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Updates Minor Arcana to Requiem 4.0.1. Now with modular installation.

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This mod is an update of Minor Arcana by Axonis to Requiem 4.0.1. As a bonus this version is split into several modules so that you can choose which parts of Minor Arcana you want in your game. In particular it's now possible to use the various roleplaying improvements without the somewhat notorious Forsworn overhaul. I also fixed the few remaining bugs and tweaked some details where I felt it was appropriate. For a full list of changes compared to the original Minor Arcana, check out the changelog. The most important changes are:
  • Removed Meteoric Reflexes from the Thief encounter. It's a highly problematic perk that shouldn't be in Requiem, yet alone distributed to NPCs.
  • Reverted level requirement for Dawnguard and A Daedra's Best Friend. The values were so high that many characters were effectively looked out of these quests.
  • Reworked Vigilants of Stendarr to be more in line with the lore. They are less effective against the undead, especially vampires, but more effective against daedra. They are now also more reliant on physical warfare. Most Vigilants cannot cast more than a basic Restoration spell to heal the sick and injured.

Requires Requiem 4.0.1. Older versions are not supported.

A new game is strongly recommended as many changes will not properly appear otherwise.

As a rule of thumb, I'd recommend loading Minor Arcana before other mods for Requiem. If in doubt, ask me or the respective mod authors.

Civil War

All Civil War related actors are updated with perks, tempered equipment, classes and combat styles to stop falling like flies. These aren't just NPC edits, but a complete and comprehensive Civil War overhaul for Requiem.

Example 1: In a Civil War quest that involves draugr crypt exploration, all faction archers are now equipped with silver arrows.

Example 2: In the beginning of the game, General Tullius is heard shouting: "Someone get the battlemages out here!". A string of issues were causing those battlemages to never actually look or act like battlemages, despite Requiem presenting the concept with the dead battlemage next to Gunjar in the Helgen Keep entrance. All of these issues have been dealt with and you'll now see real battlemages not only in Helgen but, occasionally, in Imperial patrols as well.

Example 3: Upon joining a faction, the player character will receive a high-grade tempered outfit. Furthermore, all civil war soldiers, including the player once she joins up, make better use of their armor due to training, enjoying a bonus for any faction item they wear, as long as they are wearing their faction cuirass. For Stormcloaks, iron boots, gauntlets and basic shields are included in the bonus. Combined with the low level armor weight reductions, this additional protection should allow you to retain your beautifully designed faction armor as a viable option without sacrificing too much "roll-playing".


The Forsworn are overhauled to be the fearsome guerrillas everyone in the Reach is talking about. Trained to endure hardships while wearing only animal hides, they develop an intrinsic damage resistance and their magics are related to Hircine and the rest of "the old gods". Better combat tactics, tempered equipment, improved perks and variable looks will make the Forsworn an enjoyable mid-level enemy. Just don't try to confront them as you would a bandit. The Forsworn overhaul is also affecting the Cidhna Mine prisoners who no longer require extensive manual edits.

Remark: This overhaul was designed for gameplay and fills an empty spot of mid-level enemies in Requiem. However, some players consider it a narratively inconsistent experience because the Forsworn aren't supposed to have an army who could easily defeat both the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks. Furthermore, it's possible to loot extremely overpowered weapons from common Forsworn fighters (better than daedric weapons). I am hoping to improve this in a future update.

Vigilants of Stendarr

The Vigilants of Stendarr are now real daedra hunters instead of being daedra food. Using actor variations, tempered equipment and a perk-set that is well focused on their specialization, they can sometimes beat even the toughest daedra. They are not too effective against vampires though for lore-based compatibility with Dawnguard.

Goes well with Warmonger Armory which contains a very fitting armor for Vigilants of Stendarr. Don't forget to install the compatibility patch from the Requiem Patch Central which distributes the armor and shield to the Vigilants!

Roleplaying Improvements

Tweaks many aspects of the game to provide a more consistent experience. This improves roleplaying in the same manner as Requiem considers itself "The Roleplaying Overhaul". A comprehensive list of changes is available below. It is only inside a spoiler tag to keep the description tidy and contains no noteworthy spoilers.


Third-party Content

The original Minor Arcana, somewhat randomly, included the following three mods. I decided not to include them here because they seem too unrelated. If you liked these mods, you can still install them separately to complete Minor Arcana.

Orc Shield and Weapons Match by Spartan VI

Sensible Hardcore Compass by Axonis

SkyTEST - Realistic Animal Behaviour by EtaYorius

The full version of SkyTEST has a compatiblity patch available at the Requiem Patch Central. A more lightweight alternative that only improves animal behaviour is Wild World which has a patch at the Requiem Patch Central too.