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A fix for some of the issues using Enchanting Awakened with Requiem.

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Load Order - IMPORTANT!
Because I don't have permission to edit any of the Enchanting Awakened files directly, my file should be loaded after EA and it's Requiem patch -- you can think of this file as a sort of 'patch for the patch.' Proper load order is:

Req_EnchantingAwakened_Fixes.esp   <-- my file
Requiem for the Indifferent.esp


I love playing Skyrim with Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul, and I enjoy using Enchanting Awakened (EA) alongside it. However, I very much dislike the system that requires perks to use enchanted items that only applies to the player. I initially made this patch to remove that feature. Additionally, when I started looking around the built-in Requiem patch, I found a number of errors that needed fixing. This patch is the result.

  • Removes the need to have certain perks to utilize enchanted items. Now, you should be able to use any enchanted item you find. However, you'll still need the relevant EA perks to disenchant or create items with a given enchantment. Additionally, some artifacts & unique items will function better with the relevant perks.
  • Fixed the staff crafting recipes and enchantment-discovery perks so that they point to relevant perks, instead of random ones along a single EA path. Updated perk descriptions.
  • Restored the Requiem balance of some enchantments. Rebalanced the Haste enchantment added by Enchanting Awakened.
  • Some items had incorrect magic effects applied compared to the base effect that would be learned when the item was disenchanted -- mostly related to Requiem's Rank II Fortify effects. I fixed them to make the enchantments and descriptions match.
  • I removed the penalties associated with the penultimate perks on each path (Aether Strider, Chaos Master, and Corpus Guardian). It didn't make much sense to me to take a perk that would make 2/3 of your enchantments weaker. Perk descriptions updated.
  • I also edited a few leveled lists to distribute some of the Haste-enchanted boots to armor vendors. It looks like EA is supposed to do that via scripts, but I never encountered them in my game, so I added them just in case. Compatible with Requiem and USLEEP.
  • Rebalanced the first 'tier' of perks (Aether Seeker, Chaos Disciple, Corpus Scholar) to better fit Requiem's scheme of 'impactful' perks. The perk chains will now grant their full effect on the first perk (15% enchantment strength and 75% more weapon charges for the relevant effects). Second rank will grants 10% resistance to magic and enchanted weapons. However, perks beyond the first rank will only be available to enchanters that have already committed at least one more perk point along their chosen path - thus, you can only gain one magic resistance perk. Taking the second rank of Chaos Disciple or Corpus Scholar after taking Essence Gambit will commit you to that path if you haven't gone any farther yet. Third rank unlocks a pair of thematic enchantments I made (one weapon, one armor). Check the forge for recipes - bring some iron and soul gems. (Unfortunately, I was unable to get the armor enchantments to scale properly. Instead, their effects increase with your enchanting skill. Check your active effects for the exact magnitude. Weapon enchantments work fine.)

1.2 Update: Requiem 3.0 compatability, replaced Corpus-exclusive weapon enchantment. See changelog for details.

Even though you no longer need perks to utilize enchanted items, you'll still need them to disenchant items, or create items with a given enchantment (see the Enchanting Awakened page for a list of which perks correspond to which enchantments). I've noticed a few bugs, though. Sometimes, the scripts responsible for removing items from your 'disenchant' list won't run on time, and you'll still be able to disenchant an item that you shouldn't be able to (this is native to EA and not caused by my patch). Usually this seems to be solved by waiting a bit before entering the crafting menu. There could be slightly strange behaviors if you install the mod midway through the game, but nothing game-breaking. Regardless, you won't be able to effectively enchant an item without the relevant perk. Which leads me to my next note...

Enchanting Awakened has two different ways to prevent you from creating an item without the required perk. From my testing, it seems as though weapon enchantments are barred outright at the enchanting table. However, armor items can still be enchanted, but without the necessary perks the enchantment magnitude will be miniscule (usually 1%), making them all but useless. This is native EA behavior that I haven't changed.

Vanilla Requiem has two perks that unlock advanced staff crafting recipes (some restricted by skill level as well) and add powers to your character that allow you to 'research' new enchantments (Arcane Experimentation and Artificer's Insight). By default, the EA-Requiem patch included with Enchanting Awakened doesn't edit the recipes or powers, so they end up being attached to random perks only accessible from a certain path. Now, you'll need Soul Shaper Rank 3 to unlock the first tier of magical staves and enchantments, and the penultimate perk in your chosen path (Aether Strider, Chaos Master, or Corpus Guardian) to unlock the strongest of them.

Future Plans
Aside from fixing any missed records, I'd like to look at the buffs gained from the Essence Modulation and Essence Nemisis perks. Unfortunately, I haven't had characters at the right level to test those ability extensively. So, if anyone can help point out effects that are in need of rebalancing, I'd be grateful!

I may also look at the final perks in each path. I'm considering rebalancing them to fit Requiem a bit better.

I'm testing the scaling of certain enchantments present in Enchanting Awakened, and I'm interested in rebalancing some of them to better match Requiem's default balance.


Hope you like it! Thanks for checking out my mod, and let me know if I missed anything. :)

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