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A series of personal edits for the Requiem Overhaul that I decided to share.

Permissions and credits
v1.2b Changes
  • Fixed certain high level npcs standing completely still if they randomly received loot that they could equip, resulting in them trying to use the items which locked up their AI. These items are now replaced with different loot to compensate. You will still earn additional treasure from chests and other specific high level npcs.
  • Lowered the bonus HP and Bite damage of all Dragons. They're still stronger than vanilla Requiem. I completely forgot I did this and then proceeded to overcompensate with even more buffs, oops.
  • Removed Alduin's additional resistances to prevent him from being unkillable.

v1.2 Changes
  • Added more handplaced enchanted items with maximum effect to specific npcs.
  • Blacksmiths will now always sell Steel & Corundum Ingots.
  • Dragons Resistance set to 75% Magic, Poison, and Disease resist.
  • Decreased Troll Regen to 1/s, but increased fire resist (they are still vunerable to it). Fire damage nullifies it.
  • Decreased Dragon Priest, Spriggan, Frost Giant, and Enchanted Sphere regen to 1/s. Appropriate elemental damage nullifies it.
  • Added a new global drop table, which may appear from high level NPCs and treasure chests. More items will drop from this table the higher level encounter you face. You may get really lucky and find ebony or something else cool!

v1.1 Changes
  • Fixed Frost trolls still having high hp regen.
  • Fixed Astrid still having magic absorb.
  • Increased the health of Astrid, Alain, and Mercer.
  • Decreased the regen of Frost Giants, Enchanted Spheres & Spriggans, but increased their hp.
  • Removed the passive flame cloak from The Forgemaster.
  • Dramatically increased the health, damage, and resistances of all dragons.
  • Renamed the Wounded Dragon back to his original name.

I made this mod one week because I was in a kneejerk nerf mood, and I felt like modding. I blame this mostly on spiders, because after awhile I started to get really annoyed at them. This is intended to only work with 2.0.x

  • Necromancy is significantly more powerful.
  • Spiders are much less powerful. I really hate spiders.
  • Poison from enemies are much more deadly, while gaining immunity to it is much more difficult unless you’re a Vampire, or Argonian.
  • Hunting game is a much more viable career choice.
  • Most enemies with arrow resistances are removed.
  • Some enemies no longer have Magic Absorb.
  • Thane weapons overhauled. Much more satisfying rewards, especially if you are an enchanter.
  • Some animal knockdown effects can be blocked!
  • Various artifact changes. Some are toned down, some are stripped of abilities but have their core abilities buffed to compensate.
  • Bashing and Dual casting costs less.
  • Lesser undead (Dragurs and Skeletons), Dwemer Constructs, and the playable races have lowered resistances. This should let Altmer feel a bit more comfortable when fighting, while also allowing Shock and Frost magic to be more viable.
  • Skooma no longer kills or paralyzes you randomly.
  • Dragons are more deadly. Alduin is a complete asshole now.


  • Gold filled cupboards no longer have any gold.


  • Potentially fixed an issue where Forsworn wouldn’t attack Orc Hunters.

Global Settings

  • Time Scale (minutes in game per real life minute) is now defaulted to 5 (was 10).
  • Mercenaries now cost 1000 gold (was 5000)
  • Horses now cost 1500 gold (was 6000)
  • All non-hearthfire houses cost 1000 less gold to initially buy.
  • Requiem’s ‘Slower Horses’ setting is now on by default.

Game Settings

  • Shield Bashing costs 20 stamina (was 25)
  • Shield Power Bashing costs 35 stamina (was 40)
  • Dual-Casting Cost multiplier is now 1.9 (was 2.0)

Leveled Items

  • The Silver Hand are less likely to have Potions of Cleansing; 50% (was 66%).
  • Coin Purses no longer contain gems

  • The Necromancy Perk now prevents reanimated targets from turning into ash.
  • The Dark Infusion Perk now grants your raised minions slow health regeneration; 1 per second.

Misc. Items

All pelts have decreased weight and increased gold value! Excellent for hunter roleplaying. (Please note I’m not going out of my way to edit Hunterborn to behave similarly)

  • Dwarven Cogs now weigh 1 (was 10). Obnoxious when you’re trying to complete a quest related to this.
  • All pelts: 50% less carry weight, 50% more gold value.

Spiders and Charus deal burst damage with their poison attacks, instead of an absurdly lengthy damage overtime, which is easily negated by Health Regen. It’s more annoying than deadly.All the poison attacks deals the total net-worth of damage within 1 second. Example: A Chaurus Bite, which might deal 0.4 damage over 300 seconds, instead deals 120 damage in 1 second!

  • Some Animal Knockdowns: Can now be negated if you are blocking.
  • Alain Dufont: No longer poison immune. No longer absorbs spells.
  • Trolls: Removed Frost Resistance (was 25%). Health Regeneration lowered to 5 health per second (was 60). Greatly increased health 
  • Mercer Frey: No longer poison immune. No longer absorbs spells.
  • Astrid: No longer absorbs spells. 400 less armor rating.
  • Generic Dragon Priests: No longer absorb spells.
  • Most Enemies: No longer reduce arrow/bolt damage (I might of missed a few)
  • Spiders: Reduced Health and Damage by 50%, and removed all armor.
  • Dwemer Constructs: Fire and Frost Resistance reduced to 25% (was 80%), Shock Resistance removed.
  • Skeletons: Resist Frost reduced to 25% (was 80%) Resist Shock reduced to 25% (was 50%).
  • Dragurs: Reduced Frost and Shock resistance lowered to 25% (was 85% and 50%). Fire Resistance increased to -25% (was -50%)
  • Alduin: Greatly increased health.. Has a new trick up his sleeve as well. Also fixed the blind effect from his summoning. Unfortunately I’m having difficulty removing the sound effect, so turn your volume down. Please note that using Requiem Plus will cause an unintended side-effect for one of Alduin's abilities. I may fix this later.
  • Dragon Priests: Greatly increased health. Fire Resist increased to 75% (was 50). Shock Resist lowered to 75% (was 85%). Frost Resist lowered to 75% (was 90%). Health Regeneration lowered to 10 per second (was 80, 40 if set on fire).
  • Added two hand-placed enchanted items with Peerless Lockpicking to two NPCs.
  • Dragon’s Fireball/Frostball: Double explosion radius, and deals 600 Fire/Frost damage in 1 second (was 120 every second for 5 seconds).
  • Dragon’s Drain Vitality: Deals 600 damage to all attributes in 1 second (was 20 damage per second for 30 seconds.)  This was easily countered with potions of cleansing, which can be stacked up if you use ESF: Companions.


  • Raise Dead 1: Lasts 120 seconds (was 60)
  • Raise Dead 2: Lasts 600 seconds (was 60)
  • Raise Dead 3: Lasts 1200 seconds (was 60)
  • Raise Dead 4: Lasts 3600 seconds (was 60)
  • Raise Dead 5: Lasts 7200 seconds (was 3600)

Note that all of the necromancy changes affects enemy necromancers too!

  • Mistress of Dark’s Greatsword: 32 base damage (was 24) 1.8 attacks per second (was 1.5). Now deals Fire, Frost, and Shock damage as well! (Note that the base damage is not final, as this is multiplied significantly by the patcher) 

This one is for TechnoTed’s valiant effort of doing illusion only in Labyrinthian (and failing miserably)

  • Venomous Spray: Deals 320 Poison Damage per second for 1 second (was 10 per second for 2 seconds & 1 damage per second for 300 seconds).
  • Venomous Blast:  Deals 330 Poison Damage per second for 1 second (was 10 per second for 3 seconds & 1 damage per second for 300 seconds). 

These spells apply to the ones falmer cast too!

  • Transmute Blood: Costs 5 less health and restores 5 more magicka per second.


All Thane Weapons: 5000 Value, 1 less weight, swings 5% faster, and deals 2 more base damage (Note that the base damage is not final, as this is multiplied significantly by the patcher). All Thane weapons now have new enchants at the highest possible rank

  • Axe of Whiterun: Now Paralyzes
  • Blade of Falkreath: Deals Shock Damage & Unresistable Damage to Constructs
  • Blade of Winterhold: Deals Frost Damage & Slows Targets
  • Blade of the Pale: Deals Fire Damage
  • Blade of Morthal: Turn Undead & Unresistable Damage to Undead)
  • Blade of Eastmarch: Banishes Daedra & Deals Unresistable Damage
  • Blade of Haafingar: Absorbs Magicka
  • Blade of the Rift: Absorbs Stamina
  • Blade of Markarth: Absorbs Health
  • Savos Aren’s Amulet: Increases Magicka by 70 (was 50)
  • Arch-Mage Boots: Resist Fire, Frost, and Shock Reduced to 20% (was 25%)
  • Arch-Mage Robes: Now only increases Magicka by 275 (was 250), Magicka Regeneration by 225% (was 200%), Decreased Spell Costs by 15%, and Increased Magic Resist by 15%. All other effects removed.
  • Diadem of the Savant: Reduces all spell costs by 10% (was 5%)
  • Saarthal Amulet: Reduces all spell costs by 6% (was 3%)
  • Ring of Namira: Decreased Fortify Stamina to 180 (was 250)
  • Wabbajack - Enchantment Cost increased to 150 (was 100)
  • Skull of Corruption: Bonus damage decreased to 500 (was 666). Base damage decreased to 50 (was 66)
  • Ebony Mail: Poison Resistance lowered to 25% (was 100%)
  • Savior’s Hide: Poison lowered to 25% (was 100%)
  • Red Eagle’s Sword: Deals 45 Fire Damage (was 35) and Turns Undead up to level 41 (was 13)
  • Nightingale Sword: Absorbs 20 Health and Stamina (was 15)
  • Nightingale Bow: Deals 25 Frost and Shock Damage (was 15)
  • Otar’s Mask: Resists Fire, Frost, and Shock by 15% (was 30%)
  • Auriel’s Bow: Deals 50 Sun Damage (was 20), and an addition 150 Sun Damage to Undead (was 77). Enchantment cost is now 0 (was 38). No longer treated as Daedric; this removes the armor penetration trait, but allows those following the paths of the gods to use this without penalty.
  • Aetherium Helmet: Only Fortifies Magicka by 100 now (was 50). All other effects removed.
  • Aetherium Boots: Only Fortifies Health by 100 and prevents draining effects. All other effects removed.
  • Aetherium Gauntlets: Only Fortifies Stamina by 100 & prevents most paralysis effects. All other effects removed.
  • Aetherium Cuirass: Only Resists Magic by 30% (was 15%). All other effects removed.
  • All Enchanted Arrows: Deals 5 More Elemental damage Damage
  • All Fire Enchanted Arrows: Burn lasts for 5 seconds (was 4)
  • All Frost Enchanted Arrows: Slow lasts for 5 seconds (was 3)
  • All Shock Enchanted Arrows: Deals 10 more damage to constructs
  • Nightingale Hood: Fortify Illusion increased to 35 (was 15). Fortify Speechcraft increased to 20 (was 15). All other effects removed
  • Nightingale Armor: Fortifies Sneak by 100% (was 25%). All other effects removed
  • Nightingale Boots: Increased Muffle to 1 (was 0.5) 200% faster Stamina Regeneration (was 50%) All other effects removed
  • Nightingale Gloves: Fortifies Lockpicking by 40% (was 18%), Pickpocket by 40% (was 20%), 30 Lockpick Expertise (was 20) All other effects removed
  • Thieves Guild Armor: Carry Weight increased to 25 (was 20)


  • Skooma: No longer has a random chance to paralyze or kill you.
  • Potion of Resist Poison: Resistance lowered to 50% (was 75%). Duration increased to 3600 seconds (was 300).


  • Bretons: Magic Resist reduced to 10% (was 20%)
  • Dragonskin: Increase duration to 20 seconds (was 8 seconds)
  • Nords: Frost Resistance reduced to 20% (was 50%) Shock Resistance reduced to 5% (was 25%)
  • Dark Elves: Fire Resistance reduced to 25% (was 65%)
  • Redguard: Poison Resistance reduced to 25% (was 75%)
  • Argonians: Poison Resistance reduced to 50% (was 90%)
  • [font=Verdana]High Elves: Magic Resistance increased to -10% (was -40%)