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A sweeping overhaul to Requiem and Behind the Curtain to races, divines, equipment, birthsigns, NPCs (especially playable character NPCs). Read the manual, notes and FAQ to see full changes.

Permissions and credits
A Short Description

AZ Tweaks is a balance overhaul patch for Requiem (it is NOT compatible with Requiem 2.0 and there is no ETA yet), which expands on the work that Zer0Morph did with Behind The Curtain, since I liked a lot of what he did.  The goal of the mod is to make things that are too weak stronger, things that are too strong weaker and to make all Divines, Standing Stones and Races not only viable but also interesting and different. 

If you are a Requiem veteran, you will find added challenge to most enemies, a more robust economy that has perhaps all exploits eliminated, but also new ways to combine divinities, birthsigns, races and equipment to overcome challenges -- perhaps even breaking the Rock Paper Scissors mold if you desire.  

Finally, AZ Tweaks has many tweaks that have the Dead is Dead or alternative death player in mind and provides more tools to prepare against 'unfair' deaths, as well as tries to soften some of the mechanics that produce those unfair deaths. 

The scope of the mod is huge, and the changes are myriad so please check the manual.  But more importantly give it a try in your load order to see how it all ties together

Installation Instructions

Read the Compatability and FAQ sections below.  Read the patch notes included in the download, as well as the game manual.  AZ Tweaks is a big mod and you will be surprised unless you do your homework

IMPORTANT:  For maximum compatibility, please be advised of the following

AZ Tweaks does NOT support Dragonborn, Hearthfire, or USLEEP currently.  In general USLEEP is okay, however USLEEP causes problems with the Companions NPCs, and it might cause problems with other records too.  Please use the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch until AZT is updated for Requiem 2.0.  

(The other option is to use USLEEP and accept that there will be minor incompatibilities like Farkas not being able to train you


In general I recommend adding the standing stone bonuses to your character on new character creation anyway, and not worrying about it thereafter.  You can find the correct codes to add the bonuses in the game manual.  This is important because old versions of the bonuses are still in the game records and you could add the wrong one. 

Please note that although the standing stones will properly give you the right bonus, you can currently switch between any standing stone freely like in vanilla.  The intent of AZ Tweaks is to maintain the BTC mechanic of birthsigns, aka locking into asign.  It will probably be changed in a future version when I can spendtime on the script, for now simply excersize restraint or play with whatever rules you want :)

Your load order should look something like this..

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esm
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esm
Requiem Bugsmasher Edition.esp
Minor Arcana.esp
AZ Tweaks.esp
Requiem for the Indifferent.esp

When upgrading from AZT, a new game is recommended but probably not necessary.  For first time AZT users you should create a new game. 


Minor Arcana is fully compatible, and AZT was designed and tested with Minor Arcana installed.  You should load AZ Tweaks AFTER Minor Arcana for this reason, as I have sorted out any compatibility problems within the AZT plugin.  Some functionality of Minor Arcana is altered, for example the Thief NPC will no longer have the Meteoric Reflexes perk, and armor values and weights will be overwritten, but mostly in the same spirit as Minor Arcana, for example making Iron Armor a bit easier to wear when you are starting out with Heavy Armor. 

Behind The Curtain is fully encompassed within AZ Tweaks, and in that sense completely overwritten.  As of version  2.6 and later you should not have BTC installed. 

KFR / CCOR / Other crafting item overhauls are not compatible, because AZT affects the item data of most items into a cohesive package which is focused on balance rather than realism.  In the future I will look into compatibility of these types of mods.   

Destiny / Breaking Bad other overhaul for Requiem are not compatible since it's never advisable to install multiple overhauls. 

Custom made enchanting crafting stations are incompatible, in the sense that you will gain massive amounts of experience when using them.  If you avoid using the added enchanting table, there should be no conflict as such.  The only mod I know of is Gypsy Eyes Caravan which adds an enchanting table inside the wagon which is not compatible. 

Mods that add armors will be incompatible in that they will be missing special keywords that AZT adds to (heavy) Cuirasses and Helmets. 

Mods that modify records of the way silver weapons work will be break AZT if loaded after. 

Read the game manual and patchnotes to determine for yourself if a mod is compatible, or post in the forum. 

Recommended Mods

Requiem - Minor Arcana
Portable Blessings (Load before AZT, use console to add a few charms and then you can forget about blessings.  I may incorporate this into AZT in the future)
Dynamic Things
Honed Metal
Loot and Degradation
Realistic Ragdolls and Force
Enhanced Camera
Less Intrusive HUD (Especially to disable health bars)
Dual Wield Parrying
You Hunger
Actions Take Time
D13 Faster Get Up Standup Animation
Simply Knock
Smart souls
Requiem Lockpicking Rebalanced (especially with MCM setting for locking requires perks turned off)
More Hotkeys Please (To bind H / M / S potions to hotkeys)
Requiem - Realistic Needs and Hypothermia
Realistic Nights (Or another mod that makes it dark, otherwise torches Nighteye and Candlelight are pointless)
Simple Drop Lit Torches
Crash Fixes
Bug Fixes
Long Lost Smelters of Skyrim
Lanterns of Skyrim
Skyrim Souls (unpaused game menus, turn off option for books when using Portable Blessings or this will freeze your game when you read a charm)
Convenient Horses (best horse mod IMO, but it has the side effect of horses not being targetted by NPCs, so kinda imba)
Smart Training - Tweaked (1-2 training sessions per level, so you don't have to miss out on training sessions or frantically find a trainer.  Has requiem patch)
Third Person Movement Delay Fix
Crafting Requires Permission
Suspicious City Guards

Recommended MCM Settings for Requiem

50% / 75% Experience Gain
1 Training Session per level (with Smart Training especially)
Killmoves off
Lockpicking does not require perks (With Requiem harder lockpicking)
Fearless and steadfast enemies
Bows do not break
Armor Changeable in Combat (With Actions take time)


Q:  The game won't let me put perks into Alteration / Restoration / Destruction / Illusion / Conjuration / Alchemy / Enchanting!

A:  The skills mentioned in this question are limited in AZ Tweaks via the Treatise system.  You are free to choose one of these skills on a new character, but in order to unlock more, you must find the corresponding Treatise on that skill.  The good news is that Treatises are fairly common, since they replaced the old skill books.  You can also find them on vendors occasionally.  If you wish to bypass the Treatise system, use the console command "help treatise" and add the relevant book to your inventory and you will be able to unlock that perk.  This system was implemented for immersion reasons, so that you can't, for example, pull Restoration knowledge out of your butt in the middle of a dungeon to heal yourself because you need it.   
Q:  I tried to use the Ritual stone and it's still giving me the old resurrect spell! 

A:  Until I have time to refine the script for standing stones, please add the Ritual birthsign via console command.  All other standing stones work as normal.
Q:  I tried to add a birthsign / standing stone effect, but it said magic effect not added! 

A:  This means you have tried to add the wrong magic effect.  Check the manual and try a different one, and make sure that it's affecting your character in the correct way. 
Q:  When I attack most enemies they don't lose any health!

A:  AZ Tweaks adds a relatively small amount of health to most enemies via magical effect.  There is a vanilla Skyrim bug
which doesn't display lost health until you burn through the extra health.
Q:  Why do enemies have extra health?

A:  This achieves several things.  The playable races of Tamriel dominate the world, yet they feel very flimsy.  This makes them feel a bit more substantial.  The extra health also allows the 'flavor' of different armors to shine through.  In regular Requiem, if an enemy has low enough health, you will barely notice that they are heavily armored.  Likewise, it adds more value to power attacks.  It also extends the difficulty of Bandit tier encounters, which many consider to be the most fun part of the game. 
Q:  Why does archery suck?

A:  Archery does not suck in AZT, but you are probably used to one-shotting lightly armored bandits in vanilla Requiem.  You will need to get a bit more powerful before you can one shot bandits with archery.  Only characters which use two-handed power attacks with the right perks, race, blessing and birthsign will be able to one-shot at level 1 in AZ Tweaks. 

Note that Archery has some important upgrades compared to vanilla Requiem.  You can worship Akatosh to boost crossbows, or Kynareth to boost regular bows.  The faster draw speed perks are available earlier, and the stamina cost for drawing bows is reduced.  Lastly, getting the zooming in for a scope shot will increase your damage, and there is a perk in sneak which synergizes with Archery by increasing damage while sneaking, which is generally most helpful to archery.  You might find it worthwhile to sneak while in combat to get a 'prone' shot off, especially if you are invisible which gives its own bonus. 

Archery also suffers in that it doesn't have a power attack as such.  Some have said that sneak attacks are the power attacks of Archery.  Either way, with some decent arrows and the correct build you can probably get to the vanilla Requiem 'feel' of archery by level 10 or so.  In AZT, arrows are a bit more effective against NPCs that were almost immune in vanilla Requiem as well. 
Q:  Sometimes when I loot a flower or mushroom I don't get anything, what gives?

A:  AZ Tweaks is the first mod which balances broken Alchemy in Requiem.  One thing that quickly became apparent when I set out to implement this aspect was that I had to drastically reduce ingredient output for just running around.  This is a small sacrifice of immersion in order to fix a major complaint about Requiem. 
Q:  Why do healing spells and potions suck?

A:  The philosophy of AZ Tweaks is that restoring stats and especially health is much more rare and valuable.  This brings the character a bit in line with NPCs, who don't generally have the ability to recover stats, but also is a bit more immersive since there are signs around Skyrim that healing is rare (give me a healing potion quests, wounded soldier camps).  You will still become a powerful healer if you focus at the relevant skills and reach a certain power level with them.
Q:  Why does Vegetable Soup (or other food / potion) show a magnitude of 0 on its effect?

A:  Vegetable Soup and Bestial Stew made the Stamina stat almost trivial for most players.  Their effects have been reduced dramatically.  In the case of Vegetable soup, although it displays 0 magnitude, in fact its magnitude is 0.5 (as of 2.6) but the Skyrim Engine doesn't display it. 

Q:  Why do you have restrictions on the divines?  Daedra are not classically evil!  Stop trying to emulate a judeo-christian sense of morality that doesn't fit TES lore!

A.  First of all, I did some research into the divines to make things as consistent as possible, but that plays second fiddle to making interesting and balanced character development choices.  I am a long time fan of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup which has a very developed religion system, and I always wanted something as cool as that for Skyrim.  The Creation Kit is limited though, so the parameters for monitoring player behavior are not that many.  For example Kynareth rewards you for hunting all sorts of dangerous beasts, but you will induce her ire if you hunt too many harmless ones.  But the fact is that the tools only exist for monitoring how many bunnies you kill and not how many foxes.  BTC and AZT give the player a significant trade-off for partaking in very lucrative evil behavior, with a few options to walk the line in between.
Q:  Is your mod modular / any chance of a modular version?

A:  Not in the plans at the moment.  Asking for a modular version of AZT is like asking for a modular version of Requiem.  AZT is an overhaul of an overhaul.  Modular versions would be a pain to keep up to date, and a pain to make in the first place since my expertise lies in the creation kit, not in any other programming or installation utilities.  If someone is willing to collaborate with me on such a project of making AZT modular, please message me.
Q:  Dragonborn support?

A:  Perhaps sometime in 2018.