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Drinking alcohol will net you an empty bottle.. Craft bottled water by using an empty bottle at lakes and fresh water rivers.

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This is a very small seemingly insignificant quality of life mod that will hopefully worm its way into your load order and then you.. you know.. forget about it ;)

What does this do?

Consuming an alcoholic beverage will net you an empty bottle. Empty bottles can now be used near fresh water lakes, streams and waterfalls to produce bottled water. That’s it :) The water detection is basically ripped from Isoku’s iNeed mod so anyone that’s tried it knows that it works great. iNeed is not required. Isoku granted me permission to use his code in this mod.

Why did I do this?

Most Requiem stew recipes now require bottled water. Bottled water can easily be bought in towns or taken off bandits but this might help some people out that are going for more of a survivalist playthrough. Now you can go harvest water on the go.

Happy hydrating :)


Requiem 2.x.x

Credits and Acknowledgements

Ogerboss and the rest of The Requiem Dungeon Masters
Isoku for iNeed and for being awesome and granting me his blessings to use his code
Perseid9 because Isoku has credited him for his water detection system
CeeJayk2k on the Requiem Subreddit for the idea and interest