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Tweaks for Requiem by Noxcrab (mhc9840)

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 Noxcrab's Tweaks
by. Noxcrab (mhc9840)

[ Descriptions ]

Requiem - Noxcrab's Tweaks is a group of minor tweak mods for Requiem-The Roleplaying Overhaul. More tweaks are to be added time to time.

Compatibility for Requiem versions will be listed in File descriptions.


[ Automaton Resistance Tweak (4.0) ]

Changes the resistance of Automatons.
Automatons (including the Forgemaster) will be weaker to Frost as much as they are to Shock.

Which would be like below :
Fire : 80% / Frost : 25% / Shock : 25%

Basic Hunting (3.0) ]

Modifies loots from Animals and Creatures to make Hunting worthwhile, without complicated mechanic changes. Number of Animals Killed will progress the player's Hunting skill, resulting in better quality loot. Some special items can also be found on certain Animals or Creatures.

List of changes can be found here : [ Requiem - Basic Hunting ]

[ Battlestaves Redone (4.0) ]

Rebalances the Battlestaves and adds new Battlestaff Focus perk in 2H.

Battlestaves had inconsistent progression on material - having strange jump in damage starting from Ebony. Battlestaves Redone makes the progression more linear and consistent by setting the base damage match that of a 1H Mace. Also, reduces the Battlestaves' strangely high (for such light weapon) stagger, and changes other stats.

In final, the stats of Battlestaves will be...

-- Base Damage : same as 1H Mace
-- Stagger : same as 2H Greatsword
-- Weight : same as 1H Mace - 1
-- Price : same as 2H Greatsword

The new Battlestaff Focus gives same bonus as Greatsword Focus, but for Battlestaves. It is intended to make Battlestaves keep the position of 'fastest 2H weapon', while cutting off the strangely high Armor Penetration given for such lightweight weapon. The bonuses from the perk are...

-- Weapon Speed : +10/20/30%
-- Twohanded Amor Penetration : +7/14/21

Craftable Items (4.1) ]

Adds new craftable items that can be used for combat - Throwing Bombs, Throwing Oils (can also be applied to weapons and Bear Traps), Throwing Poison Vials, Throwing Darts. Also includes Bear Traps and Armor Paddings.

Full list of items and recipes can be found in the ARTICLES page.

[ (Optional) CI Throwing Knives (4.0) ]

Replaces Darts with Throwing Knives, which look like vanilla Daggers. Only the models and descriptions are overwritten. Use with matching version of the main mod : Requiem - Craftable Items.

[ Destruction Spell Pack (4.0) ]

Introduces fully implemented Poison element into Destruction, adding new spells and elemental perk branch. Also adds new extra spells to Destruction. All new spells are added into leveled list for vendor stocks, loots, and Requiem's spell learning system.

For full list of new spells, check this page : [ Requiem - Destruction Spell Pack ]

New Poison Element :
  • Poison spells do poison damage (resisted by Poison Resist and Magic Resist)
  • Poison spells ignore part of enemy's poison resist, by 5/10/15/20/25% for Novice ~ Master. Works as multiplier : for example, Apprentice Poison spells ignore 10% Poison Resist, which means enemies with 100% Poison Resist will resist 90% of the damage, while enemies with 50% Poison Resist will resist 45% of the damage.
  • Poison spells (except touch spells) do 1 second DoT damage.

Venomancy Perk Branch :
  • Venomancy (25/50) : Increase damage of Poison spells by 15/30%.
  • Paralyzing Poison (75) : Add paralysis effect (resisted by poison resist) to Poison spells.
  • Poison Mastery (100) : Give 25% Poison Resist, Poison spells are 5% stronger and 10% cheaper.

Expanded Touch Spells :
  • Each elements have their secondary effects and perk bonuses.
  • Touch spells are 25% stronger and 25% cheaper compared to ranged counterparts.
  • Novice : Fiery / Icy / Lightning / Poison Touch. Base Magnitude 25, Base Cost 30.
  • Apprentice : Fiery / Icy / Lightning / Poison  Hand. Base Magnitude 30, Base Cost 38.
  • Adept : Fiery / Icy / Lightning / Poison Grasp. Base Magnitude 50, Base Cost 58.
  • Expert : Fiery / Icy / Lightning / Poison Blow. Base Magnitude 80, Base Cost 260.

Extra Spells :
  • Icy Bolt / Blast : Apprentice / Expert tier Frost spells that deal pure frost damage.
  • Acid Spray : Adept spell that does physical damage.

[ Dragon Resistance Tweak (3.0) ]

Changes the resistances of Dragons to make them generally more resistant to all elements, while cutting down their invulnerability to a certain element.

Fire Dragon : 75% Fire , 25% Shock , 60% Poison Resistance
Frost Dragon : 70% Frost , 25% Shock , 60% Poison Resistance

[ Enchantment Tweaks (3.0) ]

Some changes for Enchantments.

Fortify Magicka Regen enchantment gets increased magnitude : 25 -> 35
Fortify Health Regen & Magic Resist can be placed on head equips.

[ Enemy Regeneration Tweak (4.0) ]

Changes to regenerating enemies.
Regeneration of mid-level enemies (Trolls and Spriggans) are simply reduced, and boss enemies (Dragonpriests and Enchanted Spheres) are rebalanced in a way that they are more interesting challenges instead of dps/powergame limiter.

1) Trolls :
-- Regeneration reduced : Trolls (60 --> 30), Frost Trolls (80 --> 40).
2) Spriggans :
-- Regeneration reduced : Spriggans (60 -> 30), Matron (65 -> 30), Earth Mother (100 -> 50).
3) Dragonpriests :
-- Regeneration disabled while having more than 50% Health.
-- Fortified Health by 500. Warning : Causes the Health Bar bug that does not show you the correct current health value. The health bar shows up to their normal 1k health, but their actual health pool is 1k + 500. It may not look like you're damaging them at first, but you are actually doing damage - the health bar just doesn't show the fortified health pool.
-- Reduced regeneration : Unsuppressed 80 -> 30, Suppressed 40 -> 10.
-- Regeneration is suppressed by Fire, Sun, and Turning effect.
4) Enchanted Spheres :
-- Fortified Health by 250. 
-- Reduced base Armor Rating : 900 -> 750.
-- Regeneration disabled while having less than 50% Health.
-- Reduced regeneration : Unsuppressed 60 -> 30, Suppressed 20 -> 10.
-- Lightning Cloak activates while having less than 50% Health, causing 30pts Shock damage per second and increasing Shock Resistance by 25% (total 50%).

5) Frost Giants :
-- Regeneration reduced : 120 -> 40.


Dragonborn Edits (Fozar's Patch integrated)

1) Burnt Spriggan
-- Reduced regeneration : 100 -> 40

2) Dragon Priest
-- Same changes to Skyrim's Dragon Priests

3) Lurker
-- Fortified Health by 250.
-- Reduced regeneration : Unsuppressed 60 -> 30, Suppressed 20 -> 10.

4) Seeker
-- Fortified Health by 250.
-- Reduced regeneration : Unsuppressed 90 -> 45, Suppressed 30 -> 15.

[ Faster Crossbows (3.1) ]

Makes crossbows faster, but increase the stamina cost slightly.

Speed comparison with Bows (roughly)
-- Bow : Light 3 sec, Heavy 3.5 sec
-- Crossbow : Light 4.0~4.5 sec, Heavy 5.0~5.5 sec

Stamina cost for aiming/loading a Crossbow is increased by 2x, which is 0.5x cost of drawing a bow.

In the end, Crossbows will be :

-- Pro : Half stamina cost, High Armor Pen
-- Con : Slow speed (about 1.5x slower than bows)

[ Illusion Redone (4.1) ]

Illusion Redone changes Illusion skill (Spell and Perks) to make it more useful and less restrictive.

First, Keep-up cost mechanic of the buff/toggle spells, which is unique only to Illusion skill, is removed, to make the spells work same as those of other magic schools. The spells will cost Magicka only on cast, and last for its duration (mostly 30 seconds at base, except Simulacrum and Miasma).
The spells still work as 'toggle' for turning them off while the effect is active. You can turn the spells off free of charge by either 'Break Concentration - Hiding' lesser power, or 0 Magicka cost recast.
Perks that reduced Keep-up cost of spells will now extend the duration of the spells instead by 1.3x.

Second, the cost of spells are rebalanced. Empowering cost does not differ for each tier (Novice ~ Master) anymore, and will be 2x of the original cost, same as other schools of magic. Cost of most mind-controlling Illusion spells are slightly reduced to make them more efficient, and cost of the buff/toggle spells are increased, as they no longer have keep-up costs. There are some exceptions however (such as Miasma cost greatly increased, Blackout cost 1/2x, etc) for balance reasons.

Third, new spells are added, and existing spells are rebalanced. Calm spells are returned, Fear/Calm/Frenzy effects will have all Touch, Aimed, Aimed AoE, and Rune casting types. Lionheart gets new AoE buff spell called Lionheart Standard. New Command effect is added which makes targets temporal allies to the player - Command for Expert, Enthrall for Master. Many existing spells have been rebalanced to make them useful and balanced, such as Phantasmal Pain having much longer range, and Shadow summons doing stronger damage.

[ Scroll Crafting (4.0) ]

Adds new Scrolls based on Requiem spells, and portable Scroll Crafting station that gives you Enchanting xp.

You can purchase Scroll Crafting Tool from Mages or General Goods traders. Activating the misc item opens up Scroll Crafting menu, and crafting Scrolls give you moderate Enchanting skill xp. Scrolls require Rolls of Paper, Soul Gems & right side branch Enchanting perks of same tier(level).

Full list of craftable Scrolls can be found in the ARTICLES page.

[ Toggle Enchantment (4.0) ]

Adds a power that lets you toggle enchantment usage on weapons. When the power is active, the enchantment on your weapon will not apply and will not cost any charges. Toggling enchantments will show notification message at top left screen : Enchantments activated, Enchantments deactivated.

This toggle will not work on 'channeled' enchantments, such as Firespark for a Staff. 

How this works is that when you have the power active, enchantment charge cost for your weapons is multiplied by 2048, and thus it'll work like you're out of charges. You also get the 'this weapon needs recharging' message, but can't help with that... If there are some 'special' enchantments that work different, this power may not work properly, but for the most part it should.

[ Vanilla Crossbow Models (4.0) ]

Replaces Requiem's crossbow models with retextured vanilla models (steel & dwarven).

Elven & Glass : Steel crossbow model
Orcish & Ebony : Dwarven crossbow model

[ Screenshots ] (gif)


Load it anywhere after Requiem.

Please inform me if you find any bugs.