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Patches for LeianneG's Winterview for Apothecary 1.3.7, Gourmet 1.1.3, Use Those Blankets and one fix patch for the plantables and recipes.

Permissions and credits
Edit: LeianneG/H passed away recently. Please see the house's mod page posts. I will keep my patches up (and patch as needed for future changes) as long as I have permissions to do so. Her houses were a gift to the Skyrim community and though my communications with her were brief, she was kind and enthusiastic about her mods. RIP, Leianne. We will keep your houses in Tamriel as long as we can.

LeianneG's beautiful Winterview player home (2.0) patched for Apothecary (1.3.7) and Gourmet. One additional patch to fix 2 small issues with raspberry jam and blueberries. 

Apothecary - Adds Apothecary values to the Winterview ingredients, keeping their properties. Slight changes have been made for continuity with Apothecary. "Winter" ingredients and Bruma ingredients will have differing properties. BS: Bruma is NOT required. Includes the Winterview fix. 

Apothecary Bruma - Changes the Winterview alchemy ingredients to the values and properties from the Apothecary Bruma patch. You will still have "Winter" ingredients and Bruma ingredients, but they will have the same alchemical properties. BS: Bruma (1.63) and the Apothecary - Bruma patch from the Apothecary page optional files are required. Includes the Winterview fix. 

Gourmet - Adds Gourmet values to Waterview in Skyrim food. Choose either the main version if you use vanilla, Survival Mode, or Survival Mode Improved. Choose the Sunhelm version if you use Sunhelm. Includes the Winterview fix. 

Winterview Fixed Patch
 - The raspberry jam recipe should now create raspberry jam and blueberry plants should now yield blueberries (both issues mentioned in the comments of Winterview). You only need this if not using the others. 

Use Those Blankets 2.11 - Formlist Manipulator is required. A simple FLM .ini file that adds these beds to the usable list. Use Those Blankets models are used and will likely not match the bed, but it will look cozy!

These are ESL flagged ESPs so will not take up any ESP slots in your load order. They will conflict with any other mod that alters the same things (like CACO). There shouldn't be any other compatibility issues, but let me know if these actual patches cause any mismatches somewhere. Place these after every mod they alter, including Apothecary patches. 

Deprecated patches

Apothecary Food and Drink Add On patch -  AF values have been added to all the food. Survival Mode keywords have also been added. Coffee, tea, and soups now restore warmth when you have Survival Mode enabled. Apothecary (1.3.3) and Apothecary Food and Drink Addon (1.1.1) required.

Master Chef patch - Recipes have been added to cookbooks for Master Chef, except those recipes that use the cutting board, butter churn, or soap pot.

LeianneG for Winterview
SimonMagus616, Jelidity, Woll, and DeltaRider for Apothecary
Rusalka9 for Master Chef
The Beyond Skyrim team for BS:Bruma
JaySerpa for Use Those Blankets
MaskedRPGfan for Formlist Manipulator