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Patches for Sacrosanct, Winterstun, Better Dead Thralls & more to work with Requiem!

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Originally based on BG's patch, they have given me permission to manage & upload the patch. The patch re-balances some aspects of Requiem & Sacrosanct so they meld together nicely.


RENAME or DELETE Requiem's playervampirequest.pex, found in data/scripts. Load Sacrosanct and this patch AFTER Requiem. If you use Mod Organizer, also overwrite Requiem with Sacrosanct & the Patch. If you use Nexus Mod Manager, be sure to install Sacrosanct & the patch after you install requiem, say yes to any overwrites. Optionally you can rename/delete VampireSunISMDEffectScript.pex to turn off the blinding screen effect.




Patch renamed to Requiem - Sacrosanct Patch.
No longer incompatible with mods that edit the Destruction & Silver Damage perks.
Lowered the damage and increased the cost of Vampiric Drain. Vampire NPCs now deal the same damage with this spell as you do.
Hemomancy no longer has a dramatic increase in cost unless you have respective perks. Instead many of the spells have increased magicka cost as well as power.
Nightwalk: Lowered duration from 20 to 10 seconds, to prevent it from lingering too long since you can no longer manually turn it off due to the 24 hour cooldown.
Fixed Blood from a Stone not working.
Decreased effect of Starving Artist from 25% to 10%.
Lowered bonus Health and Stamina from 150 to 50.


Fixed Vampires Command not being granted to the player.

Edited load screen and player message text for immersion.
Disables Requiem's Blood Conserving Vial recipe.
Disables Requiem's traits of being a Vampire, which allows enemies to drop an instantly consumable blood item, and various resistances to physical damage.
Removed Blood Conserving Phials from leveled lists, only Elixirs of Blood drop now.
Disabled Dawnguard from immediately being hostile to you so you can progress the Dawnguard Quest to Harkon's Court... or hide yourself from the Dawnguard as you help them. (Seriously though why can't we just walk up to Harkon's Court Bethesda?)
Reduced bonus Health & Stamina from Vampirism from 300 -> 150.
Vampires have 50% resistance to Frost, -75% to -150% Weakness to Fire (Stages 1-4), 100% resistance to Poison.
Sun Damage no longer instantly kills you, but instead greatly weakens your Magicka & Stamina, as well as more difficulty in healing.
You are unable to heal as a vampire with potions unless a Surpassing Potion is used.


Blood Potions created with the 'Court's Shef' perk now require 1-2 Frost Salts to create. This is done due to Teleport Vitals allowing you to swim in gallons of blood due to the massive amount of hearts you can acquire.
Various abilities no longer work on Undead or specific enemies. Blood From a Stone still enables you to damage Daedra & Dwemer Machines.
Disabled Imperial's racial ability to gain different bonuses from Shrines, instead replaced with a Speechcraft bonus due to bugs.
Halved the effectiveness of Starving Artist to compensate for Requiem's high spell scaling.
NPC Unarmed damage set to 25 damage.
Night Stalker's Footsteps no longer works while under the effects of the sun.
Increases the effect of Trespasser's Curse from 10->25.


Hemomancy spells are nearly impossible to cast until you have appropriate cost reduction perks from the Destruction tree. This was done because it is easy to get a large pool of magicka in Requiem, resulting you in being able to cast spells that you wouldn't be able to otherwise.
Vampiric Drain: Costs 20-37 Magicka & Absorbs 18-30 Health from Rank 1-4.
NPC Vampiric Drain: Absorbs 10-15 Heath, or 35 Health Magicka & Stamina for high level vampires.
Dread Cloak: Grants 10% Fire Resist.
Blood Seed: 5 damage per second for 18 seconds. Absorbs 0.75 Health per second for 18 seconds with Starving Artist.
Blood Brand (Damage Overtime): 4 Damage per second for 10 seconds. Absorbs 0.6125 Health per second for 10 seconds with Starving Artist.
Blood Brand (Explosion): 150 damage. Absorbs 12.5 Health with Starving Artist.
Blood Scourge: Absorbs 2.5 Health per second for 15 seconds with Starving Artist.
Profaned Sun: Absorbs 3.125 Health per second with Starving Artist.
Blood Ankh: Deals 185 damage in an area of 20. Absorbs 25 Health with Starving Artist.
Blood Garden: Deals 5 damage per second for 20 seconds (Halved damage but double duration!) Absorbs 0.6125 health per second.
Borrowed Time: 8.75 Damage per second for 20 seconds. Absorbs 0.625 Health per second.
Vampire's Command now has a 24 hour cooldown.

Better Dead Thralls


Load Better Dead Thralls before Requiem, this patch after Requiem.


Applies appropriate magic effects to allow Better Dead Thralls to function on Raise Dead V.
Raise Dead V now lasts indefinitely.
The Mysterious Merchant will now only sell Bandit Corpse Scrolls with an increase to gold cost, and the book to allow you to command Thralls.



Load Winterstun before Requiem, this patch after Requiem.



Huge Thanks to TheTrader with the valuble pointers!
Updated to the latest version of Wintersun (1.3) and the latest version of Requiem (3.0)
Now requires the Unofficial Legendary Edition Patch (which you should already have).
Intergrated the Unofficial Patch's fixes to "A Night to Remember" quest.
Fixed Ebonarm having a deprecated effect from Sheogorath.
Fixed being unable to drop Meridia's Beacon, essential if you accidently pick it up as a vampire.
Increased the Health, Stamina, Speed, and Armor Penetration from Kynareth's Emmisary.
The Vaermina notification for meditation is now in first person.
Fixed a few first person message typos.
The Hunters of Hircine can no longer have Daedric equipment, instead replaced with enchanted Ebony items.
Worshipper's of Vaermina now instead gain cost reduction to Illusion spells out of combat, 25% at 100% favor with Vaermina. This was added due to Illusion in Requiem being reworked, as it no longer bases all of it's spells based on a level threshold. (Huge thanks to Aix for helping me figure this out!)
The Blessing of Periyte now instead grants 50% Poison Resist instead of Disease Resist. 
The Blessing of Namira now grants 25% Disease Resist instead of Poison Resist.
These effects were swapped because in Requiem you are able to permanently increase your Disease Resist by levelling your Stamina or Health, which can result in you reaching 100% and being unable to catch any disease to carry favor for Periyte if you are a race with naturally high disease. Vampires and Werewolves of course will still be unable to catch a disease and that is staying that way.

Zenithar will no longer sell daedric items, replaced with other bits of high level gear. This can contain enchanted glass and ebony items.
The Fruits of Morwha now prodive powerful Requiem food buffs instead.
Most messages are now in first person.


Updated to the latest version (1.2.1).
Additional inconsistencies fixed.
De-levelled npcs added by Wintersun.
Added more immersive descriptions to each of the Shrine Blessings.

Updated to the latest version (1.2)
The 9 Divines & Nocturnal's shrines will no longer purge all effects on you based on your criminal past, further advances in preventing design conflicts between Requiem & Wintersun.
Reverted Zenithar changes to the original intent; go nuts on smiting!
Fixed various minor inconsistencies (on my end).
Auriel's, The All-Maker's, and The Magna-Ge's shrines now lasts for 86400 seconds.

Updated to the latest version of Wintersun (1.1)
Fixed the Nine divines still having some of their Requiem effects.
Increased the duration of all shrine effects to 86400 seconds, the same duration that Requiem's shrines usually are.
Increased Zenithar's Bartering Bonus from 5 to 10.
Fixed Meridia's quest using incorrect player journal text.

Disables ALL Requiem mechanics for divines in favor of Wintersun's mechanics. As a result you will no longer gain additional affects over a period of time from accomplishing certain goals, such as additional magicka for reading books in Julianos' name, or being prevented from worshiping a Divine if you are a criminal, vampire, or werewolf. This is now all managed by Wintersun itself, to prevent confusion, power creep, and conflicting design elements.
The Painful Regrets perk is now disabled, as it is no longer needed due to the removal of Requiem mechanics. If you currently have it, it will no longer negatively affect you.

This patch will not focus on doing dramatic re-balancing unless needed.



Load Thunderchild before Requiem, this patch after Requiem.


Updated for Requiem 3.0
Merged & added keywords across all applicable shouts so that they can be affected by Requiem shout perks properly.

Fixed a bug that causes Bow perks in 2.0.x to have old deprecated effects.
Contains all original patch edit's from Enai's initial patch.

Credits to Enai, BG, Requiem's Team, TESV Edit, Nexus, & Bethesda.