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A large, community compilation of fixes for bugs, inconsistencies, and errors that can come to light from a modded Skyrim and its DLCs. Curated with both mod-makers and players in mind to aid the in-game experience, and serve as a base so mod authors don't need to keep finding, fixing, and working around the same old problems

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THIS IS A PORT OF THE LEGENDARY EDITION USMP.  I did not make this mod and that credit should go to PlagueHush.
Anyone wanting to make a translation is welcome to pm me and I would be happy to host it here, or you can publish on your own.

USMP is a solution for modding.  Here is a solution for the inequities of our various countries.

First off, I want to thank PlagueHush for allowing me to port this beauty to Skyrim Special Edition.  Modding Skyrim creates conflicts.  Many of these conflicts are desirable and are in fact the basis of modding Bethesda titles.  There may be times however, when other mods will overwrite USMP and you will have to decide which changes you want to use.  This is where patching and conflict resolution come into play.  You can allow other mods to overwrite USMP to get their changes or use a patch to make the two mods play nicely together.  In any event, I have tried to only include mods that are widely compatible and/or that can be overwritten easily.   Happy Modding.

Installation.   Install with your mod manager of choice.  If you are installing manually, you don't need any instructions, because you clearly know what your doing.  If you don't, you should be using a mod manager.  
If you are updating on an ongoing save, then you definitely need to get your character somewhere inside a house or inn and out of the larger worldspace.  The Critterspawn Congestion fix needs to fix the worldspace bugs and will cause issues if you are not in a contained world-space like an inn or home that doesn't have spawn points. 
Vanilla Script (Micro)Optimizations needs to be above USMP but after the USCCCP patch, otherwise it breaks the critterspawn script and possibly others.

Updating and new installs are always best on a new game. 

Load order with USMP should be:
Base Game
CC Content
Vanilla Script (Micro)Optimizations
Navigator - Navmesh Fixes
all other esms

Check out the Articles Tab.  There is a very useful article there that has a lot of relevant information on modding. Thank you  missjennabee

I humbly offer you the USMP.  The UNOFFICIAL SKYRIM MODDERS PATCH.  A collection of fixes and resources for modders.

You find the original UNOFFICIAL SKYRIM MODDERS PATCH for Skyrim Legendary Edition Here  Though there is an updated LE version in the Download section.

Skyrim is an epic game, and modding is the epic minigame that goes along with it!  Still, it's not without its issues and once you get under the hood it doesn't take long before you notice the many inconsistencies, shortcuts, half finished changes, and plain old mistakes that Bethesda made when they were putting together this fantastic game. This is where the Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch comes in!

USMP is a large, community-collected compilation of fixes for the many bugs, inconsistencies, and errors that are either completely visual (placement of objects, or object models not being set up correctly) or only come to light from a modded install of Skyrim and its DLCs. Curated with both mod-makers and players in mind to aid the in-game experience, and serve as a base so that mod authors don't need to keep finding, fixing, and working around the same old problems. With all of these in a single ESP, it means it's load order friendly too so you can add more mods instead of using up your precious ESP limit just trying to fix things!

For a full list of everything that has been fixed so far, please see the 'Changes' tab above ^^.

This isn't the first mod to try to fix the underlying issues with Skyrim, but it IS the first to attempt to fix the issues that make modding the game such a minefield in such a comprehensive way.

This mod is in no way affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch team, nor should they be expected to do so. The team there work to a very specific design goal and it differs from ours, so please don't nag them about this mod or the fixes contained within it!

Fixes currently included have been provided by:

Special Thanks to DarthVitrial for his constant contributions and advice.

Translations graciously provided by:

The Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch (USMP) is intended to help you. The whole purpose of collecting these bugfixes together is to keep everyone
up-to-date, and the impact on load orders to an absolute minimum.  Bugfixes have been provided to USMP on the understanding that they're a gift to the community and can therefore freely be used by all. If you are creating a mod that changes the same records, or edits the same meshes, you are absolutely encouraged to duplicate the settings or included files from USMP into your mod - it's here to make your modding process easier!

Permissions for redistribution, conversion, or releasing 'updated' versions of USMP are not permitted - but only so that we can keep all of these fixes in one place.

Uploading USMP as a whole to other sites is not permitted - but only because having a single central source means that everyone can stay up-to-date easier. If you have friends who don't use the Nexus, you should still feel free to send them a copy!

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