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A variety of Mystic Condenser Patches.

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A variety of Mystic condenser patches made for my own game I thought I would share.  Obviously Mystic Condenser is a hard requirement along with the mod that the patch is for.  All Patches are tagged with the esl flag.  All patches are for SE, so some of the mods require porting.

Patches are available for the following mods:Other mods by sattyre:

Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch - USMP SE

Unofficial Skyrim Modders Patch - USMP Patch Emporium
sattyre's patch and esp replacer collection
Various Mystic Condenser Patches
Tharash Dol - Orc Stronghold and Player Home

Paarthurnax Choices plus3
Hi-Resgar - High Hrothgar in HD
RDO - Infinite Gold for Merchants Patch
Merging NPC Overhauls made easy.
A Novice Guide to Modding

TM Thalmor Overhaul SSE
Another Whiterun Patch SE

College Students SE
Whiterun house foundations