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Adds Apothecary Food and Drink's effects to Hunterborn, and Be a Milk Drinker's food and drinks. Additional consistency patch for Campfire.

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Hunterborn Patch
Health Food

  • Raw meats fortify health regen by 10%
  • Cooked meats and jerky fortify health regen by 25% 
  • Meat soups and stews fortify health regen by 50%

Stamina Food
  • Small foraged foods fortify stamina regen by 10%
  • Fruit and vegetables fortify stamina regen by 25%
  • Vegetable soups and stews fortify stamina regen by 50%

Magicka Food
  • Water fortifies magicka regen by 10%
  • Teas fortify magicka regen by 25%
  • Desserts fortify magicka regen by 50%

Dragon Food
  • Dragon foods are the highest tier craftable foods
  • Dragon meat foods fortify health, magicka, and stamina by 25%
  • Dragon organ foods fortify health, magicka, and stamina by 25%, and fire resistance by 10%

Campfire Patch

  • Removes salt from vanilla meat crafting recipes for consistency between cooking pot and campfire's fire crafting recipes
  • Only edits vanilla recipes
  • Campfire is NOT REQUIRED

Be A Milk Drinker Patch
  • Each Drink gives one additional effect

Health Drinks
  • Milk and juniperberry juice fortify health regen by 10%
  • Jug of milk fortifies health regen by 25%

Stamina Drinks
  • Jazbay grape, carrot, tomato, and snowberry juice fortify stamina by 10%

Magicka Drinks and Food
  • Canis root tea, water, and cheese wedges fortify magicka regen by 10%
  • Cheese wheel and sliced cheese fortify magicka regen by 25%