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Makes the two types of trap triggers made invisible by Requiem visible again.

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I love how deadly traps are in Requiem. It makes you consider your moves carefully and not just barrel full speed ahead through dungeons.

However, the completely invisible pressure plates are, imo, just stupid. A better solution, in my opinion, is to leave them in the world but use a texture replacer that makes the trap triggers less noticeable - like Ruins Clutter Improved.
(This is the texture mod used in my screenshot)

Related Info:

Up until Requiem 1.8 or so, Requiem actually came with an optional file which restored the trap pressure plates to their vanilla state. For some reason, this was discontinued around Requiem 1.9. If you still have an older version of Requiem on your hard disk somewhere, you can just extract the "Requiem - Vanilla Pressure Plates.esp" from that archive and use it even with newer versions of the mod.

However, not everyone is going to have an older version of the mod just lying around, and may not feel inclined to download a several hundred-MB mod just to extract an optional file that is only a few KB. Hence I made this mod.