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A patch to make Dance of Death compatible with Requiem's perks

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The MCM menu in Dance of Death mod version 4.0 has opposite settings for a number of the toggles.

Toggles Working Incorrectly:
Static Killmoves
Dynamic Killmoves
Rotating Killmoves
Advancing Killmoves

This can be tested by opening console and entering "help DOD 3" which will list all of dance of death's global variables.

Thanks to UnmeiX for pointing this out.

I have posted a fixed version of the MCM menu script in files section. The fix can be used even if you are not using Requiem.

I wrote this to be able to use the perks of "Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul" (by Xarrian and Ogerboss) with "The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod" (by DaedalusAI).

Turn on perk restriction in MCM menu general tab of Dance of Death.

Load order:
Just use LOOT for load order and everything will be peachy.

Version 2.1:

3 versions of mod now. Added vanilla, dawnguard and ultimate versions.

"DOD Requiem patch.esp" requires "The Dance of Death.esp"
"DOD Requiem patch dawnguard.esp" requires "The Dance of Death - Dawnguard Edition.esp"
"DOD Requiem patch Ultimate.esp" requires "The Dance of Death - Ultimate Edition.esp"

Version 2.0 info:

Rewrote 90% of the mod.

A couple of small corrections, 1 kill move had old animation.

Added functionality from DOD to bypass perk restrictions.
This is selected in Dance of Death MCM menu, just turn off perk restrictions.
Even some perk restrictions that DOD does not normally bypass are bypassed.
I did this mostly for testing, but it is fun to chop some heads off every once in a while :)
This also turns off the armor restrictions to unarmed fighting. Requiem does not allow
you to body slam someone if they have over 270 damage resist.
Turn perk restrictions back on and all functionality of Requiem is restored.

I highly recommend Requiem
and Dance of Death