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Fixes the DLC2TribalWerebearScript to not get stuck running in your save, optimizes it to not get constantly updated unless needed and retroactively stops currently stuck instances, if any exist. No ESP.

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The Dragonborn DLC adds a new lycanthrope to the game - the werebears. Their scripting is such that they will rush you until they get close and then catch you unprepared with a surprise transformation. Unfortunately the script which controls this is a bit flawed - the updates which check if you're close to the werebears start as soon as they get loaded in or when you are in the general area of where they are, regardless if they're actually in combat with you, if they detected you or if you've even seen them yet, which causes the game to keep updating the script every second when it might not even be needed.

Furthermore the script is prone to getting stuck updating in some situations, if you happen to revisit the area the werebears are at. This includes random encounters with werebears and the game doesn't really care if they're alive or even despawned after the random encounter is done - the script will still attach and update itself on werebears that literally don't exist anymore.

This mod fixes these issues by making the game only start updating the distance before the werebear has transformed, if one is actively searching for the player, or is in combat with them. If the werebear can't enter combat anymore or is despawned, the updates will stop or never start in the first place. Furthermore it retroactively stops all currently stuck instances of the script in your game, if any happen to be stuck updating.


Install with your favourite mod manager. Save to install/uninstall mid game.

Compatibility and load order

Not compatible with anything that changes the DLC2TribalWerebearScript script. USSEP changes have been retained.
Compatible with werewolf/werebear overhauls, including Growl, Manbeast, Moonlight Tales and Moonlight Tales Mini
Compatible with everything else.

No need to concern yourself with load order, as there is no ESP. However, due to the way the game loads its files, loose file mods like this one will always take priority over mods packed into BSA regardless where they load. If a mod happens to edit the same script and is packed into a BSA, this mod will overwrite it and potentially cause issues. Let me know of any such cases and I will make a patch to accommodate the relevant changes into this mod.


Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit
Borgut1337 for the amazing Papyrus Profiler which helped me discover the issue