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This contains a few patches for other spell mods to keep consistency in the way Sun Magic Overhaul changed how sun-related magic worked against all entities instead of just undead.

Permissions and credits
This started as a personal mod since I loved the idea behind Sun Magic Overhaul's logic which made it so sun spells affected all entities while giving bonus damage to undead. I wanted to keep the consistency of its changes for other mods that added sun-related spells. So, if you end up downloading my mod, please endorse QoolaidGaming's Sun Magic Overhaul!

Mods made consistent:
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - This mod adds three sun-based spells obtained through the restoration perk tree (Sunblast, Stellar Core, and Holy Hands).
Lost Grimoire of Skyrim -This mod adds one sun-based spell (Ray of Light).
Dawnguard Arsenal - This mod adds four sun-based spells (Sun Ray, Meridian Rune, Holy Ground, and Gaze of Arkay).
Expanded Spells of Skyrim - This mod adds four sun-based spells (Sun Burn, Sun Blare, Sun Burst, and Daybreak)
Path of Sorcery - This mod affects the original sun spells.

This mod requires Sun Magic Overhaul and whatever DLCs the above mods require.

Because Sun Magic Overhaul edits both ranks of the Recovery perk in the restoration skill tree, it will conflict with any mods that touch those series of perks. Because of this, load Sun Magic Overhaul BEFORE perk overhauls and my personal patch(es) AFTER perk overhauls.

Just drop it into your load order and activate it. If you have a bashed patch, rerun it with this mod loaded before it so any of the patches can be merged to save precious load order space!

Just simply remove it from your load order and rerun your bashed patch if applicable. Generally, it's a bad practice to remove a mod from an ongoing save, so I can't guarantee your save won't react poorly, but this mod has no scripts, so theoretically everything should be okay.

I don't plan on expanding this for any mods I don't use as, again, this is a personal mod so I'm afraid it comes as-is excluding whatever future fixes I must do. If you want to patch additional mods, you're free to. Preferably, I'd ask you to let me upload them on this page so we can keep all the patches together to form a hub-like area which would be more than convenient for everyone. Credits will be given to where it's due if that is what you wish to do!

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