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A Short Description

AZ Tweaks is essentially a balance Patch for Requiem, which expands on the work that Zer0Morph did with Behind The Curtain, since I liked a lot of what he did.  The goal of the mod is to make things that are too weak stronger, things that are too strong weaker and to make all Divines, Standing Stones and Races not only viable but also interesting and different. 

If you are a Requiem veteran, you will find added challenge to most enemies, a more robust economy that has perhaps all exploits eliminated, but also new ways to combine divinities, birthsigns, races and equipment to overcome challenges -- perhaps even breaking the Rock Paper Scissors mold if you desire.  

Finally, AZ Tweaks has many tweaks that have the Dead is Dead or alternative death player in mind and provides more tools to prepare against 'unfair' deaths, as well as tries to soften some of the mechanics that produce those unfair deaths. 

The scope of the mod is huge, and the changes are myriad so please check the manual.  But more importantly give it a try in your load order to see how it all ties together

Installation Instructions

I apologize for the confusion about the main .esp file name with previous versions.  I will not change the file name again ever.  The final file name is AZ Tweaks.  Please make sure that you in fact have the real Behind the Curtain.esp, contained within the download of Behind The Curtain 1.8 Alchemical Symmetry (103,335kb), as version 2.2 was mistakenly named Behind The Curtain.esp which probably confused the hell out of everyone.

Download BTC 1.8.  This is necessary to gain access to the Priest Robe assets.  Then download AZ Tweaks.  AZ Tweaks goes after BTC 1.8.  If you have the correct load order and use a mod manager, it should automatically prioritize the the PowerShrineScript.pex file in AZ Tweaks over the BTC script  and you may then use standing stones. 

In general I recommend adding the standing stone bonuses to your character on new character creation anyway, and not worrying about it thereafter.  You can find the correct codes to add the bonuses in the game manual.  This is important because old versions of the bonuses are still in the game records and you could add the wrong one. 

Please note that although the standing stones will properly give you the right bonus, you can currently switch
between any standing stone freely like in vanilla.  The intent of AZ
Tweaks is to maintain the BTC mechanic of birthsigns, aka locking into a
sign.  It will probably be changed in a future version when I can spend
time on the script, for now simply excersize restraint or play with
whatever rules you want :)

Your load order should look something like this..

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esm
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esm
Requiem Bugsmasher Edition.esp
Behind The Curtain.esp
AZ Tweaks.esp
Requiem for the Indifferent.esp

Please read the manual and patch notes included in the file.  I have fixed all of the logic errors that I know about with races, standing stones, and birthsigns.   New game is recommended but probably not necessary. 

With this new version all systems that I know about are functional, and I'm looking forward to balancing feedback on races, birthsigns, and bonuses from the divines as well as any of the other game systems for that matter.  Hope to hear feedback especially about which divines allow what daedric items.

I will be around to fix anything game-breaking, but I will take a few weeks off modding, then come back to do some playtesting and begin taking notes for the next big update.

Short Term Minor Fixes To Do

1.  Standing Stones should not allow switching of birthsigns.

2.  Manual description for Julianos is incorrect.  You gain 25% magicka to start while worshipping him, but you must collect at least one of his books to enable the first tier of the +magicka bonus.

3.  Include description on fortify Illusion effects that they reduce the cost of magicka upkeep spells.

4.  Fix odd giant attack animations / data, where spells apply when you are not really hit.  Hit detection of hand swipe attack.

5.  Flesh out the game manual, especially Perks and game mechanics that were explained in previous versions. 

6.  Fix the ritual stone assigning incorrect spell on manual use.

Long Term Plans

-Adding Proper Auriel Worship

-Making Priest Robes more interesting (currently I do not recommend using them
as they received no attention and their balance is broken with the new

-Making more (most?) spells have unique secondary effects when dual cast like Healing Aura.

-Taking a look at the BTC divinity perks and enhancing them and making them
more consistent and interesting with AZ Divines.  They still work as
they are untouched, but they are 'generically' holy in that they just
require all the base rules of the divines in their strictest forms.  See
the BTC Manual for more info.

-I would like to make the heavy armor system a bit more robust, weighing the Cuirass and Helmet more
heavily than the gloves and boots.  This is already done indirectly but
needs a small boost in my opinion. 

-Taking a look at improving archery viability.

-Making a recommended mod list with links

-Dragonborn support