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This mod adds the Protected status to over 1,600 NPCs.

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Are you constantly worried about the safety of unsuspecting passerby during battles? Tired of seeing promising legates getting torched within the first split second of dragon attacks? Did Hod hired assassins because a Riverwood chicken was inadvertently burnt into a crisp?

Avoid nasty surprises late in the game or endless unwanted reloads: this mod adds the Protected status to over 1,600 NPCs, including anonymous bystanders such as courier, cows, dogs, prisoners etc. Whenever their health reaches 10% or lower (including 0), they fall to their knees and are ignored by all hostile actors until their health regenerates. They can still be killed if they are attacked by your character: as the Dovahkiin, you retain full control over Skyrim demographics.

This behaviour is not perfect, I would rather see them attempting to retreat as soon as they enter into protection instead of staying on the battlefield but such is SSE.

In addition, this mod resolves all conflicts among USSEP, USMP, Cutting Room FloorAI Overhaul, Realistic RS Children OverhaulBijin AIO, Kalilies NPCs, and all Pandorable NPCs (AIO & Sovngarde). For example: Olfina Gray-Mane will carry her Cutting Room Floor letter, use AI Overhaul packages and look like Pandora NPCs. These excellent mods are all a permanent part of my setup, and I am afraid I do not intend to provide modular versions.

Excluded from the Protected status are corpse, demo, encounter, ghost, level, respawn, soul, spirit, summon, template, test, scripted death and generally hostile types of characters (bandits, spiders etc.).

Cleaned with xEdit, no scripts, always safe to uninstall.