Skyrim Special Edition
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This patch unlocks the amount of active restore health, magicka and stamina potions and makes them apply instantly like in vanilla while keeping the amounts of health, magicka and stamina restored to the same values as Apothecary.

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Just install it with your preferred mod manager. This mod consists of just an esp file (flagged as esl), so there is not a lot your mod manager could mess up, just please don't install mods manually anymore, it is 2021.


The patch needs to be loaded after Apothecary.esp.


This patch affects the records of the 6 levels of the health, magicka and stamina potions. Most of them are just reverted to vanilla, however level 5 and 6 (Potion of Extreme x and Potion of Ultimate x) are set to restore 125 / 150 points respectively to be in line with Apothecary's edits.

It also affects the 3 Magic Effect records for restoring health, magicka and stamina, reverting them to vanilla apart from the base cost modifications which are forwarded from Apothecary.