbone weapons have an innate 15% armor piercing.

A second file is available for users of Requiem PLUS - choose only one.

IMPORTANT: If you want to use this with the Sneak Attack Resistances tweak (below), USE THE COMBINED FILE, they conflict!

Sneak Attack Resistances Redone

As a user of Requiem Plus and player of Pathfinder RPG, I usually disabled the sneak attack immunity in Requiem. This is my attempt at a slightly more nuanced version.

  • Undead and ghosts are now only susceptible to sneak attacks with silver weapons. (Only take 50% damage in V1.1)
  • Elemental daedra (atronachs) are not vulnerable to sneaks attacks, having no anatomy or natural weakness to weapons.
  • Other creatures with sneak attack 'immunity' will instead reduce your sneak attack multiplier by half (this includes constructs, spriggans, wraiths, and a few others).
  • Updated V1.1: In addition to the undead tweak (above), undead and other 'sneak immune' creatures no longer take extra damage while sleeping (made it a bit too easy to clear some draugr dungeons).
  • V1.2: Fixed issue with undead not taking sneak attack damage with silver arrows.
  • V1.3: Enables dual-wield sneak attacks at half normal sneak attack multiplier.
  • V1.4: Sneak perks are now required to gain knowledge of unusual anatomies. You must take the Anatomical Lore perk to enable sneak attacks on any creatures that were previously 'sneak immune' (elemental daedra are still an exception and are not susceptible to sneak attacks). Undead require silver or daedric weapons. Daedric bows will be able to perform sneak attacks on undead with any ammunition, but normal damage reductions still apply if not using silver arrows. The Advanced Anatomical Lore perk is required to get the larger sneak attack bonuses on any unusual creatures or undead, including vampires, and they still only take half damage. Atronachs are still immune.

IMPORTANT: If you want to use this with the More Armor Piercing tweak (above), USE THE COMBINED FILE, they conflict!

Dwemer Resistances

I made a few simple tweaks to the resistances of some dwarven constructs - both for lore and gameplay reasons.

  • Constructs are no longer highly resistance to frost magic (as stated in the lore). Frost resistance reduced to 10% from ~80%. This gives frost magic a usable niche, and actually makes it a slightly better choice than lightning (25% resistance by default - unchanged by me).
  • V2.0: Updated to be more similar to 2.0 behavior. Material-based resistances removed, replaced with higher armor values (600-1200 armor depending on type) and reduced arrow resistance. Lightning resistance reduced to 10% to match new frost resistance.

  • Daedric weapons - in Requiem, Centurions are highly resistant to any weapon that isn't daedric, taking ~10% damage from melee weapons (and even less from bows). Daedric weapons do about 75% of their normal damage. My reasoning was similar to the above armor-piercing tweak, so I altered the relevant perk to allow Dragonbone melee weapons to do ~40% of their normal damage to Centurions. (I haven't tested this tweak extensively, so any feedback is welcome!)
  •  - Turija/Acerac did it better! Go check it out. You can still use mine if you want the altered elemental resistances, Turija's mod will overwrite mine, regardless of load order due to they way it works (I edited a perk, they replaced the perk on the actors themselves).

Explosive Weapon Fixes

I like the explosive weapon enchantments added by Requiem - but they're difficult to use in melee for multiple reasons. This is my ongoing attempt to address some of those issues, and make explosive elemental enchantments a bit more user-friendly.

Currently, I've tweaked them so that they explosions no longer throw items wildly around the room (it's magic, after all! ;) ). This should also affect the elemental rune spells, as they use the same explosion effects.

An second version is available for users of Audio Overhaul for Skyrim - choose only one version.

I'm trying to figure out a way to make the explosions proc only on power attacks, or maybe tone down the visual effects so they're a bit less blinding. I've yet to crack that nut, though. (If you have any tips, please share!)

Light Bow Buff

Light bows in Requiem are rarely used, likely because they have significantly lower damage compared to heavy bows, with only minor bonuses in draw speed and stamina drain. This boosts the damage of light bows so that they are competitive. Their damage should be more commensurate with the minor advantages they have elsewhere.

Note 5/5/18: I've stopped using this after looking closer at the total damage with arrows included. I'm keeping it here in case anyone still wants it.

Battlestaff Buff

Similar to the Light Bow Buff, this increases the damage of battlestaves so that they can compete with other weapons, hopefully without being overpowered. I set them to do less damage than greatswords (by about the same difference between greatswords and battleaxes), with will hopefully balance with their speed and armor piercing (they count as warhammers for perks).

I changed the impact sound sets to something more fitting, and lowered the weight of daedric staves (there's no reason for them to be double the weight of ebony staves).

Alchemical Lore Perk Scaling

I never quite liked the second rank of the Alchemical Lore perk, I felt it was too abrupt a change to suddenly discern all 4 ingredient effects with a single perk. Now, the number of effects you learn will scale with your alchemy skill - 2/3/4 effects learned at skill 25/50/75 - changed to 25/40/70 in 1.1.

Enchantment Mastery Perk Tweak

Enchantment Mastery always felt like a disappointing capstone for reaching level 100 in enchanting, reducing enchantment magnitude to 55%, even with double effects. This tweak has two versions that give it a little boost: 80% or 100% enchantment effectiveness, with two effects still available.

Craftable Powdered Mammoth Tusk

Powdered Mammoth Tusk is a potent alchemy ingredient, but it's difficult to come by! It didn't make sense to me that a skilled alchemist couldn't produce powder from a tusk, so I added a few recipes. I didn't want it to be too easy, so it requires some rare ingredients at the smelter.

You'll need the second rank of Alchemical Lore to make the powder at all, and it gets more efficient with alchemy skill and the Catalysis perk.

NEW in 1.2: Added a note that you'll occasionally find on dead giants or in their loot chests. You'll need to read this note before you can access any of these recipes.

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