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Various minor edits to Bottles Of Skyrim plus better compatibility with Wine bottle replacers plus Apothecary patch.

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This mod does two things:

1. Removes various out-of-scope edits. Bottles Of Skyrim changes the name, flags, effects, and keywords for many beverages. It adds the Sleeping Tree Sap effect to skooma for ... reasons. Yes, skooma is boring in vanilla, but a mod for better models should not be concerned with fixing that, thanks. With my changes, Bottles Of Skyrim adds unique meshes for various alcoholic beverages and skooma bottles, and nothing else.

2. Improves compatibility with wine mesh replacers. The textures from Bottles Of Skyrim were made for the vanilla wine bottle meshes and may not work with mesh replacers like Realistic HD Food Remastered and, presumably, Medieval Spirits. I removed all changes to the four Wine + Alto Wine beverages and created new meshes - based on Wine Bottle Refine - for the new unique beverages. Best of both worlds!

You still need the original mod for the assets.


A patch for Gourmet - A Cooking Overhaul is available in the Optional Files section.

If you use Eating Animations and Sounds, there is now a patch available. Note that you still need Mefariah's Eating Animations - Bottles Of Skyrim Patch from their Eating Animations - Patch Collection.


Ice885 for Bottles Of Skyrim.
BrainBlasted for Wine Bottle Refine.
SimonMagus for Gourmet - A Cooking Overhaul.